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Best Cabinet Hardware Jig | Top 8 Picks & Reviews 2024

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What is the most important and noticeable piece of furniture in your kitchen? It does not take a genius to know how integral cabinets and doors are inside a house. Not only are they immensely functional but also manage to give a refined look to the room.

The best cabinet hardware jig is the device you need to handle knobs, pulls, doors and drawers. Are you thinking whether you would be able to put it to work? And are you fretting over which one to buy? In this article, we have covered all aspects and advised on this matter.

We have made sure that we include something for everyone in our guide. So, go forward and give it a read!

Ravinte Cabinet Hardware Jig

Kreg Jig for Cabinet Hardware

True Position Cabinet Jig Tool

Benefits of Using Cabinet Hardware Installation Jig

Are you thinking about what your incentives are to use this particular item? Let’s find out.

  • Can Be Customized

Unlike its counterparts, cabinet hardware jig can be customized to adapt to your requirements. So, just purchasing one of these will be enough to suit your cabinet doors, no matter their size or type.

  • Precision and Durability

They also guarantee the finest precision as well as durability since they are made of hardened aluminum. Moreover, the hardened steel bushings lay an easy-to-follow guide when you drill. This allows you to optimize accuracy levels. You are at liberty to drill exactly where and how you envisioned.

  • Reversible

Don’t be scared of making a mistake here and there because the jig is reversible. None of the other parts will be affected when you change the placements of the drilling hole.

  • Saves Money

The most amazing thing about it is that it saves time and money to a great extent, since it is straightforward and you only need one. You don’t want to end up with bad quality and mismatched hardware for your expensive cabinets.

So, instead of buying many tools, getting a jig is a sensible choice. The alignment would be undamaged and thus, flawless.

08 Best Cabinet Hardware Jig

Now, allow us to share our comprehensive reviews for ten of the most remarkable jigs we could find.

01. Ravinte Cabinet Hardware Jig

This kit includes a door drilling template, a drawer drilling template, and a drill bit. All of them work wonderfully well. There is no guesswork involved, as the cabinet hardware template simplifies the process of installing the pulls to a great extent.

Since it is made of plastic, you can see through the template. So, you won’t be completely clueless when drilling the holes. Common size and type of knobs can be used to attach to the drawers and knobs.

This cabinet hardware jig does a fantastic job of lining up the holes according to your desired width and depth. The drawer template has also been made super easy to use in order for you to make a uniform alignment. And the drill bit is included to give you a good start at punching holes.

However, the plastic construction does reduce the lifespan and strength of the cabinet hardware installation tool. People prefer it for short time use and small jobs. Since it is on the cheaper side, selecting this will be a good choice.

Highlighted Features

  • Good quality product at a reasonable price
  • Offers uniform alignment
  • Comes with templates to eliminate guesswork
  • Very convenient to use for beginners

02. Kreg Jig for Cabinet Hardware

It comes with a positioning guide, bit guide, 35-millimeter Forstner, depth collar, and Allen wrench. The guides are constructed from plastic and quite sturdy. Since the bit guide is extremely sharp, it can undoubtedly make accurate holes.

We would highly suggest you do not keep drilling cabinets one after another, because that will heat the plastic and cause it to melt. Make sure you let it cool after drilling, instead of clamping it into a position immediately. The cabinet door handle jig does not come with clamps. So, you have to purchase those separately.

You don’t have to worry about drilling way too deep inside the wood with this Jig for cabinet hardware. The stop collar allows you to make perfectly shaped holes with your desired depth every time. In addition, the built-in measuring scales come in handy when you need to repeat one process.

The glass-filled nylon base and indexing cams of this kreg cabinet hardware jig are included in the cabinet door jig. So, the bit can be drilled into a hole at a certain offset. Using any ordinary drill, you can install cabinets or doors with the help of the hinge cup holes.

However, the jig is not infinitely adjustable. The speeder dials can only be changed to four different measurements. A wider range on the cam would have increased flexibility, which enables more precision.

The jig will only drill a hole that is half an inch deep. Anything less will not be accommodated, which can pose a problem to many.

This will be a great purchase for anyone who loves DIY projects. No extra special tools are required to carry out this task. It is very easy to set up and use once you read the instruction manual.

Highlighted Features

  • The sharpness of the bit guide ensures accuracy
  • Stop collar makes it easy to create holes of right measurements
  • Measuring scales are integrated for proper alignment
  • Great for both beginners and experts

03. True Position Cabinet Jig Tool

Are you searching for the most accurate and durable jig? The original cabinet jig consists of all the tools with a top-notch layout, which makes it one of the best cabinet hardware jigs in the market. You will not need to buy another cabinet jig tool for a decade or so, because it does not wear and tear over time.

