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6 Best Cordless Barrel Grip Jigsaw for Safe Work in 2024

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A stable grip is crucial for a jigsaw’s maneuverability as users need to guide it along the cutting line while also controlling the speed and pressure. Without keeping this power tool in hand tightly and comfortably, the carving results may be less than precise.

A barrel grip design handle provides more space for the operator’s fingers and allows for two-handed use when necessary. When you use the best cordless barrel grip jigsaw, you can work in tight spaces easily. It will also give you enough power to make those cuts clean and accurate without the hassle of a cord.

Here we will share the top 6 cordless barrel grip jigsaws that can do the job quickly and efficiently.

Makita Vj04z 12v Max CXT Cordless Jigsaw

Dewalt Barrel Grip Jigsaw

Top 6 Reviews on The Best Cordless Barrel Grip Jigsaw

When working with a cordless barrel grip jigsaw, you need to consider more comfort, less weight, high power, and long runtime as the main features. Here we have gathered a list of the top cordless barrel grip jigsaws that are suitable for maneuvering around tricky tight spots and giving you more control over your cuts.

01. Makita Vj04z 12v Max CXT Cordless Jigsaw

It is another cordless jigsaw that comes from Makita that offers precision cutting. The LED light ensures that you can see your work area clear, while the lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver.

Highlighted Features:

  • LED light for precision work
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • A button to switch between the soft start and regular start
  • Slow start mode for minimizing start-up shock
  • 2 Ah battery lasts up to an hour with a full charge
  • can also be used 4 Ah battery for longer cuts
  • Weighs just 3.9 lb with good grip
  • Reduces speed automatically until cutting begins
  • Faster, more accurate cuts in a variety of materials
  • The variable speed dial enables matching the speed

Start Options:

The Makita vj04z 12v max cxt cordless Jigsaw has two start options- regular and soft start. With a push of the button, you can easily switch between the two modes at any time. The saw also features a slow start mode which is perfect for minimizing start-up shock and wear on the saw blade.

12-Volt and 2Ah Battery:

The Makita 12-volt brushless motor jigsaw is a powerful and versatile tool that can handle a variety of applications. The 12-volt battery provides enough power for up to 18-volt performance, making it ideal for heavy-duty projects. The 2 Ah battery provides up to one hour of working time with a full charge, and the 4 Ah battery can be used for longer cuts.

Very Light in Weight:

It is very light, weighing just 3.9 lb, and has a good grip that makes it easy to hold and maneuver. The low center of gravity helps to keep the saw stable while in use.

Speed Setting Dial and SPM:

It has a 5 speed setting dial for finding the perfect speed for any project. This feature allows the user to quickly and easily adjust the speed of the saw blade, as well as the direction of the cut.

With a top speed of 3000 SPM, this jigsaw can quickly make cuts through even the thickest materials. This brushless cordless jig saw also features a detachable dust port, keeping the work area clean and free of debris.

Speed Reduction:

No load speed reduction function automatically reduces speed until the tool starts cutting and then maintains the selected speed. Soft materials (thin plastics, foams) provide little blade resistance. You can disable the no-load speed reduction function easily.

Orbital and Straight Cutting:

The Makita Cordless Jigsaw has three orbital settings and one straight cutting setting. This makes it versatile for different types of cuts, whether you’re making curved or straight cuts.

Uses Include:

With plenty of power to cut through 2x4s, the Makita jigsaw can easily handle tougher cuts like 3/4 inch material. You can use this jigsaw for coping, molding, detailed work, and other intricate cuts.


  • Some accessories, such as the vacuum hose adapter and the anti-splintering device, are not included. This can be a problem if you don’t have the necessary tools on hand.
    • You can buy the missing accessories from the stores.
  • The part numbers are missing from the instruction manual. This can make it difficult to order replacement parts if something goes wrong.
    • Makita’s customer service is excellent and will help you resolve the problem quickly.


With its powerful 18V battery, this jigsaw can easily tackle even the most challenging cuts. The jigsaw also features a dust blower to keep your work area clean and a variable speed trigger for greater control. So whether you’re cutting through wood, metal, or plastic, the Makita Cordless Jigsaw is up to the task.

