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Best Screws for Kitchen Cabinets : Top 6 Picks for 2024

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A kitchen cabinet is an integral part of the kitchen design since it enables you to store all of your dishes and utensils. But what if your kitchen cabinetry fails to stay in position or falls apart as a result of using the wrong type of screws?

Screws play an imperative role in the construction of any kitchen wall cabinet. They hold the two cabinets together and keep them safe from being pulled apart. Thus, you may always need to find the best screws for kitchen cabinets to ensure your safety.

The number of kitchen accidents is on the rise, not just because we love cooking shows. This is because we are using old-fashioned screws to hold up our cabinets. When these screws are loose or fall out, you could be seriously injured if they land on your foot while walking barefoot. 

Researching dozens of screws, our experts chose to review the top 6 most preferred screws for kitchens cabinets. Furthermore, we discussed factors to consider when selecting one and what screws should be avoided when installing cabinets. We also addressed some frequently asked questions.

So, without further delay, let’s get started!

E.H.C Kitchen Cabinet Installation Screws

GRK Kitchen Cabinet Screws for Hinges

Kreg Kitchen Cabinet Mounting Screws

Reviews of 6 Best Screws for Kitchen Cabinets

It is essential to use the correct type of screws when installing cabinets. This is because using the wrong screws can lead to accidents or the upper cabinet falling apart.

When it comes to screws for cabinets, remember that not all screws are created equal, and some are better suited for this application than others. Here are our top picks for cabinet screws:

01. E.H.C Kitchen Cabinet Installation Screws

E.H.C screws are suitable for installing base cabinet knobs and pulls on cabinet doors and drawers. They come in a pack of 25 and are available in different sizes to fit your needs. The screws are 8/32 thread, making them the most suitable size for most applications. 

It has a zinc-plated steel construction that provides durability and corrosion resistance. The truss head combo drive makes attaching knobs or pulls to cabinet or drawer faces easy.

The screws are made of durable metal and are rust-resistant. They are also heat-treated to ensure that they do not shatter or strip when being used. Also, they are a reliable choice for cabinet installation as they are solid and durable screws.

The screws are 8-32 by 1-1/2″ in size, and the measurements are in imperial units. They have a Phillips drive system that makes them easy to use. The Phillips drive system makes them easy to use, and the size is appropriate for most cabinet installations.

These screws can be used in various projects, including remodeling, fencing, storage, cabinets, and face frames. They are a common choice for do-it-yourself projects. Therefore E.H.C kitchen cabinet installation screws might be the next choice for your cabinets.

Highlighted Features:

  • The screws come in a pack of 25
  • An 8/32 thread is used on the screws
  • zinc-plated steel construction
  • Screws have a truss head combo drive
  • A heat-treated screw is used
  • It is made of durable metal screws
  • The screws are rust-resistant

02. Kreg Kitchen Cabinet Mounting Screws

Kreg screws are ideal for mounting cabinets in the kitchen. They have a coarse thread to help them grip the wood, and the washer-head design prevents them from slipping out.

The screws are self-tapping, so they’ll easily thread into your cabinet’s wood face frames. These screws are suitable for adjacent cabinet 1-1/2 inch stock. They come in a pack of 50, so you’ll have plenty to complete your project.

These screws have a Maxi-Loc washer head, which provides a secure hold and prevents the screw from backing out, making them appropriate for use with softer materials like melamine, pine, particle-board, MDF, and plywood.

A deep pocket keeps the washer head flush with the bottom, eliminating pull-through. So, no matter what stress is applied to the screw, it will remain in place. With their large steel shanks, these screws are incredibly strong and difficult to break, ensuring that your cabinets will be securely mounted.

The bronze-colored finish and dry-lubricant coating make it easy to drive torque and resist rust. These weather-resistant screws are designed for anyone who wants maximum rust resistance. The Kreg kitchen cabinet mounting screws are designed for anyone who wants a durable and reliable screw. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Coarse thread to help them grip the wood studs
  • Threads easily into the cabinet face frames because of the self-tapping
  • Maxi-Loc head provides a secure hold
  • Deep pocket keeps the washer head flush with the bottom
  • Large steel shanks are incredibly strong and difficult to break

03. GRK Kitchen Cabinet Screws for Hinges

The GRK White Cabinet Screw is a great product when installing cabinet hinges. The screws are made of high-quality materials, and they are easy to use. They are also white, making them a perfect match for most cabinets. They also come in a handy pack, making them easy to store and transport.

They are 2-1/2″ long and designed for hinges. This product is a package of 80 white cabinet screws, great for larger projects. They are made of zinc-plated alloy steel and have a Phillips drive.

These specialty screws are specifically designed for use in cabinet construction and installation. They are made of high-quality materials and are precision-engineered to provide the best possible results. Whether you’re building a new cabinet or installing one that’s already assembled, these screws will get the job done right.

The white washer head design ensures that the screws will press flush against any cabinet surface, making them virtually invisible. Additionally, the screws are made of stainless steel, making them durable and long-lasting.