It also comes with an extended ruler and adjustable drill guide to aid centering drawers and installing doors, drawers, etc. You won’t face any problems while installing or locating the hardware.

To give it an unrivaled precision, the equipment has been given a good amount of tolerance. It is also made from aircraft-grade aluminum, which is why it is three times harder than its counterparts.

The extended ruler is engraved with a laser, which is why it won’t be ruined regardless of the abuse it goes through. And the absence of plastic materials assures that it will not get damaged.

There are even more amazing benefits. This hardware has been proven to be the least labor-intensive, as the speed and convenience with which you can use it is impeccable. That is because it is infinitely adjustable and reversible in case you need to cover up a mistake.

Another reason why it is so fast to use is the versatile design, which allows you to quickly drill holes and mount hinges on the cabinets. Once everything is done, your cabinets are set for life. No further technical tasks or do-overs are required. So, you can confidently use them as you see fit.

Although the price can be a bit high, it is not a deal-breaker as it will be a lifetime investment.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with an extended ruler for longer hardware
  • Its materials add to its superior quality
  • Can be used by anyone easily and quickly
  • High precision and reversibility ensure there is no room for mistakes

04. Rok Cabinet Pull Jig

This is probably the easiest one to use on our list. It ease installation on all sorts of furniture and boasts accuracy that is second to none. This cabinet pull jig comes with a knob drilling template, pull drilling template, and 3/16†drill bit. Other than that, a step-by-step manual is included in the package for you to follow.

Besides boasting a design that elevates precision, it also lets you correctly place each hole, so you can install the pull bars and no problem in installing cabinet knobs. You may need longer breakaway screws if your drawers have more thickness than typical ones.

For cabinet doors, align the distance of the template from where you want to put the doorknob or pull. Mark these placements to drill a hole in them. Now, install the knob or pull. If you have more doors, just repeat this process.

As for drawers, mark the center point of the drawer and measure its distance from the template. At a certain height, mark the position for a knob or pull. Then drill holes to install cabinet hardware

You just need to do 3-4 simple steps in order to fit in your doors, knobs, handles, and drawers.

Highlighted Features

  • Superb performance at an affordable price
  • Easy to use for all projects
  • Incredible precision level to ensure correct placements
  • Less time-consuming than its rivals

05. Kreg Pull Jig for Cabinet Hardware

If you want a budget-friendly tool that is configured to aid customers in getting work done, then we suggest you get the Kreg tool company KHI-PULL jig. The built-in indexing tabs are amazing for securing slides in a fixed position.

We loved how lightweight it is, as it made dealing with the equipment very comfortable for all users. In case you’re a mechanic or need to travel with your gears often, this pull jig for cabinet hardware is ideal for you.

Adjustable guides are available, so you can place each hole as accurately as possible and reiterate the processes if necessary. The manufacturer has removed fancy T-square frames and leverages to simplify the layout. To retrieve good cabinet hardware jig, use it with a face clamp from the same company.

Sadly, this particular jig fails to last long, because its components are made of plastic. While the plastic provides portability, the disadvantage is that it is not robust. This is why it is not usually recommended for professionals. Also, this unit can get low-scale jobs done effortlessly.

It is worth mentioning that although the body of the jig is plastic, the bushings are constructed from hardened steel. You can easily install concealed hinges and adjust the measurements as per your needs. The entire kit promises to deliver awesome service for both single and multiple hole placements.

Highlighted Features

  • Equipped with two clamps that connect all joints seamlessly
  • Ideal for concealed hinge jig, drawers, and knobs
  • Affordable and portable for everyday use
  • Components do not create marring

06. TOURACE Jig for Cabinet Handles

The tourace cabinet hardware jig has various special components to give it a superior quality. Firstly, it has a quick-release drill guide block, which makes set-up very simple. Secondly, the wide range of options available for precision markings accelerates everything to a great extent.

Needless to say, it also gives a very accurate operation.

Furthermore, this jig for cabinet handles is made of tough aluminum and ABS plastic, which the company claims to be indestructible. Despite providing so many features, the price point is pretty low.

You can expect this drilling jig for cabinet and drawer handles to function pretty well for a long time. It is suitable for not only novices but also professionals.

Tweak the jig here and there to make your pull bars and knobs fit like a glove. They can be added on both sides of the doors. All you have to do is flip it over and drill the holes according to the alignment. The unit includes both standard and metric measurements.