02. Dewalt Barrel Grip Jigsaw

This barrel grip jigsaw from Dewalt is a powerful tool for completing cutting tasks in a variety of ways. One of the most notable features of this jigsaw is the dual LED lights. This provides better visibility in low-light conditions, making it easier to see what you are doing. 

Key Features:

  • Dual LED lights for better visibility
  • Battery life is long and doesn’t kill batteries
  • Larger ampere battery for more power and balance
  • Engineered well for accurate and smooth cutting
  • Oscillating blade feature for faster cutting
  • Saw remains well under control
  • Prevents it from moving around while working
  • Large and comfortable blade release lever
  • 4 orbital speed settings for precision control
  • Max orbital speed mode for heavy-duty applications
  • The dust blower keeps cut lines visible
  • Clean cut on hardwoods to build furniture

High Power System:

With its high power and 20v Max system, it can easily cut through tougher materials. The larger ampere battery sizes provide more power and balance, making it easier to control the saw.

The battery life is also impressive, with the jigsaw able to run for a long time without killing batteries. This makes it ideal for use in situations where you need to be able to work for an extended time.

Accuracy and a Smooth Cutting:

The Dewalt barrel grip jigsaw offers high precision and a smooth cutting experience. This jigsaw is engineered well, with a robust build quality that can withstand heavy use. The oscillating blade feature ensures that cuts are made quickly and efficiently. 

Safe and Easy to Use:

The barrel grip design allows the saw to remain well under control while in use, preventing accidental slips or cuts. Its weighted design prevents the saw from moving around while working, ensuring a more precise and consistent cut.

The grip fits like an extension of your arm. The barrel grip also allows easy access to the blade, so you can quickly make changes mid-project.

Another great feature of this handy tool is the large and comfortable blade release lever. This allows for effortless blade changes, making it a breeze to switch between different types of blades as needed.

Orbital Speed Settings and Dust Blower:

With its detachable blade, this jigsaw can handle everything from intricate scrollwork to rough cuts. The orbital speed settings allow you to adjust the speed to achieve precision control, while the max orbital speed mode is ideal for heavy-duty applications.

Its dust blower helps to keep the cut line visible by blowing away any sawdust that might otherwise obscure it. Consequently, you can make more precise cuts and avoid making mistakes.


Whether you’re looking to make clean cuts on hardwoods or build furniture, this jigsaw can help you achieve the desired results. This power tool can improve the overall quality of your woodworking.

It can make clean, precise cuts on the lattice. With the right jigsaw blade, it can also finish the cuts on a rafter or stair stringer with ease. It can make beautiful i/s corners on molding with a Collins coping jig kept on the machine.


  • The power switch is awkward to use at first.
    • You have to practice a bit to get used to it.
  • Many users have found that the 20v jigsaw is not as good for coping crowns as other models on the market.
    • You can use Makita vj04z cordless jigsaw for coping crowns.


The barrel grip design of this power tool makes it comfortable to hold for extended periods, and LED light helps to illuminate the work area, allowing for clearer vision. Overall, It is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a high-quality and easy-to-use jigsaw.

03. Bosch 18v Cordless Jig Saw

When it comes to cordless jigsaws, the Bosch jigsaw is in a class by itself. It offers optimum movement control and a clear cut-line, thanks to the dust blower. It also has a nice weight and is light enough to be used for an extended time without causing fatigue.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight and for excellent movement control
  • Dust blower to clear the cut line from dust
  • 18V jig saw with 4 Ah or 8 Ah battery
  • No-load SPM ranges from 550 to 2700
  • Extended upfront soft-grip areas
  • 4 orbital-action settings to deliver varied blade strokes
  • Can cut 4-1/2 inches in wood
  • Can cut 7/8 inches in aluminum
  • De-cast aluminum footplate
  • Plastic overshoe for stability
  • Auto-stop function shuts off the blade when idle
  • Anti-splinter insert prevents wood from splintering

18 Volts and 8 Ah Battery:

With its 18v battery, it has the power to handle even the most difficult cuts. The Bosch 18v cordless jig saw comes with two different size batteries, 4 Ah and 8 Ah. The 4 Ah battery is perfect for smaller projects, while the 8 Ah battery will give you the power you need for larger projects.

