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Best Fractional Tape Measure Reviews 2024 : Our Top 6 Picks

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If your daily tasks involve measuring distances and lengths, accuracy is paramount to ensure your work proceeds smoothly without measurement errors. This becomes particularly challenging when measuring in tight spaces.

In such cases, fractional tape measures are the perfect solution as they allow you to take precise measurements smaller than 1 inch. With markings in centimeters and millimeters, you can achieve accurate measurements for your projects.

However, if you find yourself unsure about the best fractional tape measure to purchase, this article is here to help you make an informed decision. Explore the top options and find the best tape measure with fractions that suits your needs.

We’ve compiled a list of the most suitable fractional tape measures on the market based on factors like accuracy, durability, and functions. So read on to find the perfect fraction tape measure for your needs.

Komelon Measuring Tape With Fractional Markings

LEXIVON Fractional Read Tape Measure

MulWark Fractional and Center Scale Tape Measure

6 Best Fractional Tape Measure Reviews

To choose the fractional tape measure, you need to find the best one. The following is a list of the top six fraction tape measures on the market today. So keep reading to find the most suitable one for you.

1. Komelon Measuring Tape with Fractional Markings

This Komelon measuring tape is perfect for precise measurements! The steel blade is coated in acrylic for protection and has a speed mark gripper to keep it in place while you measure. Plus, the white color makes it easy to see against any background.

The SpeedMark fractional graduations on the blade ensure that you can make accurate measurements, even down to the thousandth of an inch. This flexible measuring tool is also extremely durable, making it perfect for heavy-duty use.

Its non-glare white blade makes it easy to read the measurement, and the fractional markings make it easy to get an accurate measurement. And because Komelon measuring tape with fractional markings, it can be used to estimate in inches or millimeters, making it perfect for any project.

With its easy grip and thick rubber, the jacket makes it easy to hold, even when your hands are wet or oily. And the measurements are accurate to 1/16th of an inch, so you can be sure your results are precise.

The protected end of the tape hook prevents the strap from becoming tangled, and the fractional markings make it easy to determine in inches or centimeters. This tape ruler is also lightweight and sturdy, making it a great choice for any project.

An easy-to-use Komelon fractional ruler measure has a blade with stud markings and it has a weight of 11.2 ounces and dimensions of 6.75 x 4.5 x 2 inches. This ruler meter is perfect for any carpentry or construction job.

Highlighted Features:

  • Protective acrylic blade coating
  • SpeedMark fractional graduations
  • Easy-grip and thick rubber jacket
  • Accurate to 1/16th of an inch
  • Stud markings on the blade
  • Lightweight and durable

2. LEXIVON Fractional Read Tape Measure

The LEXIVON tape measure is high quality and strong, with a unique dual-sided rule print that includes both US customary and metric measurements. Its metal blade can be locked in place so it won’t slip when measuring.

This product features a self-retracting blade with an anti-skid high-impact rubberized ABS case to help minimize injuries. It also has a bottom speed brake control that helps force the blade into the retracted position only when desired.

The LEXIVON Fractional Read Tape Measure is 1 inch wide and made of nylon coated blade which resists rust and corrosion. A reverse side of the blade displays white and yellow scales printed on it.

If you’re looking for a precise way to quantify things, you can look at the LEXIVON measuring tape. This handy measuring tool has a true zero multi-catch hook, so it can give you accurate measurements both internally and externally.

Its graphics are clear and concise, making it easy to take dimensions for framing jobs. The center markings every 16″ and 19.2″ also make it simple to get precise measurements without having to do any calculations.

This is made with a superior internal mechanism and a heat-treated manganese spring, which ensures long life and smooth operation. It weighs only 1.35 pounds and measures 2.7×2.8×4.3 inches, making it easy to store and transport.

The LEXIVON ruler measuring device is a great tool to have on hand for any job that requires precise measures. It’s easy to use and can give you accurate results every time. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Dual-sided rule print with US and metric measurements
  • The metal blade can be locked in place
  • Self-retracting blade with anti-skid ABS case
  • Blade’s reverse side is printed in white and yellow scales
  • True zero multi-catch hook
  • Graphics are clear and concise

3. MulWark Fractional and Center Scale Tape Measure

MulWark’s fractional measure, perfect for precise measuring in both imperial and metric measurements. The two-sided metal blade is calibrated in fractions of an inch and millimeters, with a magnetic tip and hook for ease of use.

The shock-absorbent case will keep your flexible measuring instruments safe and protected on the job site. Additionally, the tape ruler can horizontally stand out till 7ft and vertically till 13ft without collapsing or snapping.

This retractable flexible decimal measuring tape ruler is a great addition to any toolkit. MulWark Fractional and Center Scale Tape Measure is made of premium-grade materials, and is, therefore, impact-resistant, rust-proof, and chemical odor-free.

Engineers, architects, and other professionals will find the double-sided electrician ruler useful since it’s easy to read and has fractions marked on it.

The measurements are always accurate to within ±0.2mm, without ever having to worry about results being off by any amount. A separate magnetic claw moves back itself to deduct its own thickness when conducting inside measurements.