Besides, it is portable and resistant to corrosion. The patented design turns the probabilities of making a mistake into null. And the measurement scale on the jig is very useful. It takes out the frustration of using a tape measure. Therefore, it is unlikely that the drill bit will deviate from its intended spot.

Highlighted Features

  • Quick-drill mechanism for easy setup
  • Comes with both standard and metric measurements for accuracy
  • Cost-effective and includes various features
  • Portable so facilitates transportation

07. TCBWFY Cabinet Drilling Jig

Next on our list is the cabinet pull template hardware jig, which is both sturdy and lightweight. It is engineered from industry-grade stainless-steel and polycarbonate plastic, which makes it corrosion-resistant, durable, and light.

Using it is a breeze because the template can be adjusted to any length with the drill guide sliders. Once you set it up, you can use this cabinet drilling Jig repeatedly without having to measure every time. This cuts down time by a great margin. Go ahead and drill as many holes as you want without the fear of making errors.

What’s more, it has a quick-release drill guide that can be broken down into smaller parts. So, you can easily store it in a gear bag and carry it anywhere. The cabinet jig is multi-purpose, as you can use it for various things such as drawers, kitchen cabinets, cupboards, knobs, handles, hinges, etc.

Also, the reversibility option quickens the procedure as well as ensures accuracy. There is nothing this jig can’t do. We couldn’t find any cons for this particular product, so we would highly recommend it.

Highlighted Features

  • A super lightweight and remarkable hardware
  • Easy storage as drill guide sliders can be detached
  • Sturdy construction, which gives it more strength
  • Convenient for DIY users as it has wide applications
  • Saves time by eliminating repeated measurements

08. POWERTEC Drawer Hardware Jig

We bring you the POWERTEC clamps for your drawers, a functional unit that appeals to both amateurs and experts. The good news is that it will accommodate a wide range of sizes and thickness of drawers. Using this will provide you with reliable and constant results.

One of the unique features of this drawer hardware jig is the screws that can be micro-adjusted in order to leave room for improvements. Another is the small clamp pad on the frame holders, which eases the installation process. Both of the clamps are non-marring and possess high utility.

Each of the clamps is responsible for holding the panel, so you can put your mind to something else. It is more than adequate for your drawers. Our advice would be to be wary of the bending nature of the clamps. Apply pressure little by little until it is tightened. Inspect the sides to see if it needs to be adjusted.

The front installation clamps are designed to seamlessly align the drawer panels. We advise you to ask for someone’s help while doing this, as it is not considered to be a one-person job.

Highlighted Features

  • Micro-adjustments ensure precision
  • Not time-consuming and hassle-free
  • Has versatility, as it is suitable for all sizes and thickness
  • Incredibly handy for uniformity

Comparison Chart

ModelMaterialDrill GuideExtra Features
1. Ravinte Cabinet Door & Drawer Hardware Installation Template Kit PlasticNo drill guide includedDrill bit guide
2. KREG Tool Company KHI-HINGE Concealed Hinge Jig PlasticNot adjustable35-millimeter Forstner, a depth collar
3. True Position Tools Original Cabinet Hardware Jig Aircraft-grade aluminumAdjustableExtended ruler
4. Rok Hardware Knob Handle Pull Drill Mounting Template PlasticNot available3/16” drill bit
5. KREG Tool Company KHI-PULL Cabinet Hardware Jig Plastic and hardened steelAdjustableBuilt-in measuring scales
6. TOURACE Hardware Aluminum Dowelling Templates Aluminum and ABS plasticAdjustableQuick-release drill guide
7. TCBWFY Store Cabinet Pull Template Hardware Jig Industrial-grade stainless-steel and polycarbonate plasticQuick-release drill guideDetachable drill guide and a storage bag8. POWERTEC 71181 Drawer Front Installation Clamps Plastic and steelDrill guide includedMicro-adjustable screws

Cabinet Hardware Jig Buying Guide

Cabinet Hardware Jig Buying Guide

In a sea of options, how will you determine the one that will serve your purpose? This is why you need to learn about a few aspects to consider before buying the best cabinet hardware jig. Here is a list of those aspects;

Material Quality

For the best cabinet hardware jig, check the type of material used to construct the hardware tools. A lot of the times, stores sell jigs made of plastic. Usually, plastic jigs have pre-drilled holes, which make them impossible to move. While they are cheaper, they don’t tend to last long. Do not compromise quality over price.

The correct choice would be to select the ones made of either aluminum or stainless steel.