Up to 2700 SPM:

This saw comes with variable speed control so that you can adjust the speed of the blade according to the material being cut. For instance, when cutting softer materials, a lower speed setting can help to prevent the jigsaw blade from becoming stuck. It also provides from 550 to 2700 no-load SPM, making it ideal for use in various applications.

Extended upfront Soft-Grip:

When you make cuts, the extended forward soft-grip areas give you extra stability. This tool is ideal for a range of applications. With its ergonomic handle, you enjoy unmatched comfort and control. The barrel-grip design facilitates maneuvering in tight spaces.

Four Orbital-Action Settings:

With four orbital-action settings, it can deliver varied blade strokes that are ideal for different materials. For instance, setting 0 is ideal for cutting through hard materials, while setting 1 is better suited for soft materials.

And if you’re working with medium-density materials such as dense woods or particle boards, setting 3 is the way to go. Or, if you’re looking to cut through soft materials, setting 4 quickly is your best bet.

Built-in Material:

With its die-cast aluminum footplate and plastic overshoe, the cordless jig saw is designed for stability and precision. With a stroke length of 1 inch, it can easily cut through 4-1/2 inches in wood.

It also has the power to cut through 7/8 inches in aluminum easily. The blade can be quickly changed, and the bevel can be set to a maximum of 45°.

Safety Functions:

Its auto-stop feature automatically stops the blade when it is not in use. This protects both the user and the coping saw from potential damage. Its anti-splinter insert helps to prevent pieces of wood from splintering as they are cut. This results in a smoother, cleaner cut, and safer working environment.

The multi-directional blade clamp allows you to quickly and easily change the direction of the blade. The tool-free blade change system lets you switch out blades.


  • It does not include a battery or charger, which can add to the overall cost of the tool.
    • You can purchase a compatible battery and charger from Bosch or another manufacturer. Many retailers offer package deals that include the battery and charger with the tool.
  • The saw does not accept U-Shank blades, which limits the types of blades that you can use with it.
    • You can search for an adapter that will allow you to use U-Shank blades with the saw.


Its variable speed dial allows users to customize their cut for a variety of materials, and its no-load SPM speeds range from 550 to 2700. With its compact design and lightweight, it is easy to maneuver and can be used in tight spaces. Therefore, the cordless jig saw is a necessary power tool for any serious DIYer or professional contractor.

04. Bosch 12v Barrel Grip Jigsaw

Another model from Bosch, the 12v barrel grip jigsaw, is a compact tool that fits into tight spaces. The jigsaw has some unique features that make it a great choice for a variety of woodworking projects. And because it’s a Bosch tool, you can be confident that it will make clean, accurate cuts every time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fits into tight spaces and cuts accurately
  • Comes with a 12 Volt Motor and can be used 6 Ah Battery
  • Variable speed settings ranging from 1 to 6
  • Up to 2800 SPM with no trigger to hold down
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable use
  • Lightweight and portable for easy maneuverability
  • can be used for detailing laminate flooring
  • Has battery charge indicator
  • Barrel grips with a small diameter
  • Blade clamp with multi-direction
  • An anti-vibration mechanism with a counterbalance

12 Volt Motor and 6 Ah Battery:

The 12-volt motor provides plenty of power for even the most challenging tasks. With the 6 Ah battery, you can work for long periods of time without having to recharge.

6 Variable Speed Settings:

With six variable speed settings, the Bosch 12v barrel grip Jigsaw can easily be adjusted to match the speed of the material being cut. The arbitrarily numbered speed range of 1 – 6 means that you can always find the perfect setting for the job at hand.

Up to 2800 SPM:

It has a powerful motor that can reach up to 2800 SPM, making it able to handle tougher materials. Its lack of a trigger means that once you’ve got the blade spinning, it’ll stay going until you release the safety catch. This can be hugely beneficial when making intricate cuts or working in difficult-to-reach places.

