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Best Electric Brad Nailer in 2024 [Top 10 Model Revealed]

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Would you like to use a brad nailer that adds a lot of weight to your hand? Never, because it slows down your work. In that case, you need an electric brad nailer that can handle your tasks without making them more difficult.

Finding the right one can be confusing, especially if you aren’t familiar with all of the different terms and features involved. In order to choose the most appropriate electric nailer, what should you look for in the best electric brad nailer that’s priced reasonably, high-quality, and performs well?

Therefore, we have compiled a list of the 10 best electric brad nailers so that you can easily find one that fits your needs. We have considered weight, performance, versatility, quality, and so on.

Porter Cable Electric Brad Nailer

Craftsman Electric Brad Nailer

NEU MASTER Electric Nailing Machine

Best 10 Electric Brad Nailer

Choosing the ideal electric brad nailer can be a difficult task. Many models are available, and each one has its own features. You can pick one from our top picks below:

1. Porter Cable Electric Brad Nailer

The brad nails are designed to hold cladding, furniture, and woodworking together. Manufactured by Porter-Cable, this unit delivers consistent performance in a variety of materials and environmental conditions.

This 18 gauge brad nailer has a motor design that increases productivity while ensuring the user’s safety. You can adjust it in multiple ways without using tools.

Porter cable electric brad nailer features LED lights that function as illumination for the workspace and an error indication. This electric nail gun is lightweight and possesses an optimal center of gravity, reducing user fatigue.

Lithium batteries used to power this unit can be easily shifted from the charger and installed in the nailer. The best thing is that it doesn’t need a costly compressor or gas cartridges as many other models do.

Porter-Cable PCC790LA weighs 5.9 pounds, and its dimensions are 13.88 x 5 x 12 inches. That’s why it’s one of the most lightweight electric nailers on the market.

Moreover, Porter-Cable PCC790LA comes with a case that is made of decent quality. The quality of the plastic, however, could have been better. This way, it would be more suitable for rough use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lithium battery included
  • Comes with a storage case
  • LED lights for indicating errors
  • Multiple setting design without tools
  • Lightweight housing and ergonomic grip

2. NEU MASTER Electric Nailing Machine

NEU MASTER features a design that makes it reliable, convenient to use, and durable. It’s perfect for those who want a wire option that can be used indoors or outdoors around the project.

With 400pcs 5/8”, 400pcsv 3/4” nails, and 200 staples, you can work on wood projects around for 12 hours.

Neu Master Electric Nailing Machine offers convenience without complicated compressors and hoses so that you can take it anywhere you need it. This unit also has a non-marring rubber nose for a complete finish, saving time and ensuring longevity down your line.

The soft-grip handle reduces worker fatigue, and the power function is adjustable for light-duty jobs. You can use it for easy-to-use projects such as carpentry, picture framing, door and window molding installation, and pet houses.

This model is perfect for professionals and beginner’s DIY projects, but it is not recommended for quarter round, baseboard, or flooring. Handicrafts are more popular today than ever before.

Neu Master Electric Nail Machine provides a flawless and complete finish, and it is perfect for wood projects around the home. Plug format ‘A’ US style is convenient for using at home or on the go without worrying about batteries.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Soft grip handle reduces fatigue
  • Power adjustment for light-duty uses
  • Rubber nose for the non-marring finish
  • 400pcs 5/8”, 400pcsv 3/4” nails, and 200 staples
  • Useful for carpentry, picture framing, molding, and pet houses

3. Craftsman Electric Brad Nailer

Craftsman Electric 18 ga Brad Nailer is an electric nailer which does not require a compressor, hoses, or costly gas cartridges. This unit runs smoothly and is lightweight to make your work easier.

It provides reliable firing power in a variety of climate conditions and materials. This fully cordless design will give you more mobility to use this tool during any project around the home. This cordless brad nailer gives you consistent firing power.

Contractors, DIYers, and homeowners can use many tools in the Craftsman Electro-Nailer. This nail gun or even a hand drill with some essential experience can drill faster than they could by hand.

Its optimal balance reduces fatigue and provides a tool-free jam and stall setting for ease of use. Craftsman Electric Brad Nailer also has a belt hook for convenient access and storage, essential when needing an extra hand on the job site.

Some other features include a quick setup with adjustable nail depth settings and a contoured over-molded handle for optimum comfort. It provides optimal comfort and balance in the hand while being lightweight and with a low center of gravity.