Which material is the most durable? It is, of course, the cabinet jigs that are lined with steel, have hole templates, and hardened bushings. You can put them through extremely rough and tough jobs, and they will still remain in perfect shape. Unless you want a jig for one-time use only, we recommend getting stainless-steel ones.


It is highly important that your cabinet hole jig possesses the ability to be flexible, so you can adjust it as per your requirements. No matter what piece of furniture you need to install – cabinets, drawers, knobs, pulls, etc., it should allow you to do so properly.

Furthermore, when you’re renovating the cabinets, all of them might not be the same size. So, adjustable jigs allow you to keep them fixed in a position. This eliminates the possibility of redoing, hence why this task is not time-consuming.

Ease of Use

Nobody wants to engage in complicated, arduous work because the simpler a job is, the better. That’s why you should prioritize convenience above all else. It will be much easier to get things done if you don’t have to waste time buying extra tools, measuring, and preparing.

Accuracy Rating

This is an important factor to bear in mind, as it has a huge impact on the performance of the cabinet drilling jig. For visually perfect aesthetics in your kitchen or bathroom, you need to ensure that the hardware jig has sharp precision.

Therefore, don’t forget to ask the seller for information on the jig’s accuracy level.

Additional Features

Additional Features

Last but not the least, you should look for some extra features to avail more benefits. For instance, center markings are great for leading you to where to install cabinet handle jig. The applications you want is up to you, depending on your budget.

Top 5 Cabinet Hardware Jig Brands on the Market

As you have just read, we have incorporated nine different brands on our list. Each has their specialties without being limited to the same characteristics. Here are our top picks for the brands-

  • Ravinte

Ravinte facilitates all sorts of furnishings that can be done to cabinets. Their kits are usually smaller and only include the most essential tools to keep the price low.

  • KREG Tool Company

We have featured the KREG Tool Company twice because we were highly impressed with their products. They have a way of adding some exclusive tools while keeping things simple, so they can cater to an audience with diverse levels of expertise.

  • True Position Tools

True Position Tools is a very popular brand adept at producing the most versatile and durable jigs for installing cabinet hardware. They do not lack any features whatsoever, but that does increase the price of their products.

  • Rok

Next, there is Rok that is made to assist people to get the job done at a fast pace. It produces amazing products with great features. So, it’s surely worth a try.


Another premium quality brand is POWERTEC. They have clamps instead of jigs to enable handles and knobs installation. Similar to this brand, Desunia also has micro-adjustable screws that can be attached and detached easily.

Cabinet Hardware Jig and Template: Which One to Choose?

Cabinet Hardware Jig and Template

Generally, there are two options to install knobs on cabinet doors. Those are jigs and templates. Let us remind you that you’d want to opt for the one that is least time-consuming, convenient, and reliable.

Templates typically have fixed designs and are made of cheap materials such as MDF or plywood. They also have limited size and dimensions fixtures, because they lack customization. The manufacturers make them to fit some determined sizes, and anything outside the range cannot be fitted.

Over time, the holes on the template will enlarge and eventually get ruined. This will lead to more issues. So not only does it last a short time but also increases the cost of recovery.

On the other hand, cabinet hardware installation jig is known for its precision which makes it suitable for everybody, starting from novice to expert. Extra features such as drill guides and metal attachments allow you to position everything at your desired location.

From all aspects, an original cabinet hardware jig is far better than templates. They can adapt depending on your use; they are strong and durable; some of them are lightweight and reversible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Cabinet Hardware Jig?

A jig is a type of cabinet hardware installation tool designed to ease the installation process of cabinet handles and knobs. They are known for their perfect level of accuracy, flexibility, and adjustability.

2. Is the Cabinet Hardware Jig Reversible for R And L Doors?

Yes, it is. We strongly suggest you ensure that your screws are all tightened before you move on to drilling the next hole on the opposite side of the door.

3. Can An Amateur Use This Tool?

Of course! It is designed to be easy to use, so even people with no expertise or skills will be able to handle it.

4. How Do You Install Bar Pulls On Cabinets?

As you will have to continually install them on several doors and drawers, use a jig to ensure accuracy.

5. Should I Use Cabinet Pull Jig Or Cabinet Knob Jig On Kitchen Cabinets?

Knobs make it easier to open upper cabinets, while pulls are better for lower cabinets. 

Final Words

These are must-haves in your workshop arsenal for an error-free, top-notch job. We hope that our in-depth review has given you an idea of what you should buy.

If you’re still not sure, consult this guide again, because it is very important that you select a well-equipped product. You will not be disappointed if you choose one of the products from our list of the best cabinet hardware jigs.

Make sure to let us know in the comments which one you decided to go with.

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