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4×4 VS 6×6 Deck Post : A Beginner Friendly Guideline

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It is a really important decision to choose between the 4×4 deck post vs. the 6×6 deck post. Depending on your project and budget, you may want to consider each type of deck post for your next project, as they are both designed with different purposes in mind.

The 4×4 deck post is best used when a smaller amount of pressure needs to be applied at the base of the post but can also be used when there isn’t much room available to install them.

The 6×6 deck posts are typically stronger than their 4×4 counterparts because they have more pressure put on them at the base.

However, we need to look at some factors before deciding which one to choose.

What is a Deck Post?

What is a Deck Post

The deck post is a wooden or tall metal structure that is mounted on a concrete base. The deck posts are used to support the roof’s weight and allow for the posts to be pushed into the ground.

The posts are usually made from cedar or treated pine, like some other composite wood, because they can withstand changes in temperature and moisture levels. Typically, the posts are made of timber to provide a natural appearance and strength.

How to Choose a Deck Post Type for Your Project?

How to Choose a Deck Post Type for Your Project?

To choose the most suitable deck post for your project, you need to take a few things into consideration. The first thing is the type of material that surrounds your wood deck, whether it be a louvred door or a wooden privacy fence post, as this will determine how much pressure needs to be applied at the base of the post.

You also want to look at the surrounding area of where you want to install the post, as this will determine if you should use a 4×4 deck frame or a 6×6 deck frame.

If you are building in an open area without any obstacles, then it is simply about choosing the best-looking posts for your project. However, most landscaping projects require that you consider how you want your landscape to look before deciding on which type of post will work best.

If your deck is surrounded by a louvred door, then a 4×4 or 6×6 deck post could work well for you. If the posts are set further back from the fencing, you can install 4×4 posts into the ground. If the 4×4 posts are not deep enough then, 6×6 deck posts may be a better option for you, as you will have more depth available to install them into the ground.

If your project is surrounded by an object such as a wall or fence, then you must decide if you want your post set further back and use 4×4 posts, or if you would like your post to stand out from the objects around it and use 6×6 deck posts.

It is also about choosing whether you want a more profound post for better support and safety or if you simply want them to look good.

When deciding what type of 4×4 deck post or 6×6 deck post to use, you need to consider the material surrounding your deck as well as how you want it to look. A 4×4 post is a great option if there isn’t much room for the post and no obstacles nearby. However, using 6×6 posts can give your deck that added touch of beauty in any area.

Comparison of 4×4 vs 6×6 Deck Post Specifications

Comparison of 4x4 vs 6x6 Deck Post Specifications

The 4×4 deck post is typically used in those situations where less pressure needs to be applied at the base of the wood post. The smaller size also makes it a good option when there isn’t much room available to install it.

In contrast, the 6×6 deck post is designed for those times when more pressure needs to be applied at the base of the post because they are typically stronger than their 4×4 counterparts.

4×4 vs 6×6 deck post: Strength and durability

The strongest 4×4 deck post is more than capable of handling the pressure applied to it at the base, but generally speaking, they are usually not as strong as their 6×6 counterparts. The smaller size also makes them susceptible to damage from cars that may get too close or from wood rot that may be contained within the ground where they are placed.

In contrast, the 6×6 deck posts are typically stronger because there is more pressure applied at the base, and they can also handle damage from cars slightly better than their 4×4 counterparts.

A comparison of both of these factors would lead you to believe that the 6×6 posts are the better option but take into account some other elements omitted from this comparison, and you will see that both types of deck posts do have their good points.

6×6 vs. 4×4: stability in use [and as a structure]

The bigger size means that the 6×6 posts won’t need to be as deeply buried into the ground to make them stable and secure. This also means that a 6×6 post won’t need additional support when driven into the ground, like if you had to drive two separate 4×4 posts close together to get sufficient stability for the deck structure.

In addition, the 6×6 posts are less likely to be damaged by wood rot contained in the soil into which they will be installed. Unlike the 4×4 posts, which can have their ends rot away over time, leading to damage for any structure attached to them. This issue is not found with the 6×6 posts because of their size and weight.

However, the smaller size of the 4×4 posts makes them easier to handle on-site and less at risk from physical damage. It is also worth noting that a larger portion of the 6×6 post is made up of wood, which can be damaged by termites or other insects.

What about cost? [And financial considerations]

As stated above, the 6×6 posts are generally more expensive than their smaller counterparts. The additional strength comes from the greater pressure put on them at the base of the post, and they can be difficult to find at times due to their rarity.

The 4×4 posts have a much smaller amount of pressure applied at their base, so they are generally cheaper to purchase and install. This makes them an attractive option from a financial point of view.

Best Deck Post to Use

The 4×4 deck post is usually used when a small amount of pressure needs to be applied at the base of the wooden post, but it can also be used in situations where there isn’t much space to mount them.

The 6×6 deck posts are typically stronger. Therefore, they are better for tasks requiring higher strength and durability, such as mounting things.

The 4×4 deck posts are generally weaker than their 6×6 counterparts. However, they are less expensive and easier to install, so they may be the better option if you want something less costly and easy to install quickly. It’s important to consider what your needs will be when choosing between a 4×4 deck post vs. a 6×6 deck post.

Last Thoughts

To conclude, choosing between a 4×4 vs 6×6 deck post is not an easy one. It depends on what you need in your project and how much of both types of material you have available. Always be sure to do thorough research before deciding on the type of deck posts that will work best for your needs.

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