Easy Maneuverability:

This compact and lightweight jigsaw is easy to maneuver, making it ideal for detailed work. The ergonomic design promotes comfort during use.

LED Switch and Charge Indicator:

The battery charge indicator lets you know when the battery is running low, and the LED switch lets you see the mark in dimly lit areas. The lever for adjusting the blade orbit ensures that you always have precise control.


  • The sawdust produced while cutting can obscure the view, making it difficult to see the cut line.
    • Consider attaching a vacuum hose to the saw to remove sawdust as you cut. This will help to keep the area around the saw clear so that you can see the cut line.
  • The power switch does not operate with a finger trigger; it operates with a slider.
    • Consider replacing the power switch with a finger trigger switch with an extended paddle.


The Bosch jigsaw features a 12-volt motor that can handle even the toughest jobs, and the 2800 SPM speed allows for quick and easy cuts. The charge indicator is also a handy feature, as it indicates low battery power. Overall, it is a great choice for anyone in need of a reliable and affordable jigsaw.

05. Makita 18v LXT Lithium-ion Cordless Jig Saw

Makita has been a leading innovator in woodworking tools for many years, and the 18v lxt cordless jig saw is no exception. With no frills adjustments, you won’t waste time fiddling with buttons or dials. It has two power switches – one for low speeds and one for high speeds – so you can easily adjust the speed based on the material you’re cutting.

Highlighted Features:

  • No frills adjustments save time fiddling with buttons or dials
  • Has 2 power switches
  • Comes with dual LED Lights
  • Dial control with six speeds
  • Find it comfortable in your hands
  • Auto speed control starts up calmly with the auto speed control
  • The plastic prevents sawdust from getting get stuck in the blade guard
  • Has a smooth, accurate cutting and is quieter than the Bosch
  • can cut through different types of wood
  • cut through plywoods ranging from 3mm
  • Clean curved cuts on 2×6 soft wood
  • Easy to cope with and cut a tight radius

Easy to Handle:

The saw features a compact and lightweight design for easy handling. You feel comfortable in your hands, and you can easily maneuver it around the workpiece. Its ergonomic design allows for easy gripping, even with sweaty hands, enabling it easier to guide through the wood.

Starts up Calmly:

The auto speed control feature ensures that the blade starts up calmly and cuts quickly and accurately. Its soft start feature prevents the blade from jerking around when starting up.

SPM and LED Light:

The 18v design provides 800-3,500 SPM speed range and gives you the versatility to tackle any job. Its built-in LED light lets you clearly see your work area, even in low-light conditions.

Plastic Shield:

It has a plastic shield around the blade. This shield helps to keep the sawdust from getting stuck in the blade guard, making it easy to see the line. Compared to the Bosch, the Makita has a quieter cutting action. This jig saw comes with a durable carrying case, making it easy to transport from one job site to another.


Makita 18v lxt lithium-ion cordless jig saw is a bare tool for making precise curved cuts on 2×6 soft wood. It can quickly and easily cut through plywoods at least 3mm thick, making it perfect for various projects.

With its ability to cut through Douglas Fir 2x10s and 1-5/8″ thick solid Teak. The easy-to-cope feature allows you to cut a tight radius making it ideal for fine details.


  • First, the new push button on/off switch can be difficult to use at first.
    • It will take a while to get used to, but once it becomes an automatic movement, it will be easier to start and stop the saw.
  • Second, the saw turns off after a few seconds if you don’t turn it on.
    • Push the button while you’re still holding the saw to keep it on.


With its compact size and easy-to-handle design, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to get the job done quickly and efficiently. The powerful lithium-ion battery provides plenty of power, while LED light provides clear visibility of the work area. As a result, you can pick it up and put it to work with confidence.