This package’s dimensions are 5×4.3×2 inches and the weight is 14.24 ounces. The package dimensions are close to the size of a small book. With a rubberized cover and contoured shape that fits perfectly in your hand, combined with a secure, comfortable grip, this is the standard tape measure.

With its fractional markings, you can easily measure in inches or centimeters, depending on what you need. The tape ruler is also made from durable materials, so it can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Highlighted Features:

  • Blade calibrated at fractions of an inch and millimeter
  • Magnetic hook and tip
  • Shock-absorbent case
  • Retractable flexible decimal measuring tape ruler
  • Impact-resistant, rust-proof, and chemical odor-free
  • An engineer, architect, and other professional’s favorite ruler

4. Milwaukee Fractional Tape Measure

This Milwaukee tape ruler is perfect for anyone who does a lot of DIY or construction work. It’s very compact and easy to use, with an auto-locking mechanism that keeps the adhesive securely in place once it’s extended.

The 5-point reinforced frame is made of durable material, and the tape meter is clearly marked with infractions so you can get an accurate reading every time. This measuring ruler is also lightweight and easy to use, so you’ll be able to take it with you wherever you go.

The Milwaukee Fractional Tape Measure is designed with a scoring hook that makes it easy to calculate and score materials. The fractional markings on the tape ensure accuracy, while the optimized hook helps you get the perfect measurement.

This blade protector is 27mm wide to give you a full view of the blade while cutting. The self-locking system ensures the blade stays in place while using it for measurements.

The non-reflective handle with grip design is easy to use and also allows you to securely hold on to the tape measure. It has a strong continuous tape on both ends of the scales which you can cut off when needed.

Plus, they come with a stamped steel belt clip and are lanyard-ready, so you can take them with you wherever you go.

The dimensions for this tape ruler product are 6.54 x 5.94 x 2.17 inches and it weighs 15.8 ounces. The package includes one tape ruler.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compact and easy to use
  • Auto-lock mechanism
  • 5-point reinforced frame
  • Durable metal construction
  • Fractional markings for accuracy
  • Optimum hook design
  • Blade protection of 27mm wide

5. Lichamp Fractional Tape Measure

This Lichamp ruler is ideal for measuring objects both large and small. The easy-to-read measurements are displayed in both metric and fractional values, making them perfect for any project.

Retractable Lichamp Fractional Tape Measure is perfect for anyone who needs to calculate things on a daily basis. With a length of 29.5 feet, it can easily reach most distances. Its width of 1 inch makes it ideally suited for measuring both small and large objects.

This Lichamp ruler is a wise choice for all commercial wholesale members. The 2 pack of measuring tools bulk set is economical and convenient for a wide variety of uses.

Apparently, the Lichamp ruler is being marketed as being made with high-quality blade coating and a three-point riveted end hook. The purpose of both these features is to improve the product’s life. Specifically, the package measures 4 x 4 x 4 inches and weighs 1.95 pounds.

This measuring device comes in black on yellow. It has a size pattern on the background that is easy to read. No matter where you point to the tape measure, you can easily read each number on the tape measure.

If you’re looking for high-quality measuring dimensions that are also ergonomically designed, then the Lichamp ruler is a suitable option. This tape action is simple to use, thanks to the clearly marked size guide, and it is also very comfortable to hold.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable coating for blades
  • Three-point riveted end hook
  • Ergonomically designed for easy use
  • Comes in black on yellow for easy reading
  • 4 x 4 x 4 inches and weighs 1.95 pounds each

6. Stanley Fractional Read Tape Measure

Stanley tape measures are perfect for anyone who needs precise measures. With a magnetic tip and fractional read, it’s easy to get an accurate result every time.

The Stanley Fractional Read Tape Measure is an innovative product that not only features a blade that is 7′ but also comes with both metric and imperial measurements on the face of the blade for convenience. There are no batteries needed, so it operates simply by rotating manually.

It features a 1.5x* stronger anti-glare blade that makes it easier to read numbers in bright sunlight. Additionally, it also has a lock that keeps the blade in place, so you can take measurements with one hand.

The automatic blade lock holds the blade securely in position, so you can get an accurate reading without having to worry about the measuring step slipping. Plus, the slim design makes it easy to carry around with you wherever you go.

With its sturdy, slip-resistant design and the ability to lock in measures, this tape ruler will help you get your job done more quickly and with fewer hassles. This Stanley measuring rule is perfect for any carpenter.

It has a write-on label to make it easy to use with a carpenter pencil, and the item weight is only 12 ounces. Plus, its dimensions are 5.75 x 3.4 x 1.95 inches, making it easy to store in your toolbox.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1.5x* stronger anti-glare blade
  • Automatic blade lock for added convenience
  • Slim design for easy handling
  • A lockable end hook keeps measures secure
  • Item weight of 12 ounces
  • Dimensions of 5.75 x 3.4 x 1.95 inches
  • Includes both metric and imperial measurements

These are our top 6 fractional tape measures. Any of these would be a great addition to your toolbox, and they are all perfect for anyone who needs precision measurements.