Its ergonomic design allows users to see where they are nailing while reducing the number of flying tools. It is also suitable for finishing touches around the home since it is suitable for nail trim, molding, etc.

Highlighted Features:

  • The fully cordless design eliminates the hassle
  • No hoses or gas cartridges
  • Lightweight, just 7.64 pounds
  • Nails are quick and easy to replace
  • It performs well even in cold weather

4. Neu Master Electric Brad Nailer Stapler

Neu Master Nailer is perfect for trim carpentry, installation of molding and flooring, cabinet making, crafts work, home repair projects, etc. The N6013 is an electric brad nailer specifically designed for do-it-yourselfers.

It has a contact safety switch to prevent unintentional firing and features an adjustable power knob to accommodate hard or soft materials. Easy magazine removal makes quick reloading straightforward.

In the model, two functions are available so that you can use staples or nails. This model includes 336pcs staples and 200pcs nails. With this brad nail gun, you can work with staples from 5/16″ to 5/8″ and 18-gauge nails from 1/2” to 5/8”.

Neu Master Electric Brad Nailer Stapler weighs 4.4 ounces and dimensions 8.66 x 2.36 x 7.48 inches. You can use it for DIY, upholstery, wooden handiwork, and home improvement projects.

Reinforced PP makes this product both durable and safe to use. The high-quality design of the electric nail gun makes it long-lasting.

Moreover, this nail gun is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and soft and hard materials. A contact safety switch contributes to preventing accidental firing and makes it safer to use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Adjustable power knob
  • Both nails and staples can be used
  • Contains 336 staples and 200 nails
  • Both soft and hard materials can be used
  • Easy magazine removal for faster reloading

5. Neu Master Corded Electric Brad Nailer

A corded electric nail gun will make all of your DIY dreams come true. The lightweight gun has an adjustable knob that allows you to choose the power of the nails depending on what you are doing.

With 600 fasteners, this tool is perfect for projects like shelving and trim molding installation. When needed for upholstery work or even installing insulation sheets with ease, it can also become a staple gun.

NTC0060 doesn’t need a compressor, and it is fast and efficient for all kinds of jobs using staples or nails. The easy-to-use tool comes with a quick-release mechanism and over-molded grip, which helps you work more comfortably.

The Neu Master Corded Electric Brad Nailer is a lightweight tackle that can drive 30 shots per minute. It is more efficient to finish the job because the drop-down window can show how many nails are left and the time to refill the magazine.

Neu Master NTC0060 features a brad nailer kit that contains 200 5/8″ brad nails and 336 3/8″ staples. The most significant advantage of using this nail gun is the lower cost. So if you are looking for a budget-friendly solution, this nail gun is best for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Adjustable power knob
  • No compressor needed
  • Lightweight and low noise
  • Drives 30 shots per minutes
  • 2 in 1 nail gun (brad nail & staple)
  • Featuring quick release and over-molded grip

6. Stanley 2-In-1 Electric Stapler And Brad Nailer TRE550Z

Stanley TRE550Z 2-in-1 electric stapler and brad nailer can be a versatile addition to your tool collection. It has heavy-duty electric staples and 1/2, 9/16, 5/8 inch brads to handle just about anything your job might throw at it.

This tool is perfect for craft projects where precision matters. The quick jam precise mechanism eliminates hassle too. It includes an 8-foot power cord that can plug into any household outlet.

Stanley 2-In-1 Electric Stapler And Brad Nailer are high-quality electric tools that weigh 0.04 Kilograms. The two power settings give you more control over your driving power so that you can drive staples into just about any material without struggling with the tool itself.

It is straightforward to operate the Stanley TRE550Z manually, driving the staples and brads with one hand. So, you can keep your other hand on your workpiece.

By using the unique dual power lever, you can choose between soft and hard materials. You select the correct power level for your material by simply turning a dial.

This tool is compact, powerful enough to drive the staples into thicker wood pieces without much struggle. Additionally, it reduces fatigue during extended use.

Highlighted Features:

  • 8-foot cord
  • Dual power lever
  • Fast jam clear mechanism
  • Heavy-duty staples and brads
  • Soft and hard materials selector

7. K I M O Brad Nailer Stapler Combo Cordless

K I M O nailer is a solution for quick and simple woodworking projects. It is a cordless stapler and nail gun combo. With this tool, you can work on various projects without the need to drag around an air compressor or extension cords.