06. Skil PWRCORE 12 Jigsaw

If you want to work in a brighter environment, this jigsaw by Skil is the ultimate choice. With its built-in Halo light feature, you can see your work area more clearly than traditional LED lights. Its grip is more comfortable than the traditional D-handle. It provides greater control during extended use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Halo Light emits a brighter light than LEDs
  • Lithium battery technology for longer run time
  • The grip is more convenient than D-handle
  • Powerful motor cuts very well
  • Very light that won’t affect after using hours
  • Easy to use with your thumb
  • Can be used at 20 volts
  • Auto ramp up feature for slow starts

Lightweight and Maneuverable:

Despite its compact size, this jigsaw packs a punch, making it ideal for everything from trimming wood to cutting through metal. The PWRCore is also very light and maneuverable, making it easy to handle even during extended use. Due to the ergonomic design, the arm won’t tire after hours of use.

12 Volt and 2.0 Ah Battery:

As a 12 volt tool, Skil PWRCORE 12 Jigsaw is a powerful tool that can cut materials very well. The 2.0 Ah battery is powerful enough for short-time use. It can be used at 20 volts for even more power.

With a 20 volt battery, it has enough power to cut through thick and heavy material. And with a 4 amp battery, it can handle a lot of cuts before needing to be recharged.

Auto Ramp Up:

The on/off switch allows you to easily control the speed of the blade, which is great for making precise cuts. Auto ramp up function allows you to increase the speed before starting a cut slowly.

Easy Blade Replacement and Dust Blower:

You can easily change blades when working on a project that demands for various cuts thanks to the easy blade change feature. The dust blower keeps the work surface clean and clear. It also helps to prevent the blades from getting clogged with sawdust.

Intricates Foamboard Shapes:

With its ability to cut through thick materials like plywood and 2×12 pine, it is ideal for projects that require intricate shapes or precise cuts. It has the ability to cut through 3/4 plywood easily. You can do a lot of woodcutting, such as building a deck or fence.


  • The tool is missing some essential accessories such as a splinter guard, dust guard, and dust port.
    • You can purchase aftermarket accessories that will fill in the missing functions of the saw.
  • There is no power switch button to prevent the saw from running if the battery is plugged in.


With its many features like tool-free blade release lever and the built-in LED light and dust blower, this jigsaw is ideal for a variety of projects. The power and maneuverability make it a good choice for anyone who wants a compact and lightweight jigsaw that can still handle heavy-duty projects.

These are some of the best cordless jigsaws with a barrel grip. Any jigsaw on the list will fill your demand for your project from any perspective. Choose any one of them to make your work easier.

Comparison Chart for Cordless Barrel Grip Jigsaw:

Orbital Settings
WeightLED Light
Makita Vj04z 12v Max CXT Cordless Jigsaw800-3, 000 SPM12V33.9 PoundsDual LED lights
Dewalt Barrel Grip Jigsaw3,200 SPM20V44.75 PoundsA bright LED light
Bosch 18v Cordless Jig Saw550-2,700 no-load SPM18V44.77 PoundsAn LED light
Bosch 12v Barrel Grip Jigsaw1,500-2,800 SPM12V33 PoundsN/A
Makita 18v LXT Lithium-ion Cordless Jig Saw800-3, 500 SPM18V3‎5.1 PoundsDual LED lights
Skil Pwrcore 12 Jigsaw3,000 SPM12V4‎2.51 PoundsHalo LED Light

Buying Guide For a Cordless Barrel Grip Jigsaw

all the saws

The jigsaw is commonly used for cutting curved shapes or straight lines in wood, metal, or plastic. It’s a versatile tool that can be used for a wide range of projects, from basic carpentry to detailed woodworking.

The features of a cordless barrel grip jigsaw can be different based on the brand and model. There are many barrel grip jigsaws on the market, so it’s important to choose one that fits your needs. Here are some things to consider when purchasing a cordless barrel grip jigsaw:

Size and Weight:

A compact saw is going to be less powerful than a full-size saw, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, a compact saw can often be easier to control and more maneuverable than a larger saw.

For example, if you will be using your jigsaw to make detailed cuts in small pieces of wood, then a smaller model will be sufficient. And when it comes to storing your saw, a compact model is definitely the way to go.

A larger jigsaw will be stronger and allow you to make longer cuts. It generates less vibration during use, making them ideal for aggressive cutting of thick materials. It will be more difficult to maneuver, making it more likely that you’ll make mistakes.