Guides to Buying The Best Fractional Tape Measures

Metal hook measuring tape measure

The selection of the best tape measures can be confusing after reading all the choices. We, therefore, provide a buying guide. Since it can be difficult to decide, we hope this guide can assist you.

Know Your Needs

When looking to purchase a fractional ruler measure, it is important that you know your needs. Different measuring methods cater to different needs.

For example, the general use tape ruler usually offers only imperial or metric measurements. If you need to use both types of total measurement, fraction tape might be the best option for you.

Compare the Products

After you know your needs, the next step is to compare the products. This is where the product reviews above can be useful. It provides a comparison of the best tape measure and their highlighted features.

With this information, you can begin to see which measuring ruler might be the best for you.


The material of the fractional ruler is important. It needs to be strong so that it can withstand wear and tear.

Most of the tape measures on this list are made with a durable coating on the blade. This will help keep the tape ruler functioning properly over time.


Compact size fractional measuring tape

It is also important that the tape ruler is accurate. This is why a fractional ruler is often a better choice than a general use ruler measure.

The best tape measure offers precision measurements, so you can be sure the value is correct.


The size of the fractional ruler is also something to consider. It should be easy to grip and handle so that it is comfortable to use.

The tape measures on this list all have a slim design, which makes them easy to hold and use.


The durability of the fractional ruler is something else to consider. It needs to be able to withstand wear and tear. All of the tape measures above in this article are durable and can withstand everyday use.

Belt Clip Design

The best tape measure belt clip design is another important factor to consider. Belt clips need to be able to hold the tape ruler in place so that it does not move around while you are taking a measurement.


The visibility of the fractional ruler is also important. The measurements need to be clearly marked so that they can be easily seen and used.

Standout and Throw Size

Tape measure with self lock

The standout and throw size is another thing to think about the best tape measure. The standout is the distance between the blade of the measuring ruler and its hook.

The throw is how far forward or backward the tape can be extended before it needs to be pushed back in.

Hook Design

The hook design is also something to consider. The best tape measure needs to be able to hold the material in place so that you can take a measurement.


The fractional ruler should also be ergonomically designed. The best tape measure grip should be comfortable, and it should be easy to hold even when you are taking a measurement.

Price and Value

Finally, the price and value of the fractional ruler should be considered. The best tape measure price should be affordable, and the value should be high.

The fractional measures on this list offer great value for the price. They are all long-lasting and accurate, making them a great choice for anyone looking for precision measurements.

A Few Advanced Features of the Best Tape Measure

There are a few advanced features of the finest tape measure that you should be aware of. These features can make taking measurements easier and more accurate:

Magnetic Hook

This feature allows the tape ruler to attach to metal surfaces. This can be helpful when taking measurements around pipes or other metal objects.


The auto-lock is an advanced feature that locks the tape ruler in place when it is extended. This allows you to take measurements without having to press the lock button after every reading is taken.

Nylon Blade Coating

This coating helps to protect the blade of the tape measure. It also makes the tape ruler more resistant to wear and tear.

Finger Brake

This feature allows you to control the blade by placing your fingers on top. This can be helpful when taking measurements in tight spaces where you need a little more precision.

Two Side Blade Printing

This printing is helpful because it makes measurements easier to read. The markings on each side of the blade are printed in increments that allow you to easily see what you are taking a reading of.

These are just a few of the advanced features that are available on some compact ruler measures. Be sure to consider these when looking for a new tape measure.

Frequently Asked Questions

A few common questions about fractional tape measures are answered below.

1. What is the Standout and Throw Size of the Tape Measure?

What Is the Standout and Throw Size of the Tape Measure

The standout is the distance between the blade of the tape ruler and its hook. The throw is how far forward or backward the tape can be extended before it needs to be pushed back in.

2. What is the Most Accurate Tape Measure?

The most accurate tape ruler is one that has a lock button to prevent the blade from moving around while you are taking measurements.

Some of the best tape measures are more accurate than others, but all of them will provide measurements that are relatively close to the actual measurement.

For example Komelon SM5425, LEXIVON ‎LX-208, MulWark MLK-53752, Milwaukee 48-22-6825, etc.

3. How Do You Measure Tape with Fractions?

To measure tape with fractions, you will need to use the fractional markings on the tape measure. These markings allow you to take measurements in increments that are smaller than 1 inch.

For example, if you need to take a measurement that is 1 and 3/16 inches, you can use the fractional markings on the tape ruler to get your result as close as possible.

4. How to Read Centimeters on a Fractional Read Tape Measure?

Centimeters are marked in large numbers on the fractional ruler measure. You can easily read these numbers to get your measurement.

For example, if you need to take a measurement that is 2.5 cm, you can look at the number on the tape ruler that corresponds to 2.5 cm and read it as your measurement.


A fractional tape measure is an essential tool for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers. When it comes to selecting the best tape measure with fractions, accuracy and advanced features play a crucial role in ensuring precise measurements.

With the list of the top six fractional tape measures provided above, there is a suitable option for everyone’s needs and budget. Each tape measure has been reviewed in detail, allowing you to make an informed decision. Choose the one that best fits your requirements and budget, and rest assured that you will have a reliable and accurate tool at your disposal.

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