The GRK Kitchen Cabinet Screws for Hinges are a top-quality product with a T15 bit size. They also use the Imperial measurement system, and the screws are treated with a full thread coverage. This makes them perfect for use in cabinets, as they provide a strong and sturdy hold.

Highlighted Features:

  • They are 2-1/2″ long and designed for use with hinges
  • It comes in a package of 80 white cabinet screws
  • Treated with full thread coverage
  • It comes with a T15 bit size
  • Designed explicitly for the install cabinets and construction 

04. Nova Supply Screws for Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

The Nova Supply screws are ideally suited for indoor woodworking projects. They’re black, Phillips screw heads are coarse-threaded and made from coated steel. They’re super small, so they’re great for use in tight spaces and hinges.

The screws are coarse-thread, making them appropriate for a variety of materials. They are made from a durable black coated in steel. The screws are designed for indoor DIY woodworking projects and are suitable for small projects.

These screws come in a pack of 50, making them convenient for any project. They’ll provide a secure hold in your woodworking projects, and the black finish will help them blend in with the surrounding materials.

With these high-quality flat screws, you can rest assured that your hinges will be securely fastened. The screws have a 6mm (7/32 inch) thread diameter and a 5/8″ overall length.

They can easily be stored in magnetic parts trays since they are magnetic. As a result, they can be easily found and organized. Look no further than Nova Supply screws for kitchen cabinet hinges if you’re looking for screws that can provide heavy-duty support.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ideal for use in tight spaces and hinges
  • Designed for indoor DIY woodworking projects
  • Black, Phillips heads screws with coarse threads
  • Durable black Phillips head screw that is coated in steel

05. Jake Sales Screws for Hanging Cabinets

The Jake Sales screws are perfect for installing cabinets in the kitchen. They have a modified truss head, giving them more holding power than a typical screw. In addition, the star-drive prevents screws from slipping out, and the washers ensure a safe and secure hold.

With a shaft diameter of .19″, the screw can easily penetrate most materials. The height and width of .5″ give you a lot of surface area to grip, while the head diameter of 0.145″ prevents the screw from slipping out. By using a T-25 Torx head ensures that the screw will be secured tightly.

The screws have a triple layer ACQ-compatible bronze coating that makes them appropriate for exterior and interior use. Having the screws coated in bronze will prevent rusting and corroding, making them an excellent choice for long-term use.

They have been tested rigorously over 1,200 hours of salt spraying without coat or screw failures. This makes them a viable choice for use in areas with a high level of corrosion.

These screws are perfect for mounting cabinets because it has a modified truss washer that gives it superior compression strength, making them appropriate for this purpose. You can rest assured that your cabinets will install cabinets properly and look great with Jake Sales screws for hanging cabinets!

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect for mounting cabinets
  • Modified truss head for more holding power
  • Star-drive head prevents screws from slipping out
  • T-25 Torx ensures that the screw will be secured tightly
  • Have a triple layer ACQ-compatible bronze coating
  • Washers ensure a safe and reliable hold

06. SaberDrive Kitchen Cabinets Screws

The SaberDrive screws are well suited for use with kitchen wall cabinets. These screws are 2-1/2 inches long, making them ideal for various applications. They’re made with a durable white finish that will look gorgeous with any color scheme.

Alloy steel screws with a case hardened finish reduce breakage. This makes them unmatched in terms of strength and durability. These cabinet screws are the latest innovation in kitchen cabinet construction. The five sizes make them ideal for any cabinet project. 

Trim heads screws are designed to minimize the screw’s footprint in the material they are fastening to and reduce the chance of the screw splitting. The screw’s trim head also allows it to be driven flush with the surface, making it less visible.

A star-drive design that helps to create a tighter grip and reduces cam-out. This means that the screws will be protected, and the bit will stay in place while being installed. The design of the screw also maximizes torque, making it an ideal choice for cabinets.

With a Type 17 point, making them incredibly precise. You don’t need to pre-drill any screw holes to use them, and they’ll go in perfectly every time. Therefore SaberDrive kitchen cabinets screws may be a good option for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made with alloy steel and case hardened
  • Star-drive design creates a tighter grip and reduces cam-out
  • Type 17 point, making them incredibly precise
  • Trim head screw minimize the screw’s footprint

We have ended our list with something fantastic for you. We have listed the top 6 appropriate screws for cabinets. It’s a wise idea to explore these options in more detail. However, there are many factors to consider before purchasing one.

Screws for Kitchen Cabinets – Factors to Consider

Install cabinets

When looking for screws for cabinets, there are a few factors you’ll need to consider, such as: 

Screw Heads

Screw heads can come in several different shapes. Different types of screw heads may offer more benefits than others, so it’s essential to consider the pros and cons of each type before purchasing. The most popular screw head types for upper cabinets are:

01. Truss Head Screws:

Truss-headed screws are the appropriate choice for upper cabinets in most cases. While it may be tempting to make your screws visible by opting for a round-head or Panhead screw, this isn’t advised.

02. Flat Head Screws:

Flat-head screws are the most popular type of screws for cabinets. They’re strong and reliable, as well as being easy to install. You won’t need any washers, making them even easier to use.