Because it is more tiring to use, you’ll need to take breaks more often. A heavier jigsaw will put more stress on your wrist and arm, which could lead to injuries. In general, it’s best to choose a cordless jigsaw that is lightweight enough to be comfortable to use but not so light that it feels flimsy.


SPM stands for strokes per minute, and it dictates how fast the blade moves up and down. It determines how quickly you can make cuts.

You need to select the right SPM based on the material you are working with. If the SPM is too high, the blade will move more quickly while generating heat. If it is too low, the cut will be less precise.

When choosing a cordless barrel grip jigsaw, you should always opt for a model with a high SPM. This will ensure that you can make quick, precise cuts without having to worry about the blade getting stuck. You can increase or decrease the SPM as needed.

Stroke Length:

The stroke length is the distance the blade travels in one direction, measured in inches. Most jigsaws have a stroke length from 3/4 inch to 1 inch, which is the industry standard.

A shorter stroke length can be beneficial for making delicate cuts, while a longer stroke length can help to speed up the cutting process. You should choose a jigsaw with a long stroke length if you work with thick materials.

Number of Teeth:

A cordless barrel grip jigsaw typically has between 6 and 10 teeth per inch (TPI). The number of teeth on the blade will determine how fast the blade can cut through wood.

When there are more teeth, the cut will be slower but cleaner. A blade with more teeth will require a shorter stroke length to prevent the teeth from becoming damaged. A lower number of teeth will result in a faster cut, but the edges of the cut may be less smooth.

Voltage and Ampere:

barrel grips

Voltage: Generally speaking, higher voltage models will be more powerful and able to handle tougher jobs, while lower voltage models will be lighter and easier to maneuver. If you are using the jigsaw for heavy-duty tasks, such as cutting through thick metal or concrete, then a high-voltage model will be necessary.

On the other hand, if you only need the jigsaw for occasional use or light-duty tasks, then a lower voltage model will suffice.

A 12v jigsaw will be less powerful than an 18v jigsaw. These cordless jig saws are typically more compact and lightweight, making them ideal for use in tight spaces.

18v jigsaws offer more power and cutting speed, making them better suited for heavier-duty tasks. 20v jigsaws can handle the hardest cutting jobs.

Ampere: The Ampere, or amp hour rating, tells you how much power the jigsaw battery can store. Generally, the higher the amp hour rating, the longer the tool will run on a single charge. A higher amp hour rating will also mean that the jigsaw will last longer without recharging.

Batteries with lower amp ratings need to be replaced more often. The size of the battery also affects how much weight the saw will add to the tool. While a larger battery will add weight, it will also provide more power and runtime.

Orbital Settings:

Orbital Settings of a cordless barrel grip jigsaw is an important function that allows the operator to set the cutting speed of the jigsaw blade according to the thickness and hardness of the material being cut. There are generally three settings: low, medium, and high.

Low is for thinner, softer materials such as wood; medium is for thicker, harder woods; and high is for metals. A lock-on button can be used to maintain a constant speed for extended periods. This feature is particularly useful when cutting large pieces of material or making repetitive cuts.

Bevel Angle Range:

The bevel angle is the angle of the blade relative to the horizontal plane, and it can vary from 0 degrees (straight up and down) to 45 degrees. The bevel angle range is the range of angles to which the blade can be rotated. It allows for a wide variety of cuts, whether you’re working with wood, metal, or another material.

A 0-degree bevel angle means that the blade is perpendicular to the baseplate, making it ideal for making straight cuts. When cutting plywood or veneered boards, a 15-degree bevel angle provides a clean, straight cut without chipping the wood.

You can cut at an angle around corners or make curved cuts with a 30 degree bevel angle. When cutting very close to a board’s edge, 45 degree bevel angles are useful.

Dust Blower:

The dust blower is located at the front of the tool and helps to clear away sawdust and debris as you cut. This can be a big help when you’re working in tight spaces or trying to make precise cuts. The dust blower is also useful for keeping your work area clean and tidy.

