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Best Brush for Varnishing Acrylic Paintings: Top 7 Pick 2024

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It’s no secret that a well-varnished painting can last for centuries. For applying varnish, a brush is a must-have tool. 

But you can’t just use any brush because specific types of brushes are needed to varnish your painting. 

Choosing the wrong one can ruin your varnishing attempt and leave your painting with horrible brush strokes that you don’t want. 

As a result, you should buy the best brush for varnishing acrylic paintings that is able to provide you with the desired finished look. 

However, how will you know which brush to choose? Well, we have done our research and have come up with the most ideal paintbrush for varnishing acrylic paintings. Keep reading to find out our top pick.

Bates Wood Handle Paint Brush for Varnishing Acrylic Paintings

Pro Grade Chip Varnishing Acrylic Paint Brushes

EHOMEA2Z Painting Polyurethane Foam Brush for Varnishing Acrylic Paintings

7 Best Brush for Varnishing Acrylic Paintings

It can be challenging to select the right brush. Brushes come in many shapes and sizes, and there are even different types of brushes for other jobs. 

Selecting the appropriate paintbrush for varnishing an acrylic painting is particularly crucial. Here are the top 7 best brushes for varnishing acrylic paintings.

1. Bates Wood Handle Paint Brush for Varnishing Acrylic Paintings

Looking for a quality paintbrush set that will help you with your acrylic paintings? Bates has you covered with their wood-handled brushes.

This paintbrush set includes a 3 inch flat and a 2.5 inch angled varnish brush in a beautiful color. 

The 3-inch brush works well when brushing varnish on large surfaces such as furniture. With the 2.5 inches angled brush, you can get into smaller spaces or behind fixtures.

The lightweight wood handle makes it easy to hold, and the quality treatment ensures that it will last for a long time. If you varnish acrylic artwork, this brush will ensure an even coating.

The synthetic bristles are designed to hold more paint, so you can finish your oil painting quickly and easily. The brush will give you a professional look no matter what you are painting. You will not have to worry about the bristles falling out due to their durability.

The soft bristles make it easy to apply the paint evenly while giving you an extremely smooth finish when it’s dry. 

It is perfect for varnishing an acrylic painting so that the color will have a consistent finish.

Despite the bristles being of high quality, no paint is able to flow over the varnish brush head. The size is great and helps make nice strokes.

It’s particularly suitable for both professional use and home use. No matter if you are a professional or a beginner, this wood handle paintbrush for varnishing acrylic paintings is perfect for any user to use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Wood handle for a strong grip that is easy to hold.
  • Synthetic filaments to ensure a smooth application.
  • Soft bristles won’t leave a scratchy finish when it’s dry.
  • Hold more paint for a quick and clean finish.
  • 2 paintbrushes are included for all your painting needs.

2. EHOMEA2Z Painting Polyurethane Foam Brush for Varnishing Acrylic Paintings

If you’re looking for a foam paintbrush that’s lightweight and great at applying acrylics, stains, varnishes, and craft materials, then the eHomeA2Z utility brushes can be perfect for you.

It can also be used for all spreading jobs, finishes, and interior and exterior applications. The brush is made of high-quality materials, so it will last a long time.

This painting brush is perfect for anyone who wants to varnish their paintings. The foam brush is easy to hold and applies the paint smoothly, without leaving any streaks. 

It’s also very easy to clean, making it an excellent choice for artists who like to work quickly.

A seamless, high-quality foam is used to make this brush. The paintbrush is soft and flexible, making it perfect for applying acrylics onto any surface. 

Additionally, it is durable and non-shedding. You can soak the polyurethane foam in water before using it in order to soften the bristles. 

The foam cells help the varnish brush absorb acrylic paint more efficiently, reducing dripping and making for better control of the paint. As a result, the strokes on your painting will be more precise.

The package comes with a variety of varnish brushes with different widths for your varnishing needs. 

It is a set of brushes that comes with 5, 3, and 1 inch wide brushes. They are also 7 inches long overall.

These varnish brushes are perfect for spreading varnish or solution to paintings without causing any damage. So you may consider choosing this painting polyurethane foam brush for varnishing acrylic paintings.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of high-quality materials.
  • Easy to hold that is perfect for varnishing acrylic paintings.
  • Soft and flexible foams give better control when painting.
  • Absorbs paint efficiently to reduce dripping.