You can use this cordless brad nailer to install crown molding or any other project because it can shoot nails or staples. It involves hammering nails into one another and securing fasteners without using tacks.

For those concerned about the tool’s weight, note that this gun weighs up to 6.2 pounds (without a battery). Plus, LEDs are located on top to let you see what you’re doing in led light areas.

You can switch from single-fire mode to rapid-fire every time. And each time you squeeze the trigger, a brad will be fired. K I M O Brad Nailer Stapler Combo Cordless is also really easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of effort.

With easy-release magazines, you’ll be able to fill it up with brad nails and staples in seconds. This product also comes with a belt hook for an easier time carrying and storing the brad nailer.

The rotation knob helps you adjust the depth of the nail. This way, you can set it depending on what material you’re using for your project.

Highlighted Features:

  • LED work light
  • Depth rotation knob
  • No compressor needed
  • Rapid-fire speed of 80 nails per minute
  • Error indicator light

8. Ryobi Electric Brad Nailer P320

The nailer P320 is a heavy-duty nailer perfect for those who need to drive from 700 nails up to 50mm long on a single charge.

This cordless brad nailer has a dial that allows you to regulate air pressure, as well as an indicator led light for reloading. The Integrated LED work light makes the details of any project easy to see.

Ryobi Electric Brad Nailer P320 is battery-powered and cordless, with no need for gas cartridges or compressors. With this premium tool, there’s no downtime “On-the-job” because you never have to wait for your compressor or air hose.

Used mainly in roofing and framing projects, it’ll keep all of your nails pounded with power usually only seen from gas-powered nailers. It can drive 1700 nails per charge.

Moreover, the nailer is lightweight, compact, and has no gas to deal with. The Ryobi P320 AirStrike Brad Nailer uses the power of compressed air stored in a cordless battery-powered tool that won’t let you down on the job.

Ryobi P320 is specifically designed to drive nails in tight spaces and around corners. It will give you an advantage when building decking or fencing.

Highlighted Features:

  • Increased visibility
  • Integrated LED work light
  • Dial regulate air pressure
  • 1,700 nails drive per charge
  • Compact and lightweight design

9. BHTOP Pink Nail Gun

BHTOP tools are the best way to handle your DIY projects. It’s made of durable materials so you can use it repeatedly without worrying that you’ll have to buy another one after just a few uses.

The 4V power makes these tools ideal for private users. People who do small tasks around the house, like hanging wall art, storing metals in boxes, or stacking photos.

At full charge, it can shoot out 1000 nails. BHTOP Pink Nail Gun compact design makes them perfect for transportation as you’ll be able to store it in the trunk of your car or even in a bag and carry it around like a purse.

With an LED level indicator, it reminds you of the power status. The indicator will tell you when to recharge it so that the nailer has a long life. On the bottom of the gun is an easy-access reloading magazine.

The triple safety lock mechanism will keep you and the people around you safe while using this tool. There is a trigger lock, an on/off switch, and a push-button in front.

Highlighted Features:

  • Usable for DIY projects
  • An LED power status indicator
  • A triple safety lock mechanism
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • An easy-access reloading magazine

10. KeLDE Electric Power Stapler

Since KeLDE is UL Certified, you can rest assured that this electric brad nailer is safe to use. This device has a unique design and is lightweight enough for anyone to use.

KeLDE Electric Power Stapler is the latest addition to the KeLDE brand. It operates as both a staple gun and a brad nailer. This versatile 2-in-1 stapler is perfect for women or children looking for an electric brad nailer.

For safety purposes, it features a triple lock mechanism. This means an on/off switch, striker pin, and power trigger. You can store it at home knowing your curious kids won’t have access to something dangerous.

The ergonomic handle provides better grip while using the device due to its contoured design making operation easier even if you lack experience in using electric hand tools.

With 900 pieces of T50 staples (8, 10, and 12mm), 300 pieces of 15mm brad nails, and a rated firing speed of 30pcs/min this electric staple gun is perfect for stapling tasks such as cardboard, insulation material, foils, fabrics, leather, corkwood and so on.

Made out of polymer which is a durable high-quality material, this electric staple gun can be used daily and will last you for years.

Highlighted Features:

  • UL Certified
  • Works as both a staple gun and a brad nailer
  • Triple lock mechanism for safety purposes
  • 900 pieces of T50 staples (8, 10, and 12mm)
  • 300 pieces of 15mm brad nails
  • Rated firing speed: 30pcs/min

These are the top 10 best electric brad nailers. The nail gun is perfect for all kinds of projects, at home or even in the office, since it doesn’t emit a gas that could make you dizzy or leave an unpleasant odor.