It is easy to attach and remove, and it runs off the same battery as the jigsaw. When you’re finished with your project, simply turn on the dust blower and let it do its job.

LED Light:

The LED light in a cordless barrel grip jigsaw is extremely bright and helps to illuminate the cutting area. It is particularly helpful when cutting in confined spaces or in low light. 

As long as the trigger is depressed, the light will remain on. The light is activated by a switch on the handle of the saw. LED lights are extremely energy efficient and will not drain the battery as quickly as other lighting types.

Multi-Directional Blade Clamp:

The multi-directional blade clamp of a cordless barrel grip jigsaw is a feature that allows the user to change the direction of the saw blade without removing it from the saw. This is a very useful feature for making cuts in corners or tight spaces.

This method makes it easier to follow a curved or irregular line. It is also a great safety feature as it prevents the blade from coming out of the jigsaw while working with it. A lever operates the clamp on the side of the saw, and it can be easily adjusted with one hand.

Types of Shank Blades for a Barrel Grip Jigsaw

collins coping foot

Shank jigsaw blades come in two different styles: T shank and U shank. T shank blades are the more common type and are compatible with most jigsaw models. They have a small, tapered point that fits into a matching slot on the cordless jigsaw.

U shank blades are less common, but they offer some advantages over T shank blades. They have a larger, more robust body that helps to prevent the blade from breaking or bending during use. In addition, U shank blades typically have a longer lifespan than T shank blades. As a result, they may be a better choice for heavy-duty applications.

Maintenance Tips for Barrel Grip Jigsaw

maximum orbit

If you’re lucky enough to have a barrel grip jigsaw, you know that you’ve got a powerful tool at your disposal. But like any tool, a barrel grip jigsaw requires regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Here are a few tips to help you keep your jigsaw in top condition:

  • Ensure that the cutting blade is always sharp. A dull blade will not only produce inferior cuts but can also damage the material you’re working with. Always use a sharpening stone or file to keep the blade sharp, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper technique.
  • Pay attention to the tension of the cutting blade. If the blade is too loose, it can cause the saw to bind and kick back; it is too tight and can break. Check the tension of the blade every time you use your saw, and adjust as necessary.
  • Keep your saw dust-free. Dust can clog the air vents on the barrel grip jigsaw, causing it to overheat. Use a brush or compressed air to clean the saw after each use.
  • Lubricate the moving parts (including the cutting blade) with light oil. This will help to prevent rust and keep your saw running smoothly.
  • Store your saw in a dry, dust-free place when not in use. It is best to use its case to protect it from the elements.

By following these simple maintenance tips, you can ensure that your barrel grip jigsaw will provide years of reliable service.

How to Use a Barrel Grip Jigsaw?

tight curves

When using a barrel grip jigsaw, it is essential to follow a few basic steps to ensure safety and get the best results.

Step 1. Clamp the Workpiece:

Ensure that your workbench is level. Position it so that the jaws are evenly positioned on either side of the barrel. Then tighten the jaws until they are snug. This will prevent the piece from moving around while you’re cutting.

Step 2. Attach T-shank Blade:

Remove the blade guard by depressing the release button and sliding it off of the blade. With the guard removed, you will be able to see the blade clamp. Loosen the clamp by turning the thumbscrew counterclockwise. Once the clamp is loose, insert the T-shank blade into the slot in the blade holder.

Make sure that the teeth of the blade are facing in the correct direction. Retighten the clamp by turning the thumb screw clockwise. Once the blade is securely in place, you can reattach the blade guard and resume using your barrel grip jigsaw.

Step 3. Start Cutting:

Clamp the wood down to your work surface so that it’s securely in place. Then, position the barrel grip jigsaw so that the blade is over one of the lines you’ve drawn. Select the SPM (strokes per minute) based on material thickness and hardness.

Now setting the speed dial to the correct position, depress the trigger to start the blade moving. Slowly guide the saw along the line, using gentle pressure to keep it on track. If you’re cutting curves, go slowly and use a light touch to avoid veering off course.

Step 4. Finish Up:

Once you’ve finished cutting, release the trigger and allow the blade to come to a complete stop. Then, remove the blade from the workpiece by pressing the button and sliding it out of the holder.