3. Pro Grade Chip Varnishing Acrylic Paint Brushes

If you’re looking for an ideal brush to varnish your acrylic painting with, you may check out these Pro Grade Chip Paint Brushes.

Made with white bristles and trimmed in squares, these utility brushes are perfect for achieving the look you desire. 

Whether you’re a professional or amateur painter, these brushes will give you the perfect finish every time. This package contains 24- 2 inch wide brushes and the white bristles are 1-1/2 inches long.

The brush is perfect for a variety of tasks, from home improvement projects to professional work. It is an essential tool for hobbyists and professionals alike.

These brushes are great for use with most paints, varnishes, stains, and acrylic. They also work great for spreading gesso or primer. Bristles are made from the best materials and provide good coverage. They also help speed up your process by reducing time on varnishing or painting.

The china bristles on these chip brushes make them perfect for a variety of purposes. 

Whether you’re painting, staining, or applying adhesives, these brushes will get the job done. They’re also great for touch-ups and barbecue cleanup.

They have a wooden handle that is easy to grip and a tin ferrule that is nailed to the handle. In addition, they are durable and easy to use. 

So, you may add these chip varnishing acrylic paint brushes to your collection for a useful product.

Highlighted Features:

  • White bristles trimmed in squares provide a great finish.
  • Use with most paints, varnish, stains and acrylic.
  • Good amount of coverage, speed up the process.
  • Made from the highest quality materials.

4. KingArt Black Foam Paint Brush for Varnishing Acrylic Paintings

If you’re looking for a quality paintbrush to varnish your acrylic paintings, the KingArt Black Foam Paint Brush is perfect. This brush is made with high-quality materials, so it’s perfect for both amateur and professional artists.

You can use this paintbrush for all your painting needs. Whether you’re a student, artist, or just need a paintbrush for a DIY project, this is the perfect tool for the job. 

The set includes 20 utility brushes that are two inches in diameter. Bristles are made from high-quality black foam that can withstand any paint or stain. The handle is sturdy, and the comfortable grip makes for easy use.

This painting brush is perfect for applying material smoothly, whether your paint project is a large wall or a small craft project. The KingArt Black Foam Paint Brush is perfect for varnishing acrylic artwork. 

Its soft, dense foam quickly and smoothly spreads paint, stain, varnish, chalk, glue, and more. It’s also great for painting, pottery, mod podge, DIY projects, and arts & crafts.

Due to its excellent absorption, there will be fewer drips, and the finished project will appear smooth and polished.

These brushes are made with comfortable wood handles that are lightweight and durable, making them perfect for every painting project. Plus, the set of 20 foam brushes provides just the right amount of variety for all your painting needs. 

With all the features available, it might be a good choice to use this black foam paintbrush for varnishing acrylic paintings.

Highlighted Features:

  • Smoothly applied varnish and paint.
  • Comfortable wood handles for easy use.
  • Soft bristles reduce paintbrush strokes for a smooth finish.
  • Excellent absorption for reduced drips.

5. Magimate Tapered Paintbrush for Varnishing Acrylic Paintings

The Magimate tapered paintbrush is perfect for varnishing acrylic paintings. It has a soft, tapered filament that makes it easy to apply the varnish smoothly and evenly.

This varnish brush has three handles with varying lengths. There are 2 Flat brushes- one is a 1-inch wide brush, and the other is a 2 inches wide brush. 

The brush handles are made of wood and come in 3 different lengths: 1-1/2 inch, 2 inches, and 2-1/2 inches.

It features high-quality polyester bristles that are tapered to a fine point, making it an ideal tool for detail work. Furthermore, the varnish brush has a comfortable grip that makes it easy to hold and control.

Additionally, it is ideal for use on indoor and outdoor home improvement projects. The brush’s tapered design makes it easy to apply varnish in tight spaces, and the bristles are stiff enough to produce a smooth, even coat. 

It is particularly great at cutting in lines into small corners where other brushes cannot fit as well as providing a smooth spread of paint onto larger surfaces such as house walls and canvases. 

The soft bristles provide a smooth finish, ensuring that your acrylic painting looks its best. Since this varnish brush is made of high-quality materials, there will be no hair loss. It holds paint well and releases it evenly, ensuring a smooth, consistent finish. 