The Best Electric Brad Nailer Buying Guides

nail guns depth adjustment wheel

To choose the most appropriate electric nail gun for your needs, you must consider several factors. Some of these factors can include:

Power Source

Power sources vary depending on the variety of electric brad nailers. Some are powered by electricity, while others are cordless brad nailers and utilize a battery.

It is essential to consider the power sources of the battery brad nailer you are considering.

Depth Control

Depth control refers to how much space is required between the nailer and the surface to function correctly.

This is an important thing to consider when purchasing, mainly since you will not fully utilize the device if depth control is not considered.

Modes Of Trigger Actuation

cordless nail gun

Modes of trigger actuation refer to how a user can activate the nailer. When selecting the electric nail gun, you should consider what modes of trigger actuation are available.

Weight and Size

Taking the size and weight of the electric brad nailer into account is also essential. It is vital to select a device with the correct dimensions and weight to be easily used and transported, if necessary.

Compatible Nails

The nails that are compatible with the electric brad nailer should also be taken into consideration.

Some nail guns can only accommodate specific nail types, so selecting a gun compatible with your preferred type of nail is crucial.

Magloading Or Cartridge Loading

Magloading and cartridge loading refers to how brad nails are loaded into the magazine of electric brad nailers. Keep this in mind when purchasing.

Cartridge-loaded models typically require that brad nails be loaded into a single cartridge or magazine, which then needs to be snapped onto the top of the device.

Holding Belt For Brad Nailer

tool free depth adjustment brad nailer

It is essential to consider what type of nailer would be most comfortable to use, especially if you plan to use it for an extended time.

So, many people find that holding belts are ideal since they will allow the user to adjust the brad nailer’s height better.

Ability To Maneuver At An Angle

It is essential to consider how well the electric brad nailer can handle angled shots. If you plan on working with unique angles, make sure that your tool can facilitate this level of maneuverability.

Consistent Firing Power

It’s an additional, but this may be an essential feature for many users. Electric brad nailers that stop firing mid-job are highly frustrating, so staying away from these types of products can save you time and aggravation.

Safety Features

multiple tool free settings brad nail gun

With electrical brad nailers, safety features are significant. This includes lockout mechanisms and safety locks which will prevent unintended usage.

If you plan on using your electrical brad nailer for extended periods, it is crucial to consider this.

Tool-Free Mechanism For Removing Jams

It is vital to select an electric brad nailer that has a simple mechanism for removing jams.

Tool-free mechanisms will allow you to easily remove any jammed nails without the need for additional tools or accessories.

Locking Mechanism For Safety

It is also essential to consider the locking mechanism of an electrical brad nailer.

This locking mechanism will allow you to safely transport the device without unwanted usage or movement, making it easier for you to work on your project.

The Lights

The majority of brad nailers are equipped with LED lights, which will help when working in poorly lit conditions. This can be helpful when you are working around the house or in a dark garage.

So, if you plan to use your nail gun in poorly lit areas, it is essential to consider this.

You should keep these considerations in mind when you are looking for the best electric-powered brad nailer. When buying electric brad nailers, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about if you keep these things in mind.

Types of Electric Brad Nailer

battery powered nail gun for tight spaces

There are mainly two types of best electric brad nailer:- Corded brad nailer and cordless brad nailer.

Corded Nailers

A corded power tool is the best option for people who need a lot of power and can work continuously. This is because this type of pallet requires an extension cord that will plug into the outlet.

These kinds of nail guns also have a connected hose, which will bring compressed air from a nearby compressor or air tank to power the device.

Cordless Nailers

On the other hand, cordless nailers use a battery that must recharge to power the device. This is the best option for people who need portability as they can work as far as their battery allows them to go.

You can use a cordless nailer for small home projects. If you don’t want to keep a power cord attached to your outlet, a cordless nailer is an ideal solution.

However, professionals tend to choose corded models over cordless varieties since they operate more efficiently. While a cordless finish nailer eliminates the need for extension cables and air hoses, it cannot fully utilize the fastener.

Finish nailer vs. Brad nailer

In contrast to a finish nailer, a brad nailer uses 18-gauge nails, whereas finish nailers utilize 16-gauge or 15-gauge nails. 

A finish nailer comes with a narrow head designed to sink nails into the surface of the wood. On the other hand, a brad nail has a smaller head in diameter.