Turn off the power switch and unplug your barrel grip jigsaw before removing the blade. Finally, brush away any sawdust accumulated on the workpiece or jigsaw.

Precautions with a barrel grip jigsaw:

Before using a jigsaw, there are a few important things to keep in mind in order to stay safe.

  • Always use the appropriate blade for the material you’re cutting.
  • Ensure the blade is properly secured and tightened.
  • Never force the blade, and keep your fingers well away from the cutting area.
  • If the blade becomes jammed, turn off the power immediately and use the included wrench to remove the blade.
  • When cutting, keep the blade perpendicular to the surface to prevent kickback.
  • Always wear safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes from flying debris.


Q: How long does a cordless jigsaw last?

A cordless jigsaw usually lasts up to five hours on a single charge. It depends on some factors, including the type of battery, the size of the blade, and the cutting speed of the saw. A lithium-ion battery will typically last longer than a lead-acid battery, and a larger blade will require more power than a smaller one.

A slower speed will conserve battery life, while a higher speed will use up power more quickly. With proper care and maintenance, your cordless jigsaw should give you years of dependable service.

Q: Are barrel grip jigsaws better?

cutting performance

Barrel grip jigsaws tend to be lighter and more comfortable to hold. They also offer more control and precision, making them ideal for intricate cuts. These jigsaws offer a much better view of the cutting line and are less likely to produce kickback than D-handle grip models. You’ll also find it’s the best jigsaw for coping.

The compact design of these saws makes them ideal for maneuvering in tight corners, and the lack of a top handle, means that there’s less chance of getting caught on obstacles. In addition, many barrel grip jigsaws come equipped with LED lights.

Q: Does Dewalt make a cordless jigsaw?

Dewalt is one of the leading manufacturers of power tools, and its cordless jigsaws are some of the most popular on the market. Their jigsaw works well for a variety of tasks, from cutting through thick lumber to making precise curves and shapes.

Its battery offers sufficient power for all demanding applications, and its compact design makes moving it around tight spaces easy.

Q: Are brushless jigsaws better?

Brushless jigsaws are powered by a brushless motor, which delivers more power with less vibration. This allows for more precise cuts and greater control over the saw. Brushless motors are more efficient than traditional motors and tend to last longer. As a result, brushless jigsaws offer a number of advantages over their non-brushless counterparts.

Q: Does Dewalt jigsaw have a light?

Dewalt’s jigsaw has a built-in LED light that makes it easier to see in tighter spaces. This is a great feature, particularly if you’re working in an area with limited lighting. The light is bright and clear, making it easy to see your work area.

Q: What blades fit Dewalt jigsaw?

T-shank blades are designed to fit Dewalt jigsaw, one of the most popular types of blades on the market. These blades are made from high-quality materials and offer a precise fit. 

They are designed for aggressive cutting wood, plastic, and metal. The blades are also designed to resist wear and tear, making them a durable option for heavy-duty applications.

You can quickly change blades without having to remove the entire blade assembly, making them a convenient option for busy professionals. They have a sharp tooth profile that cuts through materials quickly and easily. 

Q: How many amp jigsaw do I need?

This is a difficult question to answer because the size and type of project you are working on will determine the amount of power you need. For example, if you are doing light work such as cutting softwoods, you will need less power than cutting hardwoods or metal.

In general, however, most projects will require a jigsaw with at least 2 amps of power. If you plan on doing a lot of heavy-duty work, you may want to consider a jigsaw with 5.0 amps or more.


From our review, now you may know which is the suitable jigsaw for your needs. We believe all the jigsaws in our list are great options for any woodworking project. 

They are powerful, precise, and easy to control. And they offer a variety of features that make them ideal for even the most demanding applications. From our buying guide, you understand that the best cordless barrel grip jigsaw is one that offers plenty of power and clean cuts with comfort. 

But it should also be easy to maneuver in tight spaces. And it should have a built-in LED light to help you see in low-light conditions. Our faqs section helps you understand more about jigsaws in general.

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