Aside from its excellent quality, this polyester bristles paintbrush is also supported by an excellent satisfaction guarantee. Therefore, you may consider using this tapered paintbrush for varnishing acrylic paintings.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of the highest quality materials.
  • Tapered design makes it easy to apply varnish in tight spaces.
  • Features a comfortable grip for easy use.
  • 3 different handle lengths for varying levels of control.
  • High quality bristles that are stiff with no hair loss.

6. TAVOLOZZA Soft Wood Handle Brush for Varnishing Acrylic Paintings

The TAVOLOZZA brush is perfect for anyone who wants to varnish their acrylic paintings. As the varnish brush is made from soft bristles, it is easy to apply varnish evenly.

The wood handle makes it easy to grip and control, so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

In the set are one each of a 1″ flat brush, 1 1/2 inch angled brush, 2″ stubby angle brush, 3-inch flat brush, and 2-1/2 inch flat brush.

SRT filaments are utilized for the bristles, and a tin-plated ferrule is provided for the ferrule. Additionally, the wooden handle has been varnished, making it easy to hold and ensuring that the paintbrush lasts for a long time.

It’s the perfect paintbrush for applying varnish to acrylic paintings that need to be smooth and even. With a set of three different brushes for different applications, these brushes create a smoother application that leads to more finesse and precision.

This soft brush is perfect for any type of painting project, and it delivers professional results every time. 

Beginners and professionals alike will appreciate how soft and easy it is to use this paintbrush for fine details. The varnish brush is designed to be long-lasting and easy to clean. 

It has an exceptional ability to get the job done quickly, and its bristles are sturdy enough to apply even coats of varnish without leaving streaks or bubbles. Additionally, there is no risk of bristles falling out.

Therefore, if you are searching for a softwood handle paintbrush for varnishing acrylic paintings, this can be an ideal reference for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Soft bristles for an even and smooth application.
  • Varnished wooden handles provide nice grip and durability.
  • Delivers professional results every time.
  • Easy to clean for next use.

7. Dainayw Large Flat Varnishing Acrylic Paintings Brushes

If you’re looking for a high-quality paintbrush to use with your acrylic paints, look no further than these Dainayw Large Flat Varnishing Brushes. These brushes are ideal for acrylic painters, artists, students, and crafters.

These brushes are perfect for applying gesso, varnishes, acrylics, and watercolors, making them a versatile tool for any artist. 

With their long wooden handles, these brushes provide optimal control and comfort for even the most ambitious projects.

You can use these brushes on everything from small, detailed projects to large, complex ones.

The bristles are made of soft nylon, so they won’t damage your paintings, and they retain their original shape even after long hours of use. Consequently, you can apply the varnish evenly over acrylic or oil paint. Plus, they’re easy to clean and maintain.

The anti-shedding technology ensures that each bristle is firmly attached to the varnish brush, so you can paint with confidence. Plus, the soft, synthetic bristles are perfect for the application of varnish and other acrylic paintings. There is no danger of the bristles falling off since they are sturdy.

This item weighs 5.9 ounces and has dimensions of 2.9 x 9.9 x 0.5 inches. They come with a clear cap to protect the bristles, so you don’t have to worry about any of the bristles getting damaged when you’re not using them. 

Thus, choosing these large flat varnishing acrylic paintings brushes can be a wise choice.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Perfect for applying gesso, varnishes, acrylics, and watercolors.
  • Long wooden handles provide optimal control and comfort.
  • Anti-shedding technology ensures bristles are firmly attached.
  • Comes with a clear cap that protects bristles.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Brushes for Varnishing Acrylic Painting

polyester bristles

In order to have a perfect varnished acrylic painting, it is important to know the right brushes for this. There are many types of brushes available on the market, and they vary according to their features. 

However, it is highly recommended to choose an ideal paintbrush for applying varnish to acrylic paintings. When choosing a paintbrush, it is important to check some factors to ensure the best quality. These factors are as follows:

1. Bristles

The bristles of a paintbrush are the primary things that need to be checked when choosing the best brushes. Bristles should be soft but strong enough that they do not come out after varnishing. 

They should allow smooth and even varnishing without creating any bubbles or leaving streaks on the painted surface. 