A brad nailer shoots smaller and shorter nails than a finish nailer. A brad nail is thinner than a finish nail which makes it easier to pull out.

How to Load Electric Brad Nailer : 5 Steps

air spring drive system brad nailer works

It is very easy to load the best electric brad nailer:-

Step 1: Remove Plastic Insert

Remove the plastic cover where you usually put nails. If it has a nose piece, remove that too.

Step 2: Remove Nosepiece

After you take off the nose piece, it’ll leave the place where the nails are loaded wide open. This will make it easier for you to load your nail gun.

Step 3: Place Nails

Place the strip of nails into your cordless brad nailer. Make sure that they’re pointing in one direction, and then tighten the screws back up to hold the nails securely in place.

Step 4: Attach Nosepiece

After you’ve loaded your brad gun, attach it right back where it belongs. If your nose piece is plastic, make sure it goes back in the right direction.

Step 5: Safety Latch

Make sure you push the safety latch back so that it’s ready for use again. If you have a depth adjustment wheel, make sure this is correctly set as well.

By following these simple steps, you will be able to load an electric brad nailer in no time at all so that you can get started working on your project quickly and efficiently.

How to Use Electric Brad Nailer : 6 Steps

convenient belt clip nail guns

To learn how to use an electric nail gun, follow these steps:-

Step 1: Battery Charge

Make sure the battery is fully charged, or if it’s corded, make sure there’s enough power in the extension cord.

Step 2: Unpack Nails

You’ll need to select a strip of nails and remove them from their packaging. You can easily reach it by hauling it on top of your electric power brad nailers.

Step 3: Depth adjustment

If you have a depth adjustment wheel, make sure it is appropriately positioned. This can be done by setting it on zero if it has a dial or turning the dial until you have reached the right height.

Step 4: Select Nailing Position

lithium ion battery for cordless design nailer

Place your material where you want to install your nail and pull back the safety latch near the cordless brad nailer. The safety latch should be visible on most models of an electric pallet.

Step 5: Shoot nails

When the safety latch is pulled back, you can shoot nails. To make sure you are not too close or too far away from your material, position yourself at arm’s distance and be perpendicular to it.

Step 6: Finishing

When your project is finished, release the safety latch so that the staple gun stops shooting nails. At this time, you can remove your material and begin another project if desired.

By following these simple steps, you can learn how to use an electric brad nailer. This is the safest way to learn since all safety measures have been taken care of.

How to Unjam Task Force Electric Brad Nailer?

consistent nail penetration depth adjustment

For a cordless nailer, you will need to check the battery. Make sure that it is fully charged, and try working with your brad nailer again.

If this doesn’t solve your problem, make sure the safety mechanism of the locking system has been engaged correctly.

For corded electric nailers, unplug the device and remove the nails that are loaded. This will allow you to maneuver around your material without having any interference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top frequently asked questions about the best electric brad nailer:-

Can I Use a Brad Nailer Instead of Other Tools?

You can use a nail gun instead of a hammer to put nails in place. It is usually shaped like a gun and comes with sharp-pointed nails which are shot through the material.

Can You Get a 16 Gauge Electric Brad Nailer?

No, you cannot. The size of the brad nailer is usually between 18 and 22 gauge. It can also be 19 or 20 gauge, depending on your preference.

Do I Need To Maintain My Brad Nailer?

Yes, you must maintain your brad nailer. You should check it regularly and wipe any dust or dirt that might affect its functionality.

Which Nail Size Should I Use With a Brad Nailer?

The most common nail size is 1.2 mm. It depends on the material that you are working with and also on your personal preferences.

Do Brad Nailers Require an Air Compressor?

Unlike pneumatic brad nailers, the electric nailer is compatible with air compressors. You can use it via battery or cord.

How to Clean a Brad Nailer?

You can clean a brad nail very easily. All you have to do is remove the nails loaded into the device, then use compressed air or canned air to blow away any dust or debris. Then lubricate the machine, and it should be good to go.


If you want to make sure you get the best electric brad nailer for your needs, make sure you consider all of these factors and narrow down your list until you find one that suits your specific criteria.

Hopefully, this article has given you some good information on electric brad nailers. So if you are looking to buy one of these devices, now you can do it with confidence.

Remember that it should be comfortable in your hands, powerful enough to do what you need it to do, and affordable. Don’t forget to check out the rest of this site for more great articles!

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