03. Pan Head Screws:

Panhead screws are also great options that can be used for both base cabinets and furniture. They’re perfect if you want the screw heads to sit flush with the material it’s fastening, which makes them ideal for use on thinner materials.

04. Washer Head Screws:

Washer screw heads are the strongest type of screw available as they have large slotted washers covering most of the screw’s head. This also helps to distribute weight more quickly, which can be helpful when working with more extensive materials.

05. Trim Head Screws:

Trim screw heads are another great choice. They’re ideal for upper cabinets and furniture and other materials such as metal and plastic.

Their design allows them to be driven flush with the surface they’re fastening into, which makes them a popular option when you want your screw heads to sit neatly beneath the material they’re holding in place.

06. Powerhead Screws:

Powerhead screws are the most suitable choice for cabinets, used with power drills and other power tools. They can be used to fasten materials such as steel, aluminum, and even plastic if your power drill has the correct sized bit attached.

Drive Types

Trim head screws

When choosing screws for cabinets, you’ll also need to consider the drive type. If your power drill has multiple driving options, you can use appropriate screw heads for upper cabinets. You can find several recommended types of drive types as like:

01. Slot Drive:

A slot drive screw is the most common type of screw for cabinets. Slot drives are great because they can be used with power drills and other hand tools, making them incredibly versatile.

02. Phillips Drive:

Phillips Drive screws are another standard option. They’re easy to use in both manual and electric screwdrivers, so you won’t need to purchase separate screwdrivers for this job.

03. Hex Head:

Hex screw heads are a popular choice, especially when using a manual screwdriver or a power drill without much torque. They can be used with full-sized power drills but are generally more suited to smaller jobs.

04. Torx Drive:

Torx drive screws are another good choice for using with power tools. They give you greater security than any other screws and can still be used in both manual screwdrivers and electric drills alike.

Thread Features

Pilot hole

Thread features are another thing to consider when choosing screws for kitchen or upper cabinets. Different materials require different screws with specific thread features to be securely fastened.

Types of Screws

There are various types of screws to choose from when working with cabinets. These range from self-tapping, wood screws to cabinet frame hangers and shelving supports. 

Screws Material

When choosing screws for cabinets, you should always choose high-quality stainless steel or another type of material that matches the material of your cabinets. This will prevent damage and ensure that you can continue to use these screws for years to come. 


There are many different screw lengths, widths, and thicknesses to consider when working with cabinets. The more careful you are when choosing the screws, the better since the wrong sizes can cause serious damage to your cabinets.

These are essential considerations for choosing a cabinet screw for cabinets. But there are some types of screws you should avoid for upper cabinets.

Screws Should Not Be Used in Kitchen Wall Cabinets

Few screws

To ensure the safety of your cabinet, you should avoid certain screws such as:

Drywall Screws

Dry-wall screws are so-called because they are popular in kitchens to hang the drywall. They’re not suitable for this purpose since they do not have sharp enough threads, so they can quickly become stuck in the back wall, making them impossible to remove without breaking the screw.

Sheet Metal Screws

Sheet metal screws are not suitable for base cabinets since they do not have sharp enough threads. This can result in them becoming jammed when you’re trying to remove them, which may cause the heads of the cabinet screw to break off within your cabinet.

Panheads Screws

Pan screws heads are not ideal for base cabinets as they have flat heads, which can make them difficult to remove. Not only that, but they don’t have sharp enough threads on the Panheads themselves, meaning it can become stuck in your cabinet frame and is harder to screw into the material.

Tapping Screws

Lastly, tapping screws are not recommended for base cabinets since they have a lower thread count than other types of screws. This means it will be harder to drive them into the material, which may cause damage.


The following are some frequently asked questions that most people are curious about: 

01. What Size Screws Should I Use for Kitchen Cabinets?

What Size Screws Should I Use For Kitchen Cabinets

Depending on the thickness of your cabinets, you will need to fasten them to a certain extent. You should use No. 8 or No. 10 screws on base cabinets almost 3½ inches hung in the wall. Use 2¼-inch-long No. 8 trim-heads screws to attach the cabinets.

02. Can You Use Dry-wall Screws for Cabinets?

While it is popular to use drywall screws, they are not recommended for cabinets since they don’t have sharp enough threading. This can make them difficult to remove, potentially damaging your cabinets.

03. How Long Should Cabinet Door Screws be?

The screw length(s) should generally be 1/4″ longer than the thickness of the front material of your cabinet doors, drawers, or drawer sides.

04. How Strong are Cabinet Screws?

For a small cabinet with four screws, the combined weight capacity of the screws is approximately 300 pounds.

Final Words

When it comes to screws for cabinets, you should always use high-quality screws that will match the material of your cabinets. Best screws for kitchen cabinets will prevent any damage and ensure that your screws can be used for years to come.

Ensure to choose the correct dimensions so that your screws fit perfectly and won’t cause any damage. Be careful when deciding which type of screw to avoid using that may become stuck or difficult to remove.

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