When choosing these types of brushes, it is important to note that the foam should be sturdy, dense, and securely attached to the handle. Thus, acrylic and oil-based paint can be varnished smoothly.

2. Handle

The type of handle plays an essential role in choosing the best brushes to varnish acrylic paintings. Handles should be comfortable, goof grip, and well-balanced to allow easy application. It should be made of good and strong material that does not crack or break easily.

3. Size of the Brush

Size of the Brush

When choosing best brushes, it is important to consider their size. Different types of brushes are available in different sizes; small, medium and large brushes can be chosen according to one’s need. 

People with different painting styles select different sizes of the paintbrush to varnish acrylic paintings, such as small size is suitable for detailed painting whereas the large size is best for large painting work.

4. Shape of the Brush

Brushes are also available in different shapes such as round, flat, wide, and angular shape brushes. Each type has its own use and expertise. 

So, while choosing the right brush, the shape of the paintbrush should be carefully chosen according to the need of one’s painting project.

5. Bristle Length

The length of the bristles plays a vital role in distributing satin varnish evenly on the smooth surface. Bristles with longer lengths are good for large areas, whereas shorter bristles are best suited for detailed work. 

As such, when selecting the best brushes for varnishing acrylic paintings, it is important to check the length of the bristles, so that they can be selected in accordance with the painting project.

6. Dripping

Varnish is a liquid so there may be chances of dripping from the paintbrush. So, it is advisable to choose the right brush that can easily absorb all excess varnish and does not drip.

7. Ease of Cleaning

While searching for the best brushes, it is also important to check the ease of cleaning. 

It should be easy to clean the paintbrush after use so that it can be used in the future without any issue.

8. Durability

The best brushes should also be tested for durability. A good quality paintbrush should be well built and long-lasting so that one can use it for a longer time and do not need to buy it frequently. 

Tips for Maintaining the Varnish Brush in Good Condition

Tips for Maintaining the Varnish Brush

After buying the best brushes for varnishing acrylic paintings, it is necessary to maintain them in good condition. In order to protect and clean the brushes well, do follow these simple tips:

1. Clean Your Brushes Right After Application

It is necessary to clean your brushes right after their application as this will prevent them from drying out and becoming hard. This will also ensure good quality work and easier application.

2. Dry the Brush Completely After Cleaning

After cleaning the paintbrush, it is necessary to dry it completely. It should be dried in a way that water does not get inside of the handle and loosen its parts. This will ensure the good condition of the acrylic varnish paintbrush.

3. Proper Sealing of Brushes

To ensure good quality of brushes, they should be properly sealed. You can use a cap to seal the bristle and prevent its parts from loosening and getting damaged. This will ensure the good quality of the paintbrush for a longer time.

4. Store the Brushes Properly

Good and well-maintained brushes should be stored properly. You can store them in a certain place such as a paintbrush stand or a box. This will keep them safe and prevent their loss or damage.


There are many questions that may arise in the minds of people about brushes for varnishing acrylic paintings. Here are some of the common questions and their answers:

1. How Do You Prevent Brush Strokes When Varnishing a Painting?

In order to prevent paintbrush strokes when varnishing acrylic paintings, it is necessary to use a good quality paintbrush that has the ability to evenly distribute varnish on the whole painting surface. This will prevent brush marks and provide a smooth finish.

2. What is the Proper Way to Clean Your Varnish Brushes?

For cleaning the paintbrush, first, you must remove excess paint by wiping it with a paper towel or rags. Then, you can dip the bristles in the solvent and work them into the bristles of the paintbrush. 

After that, you can wash it with water and soap to remove any remaining paint particles. Finally, dry the bristles completely by using a hair blower or towel.

3. What is the Expected Lifespan of a Paintbrush?

The lifespan of a paintbrush depends on its quality and proper usage. If you maintain your paintbrush well, it can be used for a long time. Good quality brushes can last three to four years with proper care.

4. How Long Should the Bristles of the Brush Be?

The length of bristles should be as per the need of your painting project. For example, if you are covering a large area with varnish, then it is advisable to choose a paintbrush that has long and wide bristles so that it can easily apply varnish to large areas.


By reading the above article, we hope you are now able to identify an optimal and comprehensive list of the best brush for varnishing acrylic paintings. These are all top-rated brushes that can meet your varnishing needs. You can select any one of them according to your personal preference.

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