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Best Tung Oil for Floors in 2024 [Top 6 Model Reviewed]

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Wood floors are a beautiful addition to any home, but they are prone to damage due to dirt, moisture, and stains. Take precautions against spills and other sources of moisture to ensure that your wooden flooring is protected and looks it’s most refined. Tung oil can be used to achieve this goal.

For centuries, tung oil has been used to help protect and preserve the wood. Using this oil for waterproofing and wood finishing has been a traditional Asian method for generations. The best tung oil for floors provides a durable and long-lasting finish protecting floors from dirt, water, and wear.

Due to their durability and glossy finish, tung oils have become widespread choices for flooring in recent years. The following is a review of the top 6 most pleasing tung oils for floors to assist you in choosing one that is suitable for your requirements.

Real Milk Paint Tung Oil Floor Finishing

Godora Tung Oil on Wood Floors

Best Tung Oil for Floors : Review of Top 6

Tung oil is derived from the seeds of the tung tree. The oil has been used traditionally for waterproofing and wood finishing. It’s applied in thin layers and dries hard, making it resistant to scratches and scuffs.

The following are reviews of the top 6 best oil for wooden floors for gorgeous floors:

01. Real Milk Paint Tung Oil Floor Finishing

Real Milk Paint’s tung oil is a pure, food-grade oil that is immaculate for finishing wood floors, furniture, butcher blocks, etc. This oil is a natural product that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Key Features:

  • All-natural and environmentally friendly
  • Penetrates the wood surface to provide a protective barrier
  • Protects the wood from moisture and other elements
  • Planet-friendly and contains zero VOCs, additives, or distillates

The oil is an all-natural and environmentally friendly product that can be used to finish wooden floors. Providing a matte, natural finish that is waterproof will protect your entire floor from scratches and other damage.

It is a natural oil that penetrates the wood, bringing out natural beauty and providing a durable, hard finish. Besides unfinished wood furniture, it can also be used on decks, siding, and flooring.

The oil is food grade, safe for food contact, and helps to protect the wood from moisture and other elements that can cause damage. It is non-toxic, making it a safe choice for use in the home, and it has a natural, rustic look.

This floor finish is a natural, light honey color that can be used as a waterproof wood sealer. Also, it is ASTM quality tested and forms a flexible waterproof finish.

It is planet-friendly and contains zero VOCs, additives, heavy metals, or distillates. The oil penetrates the wood surface and forms a protective barrier that seals in the natural moisture and prevents pests and fungus from invading.


  • Non-toxic
  • Waterproof
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • ASTM quality tested 
  • Durable and hard finish


  • Countertops are not compatible with this oil


If you are looking for a natural, eco-friendly, and durable floor finish, Real Milk Paint tung oil floor finishing is a great option. It is safe for use in the home and provides a beautiful, rustic look.

02. Godora Tung Oil on Wood Floors

The Godora tung oil is a natural oil derived from the nut of the tung tree. It is a popular choice for finishing wood floors because it is durable and waterproof.

Key Features:

  • 100% pure tung oil from the nut of the tung tree
  • Easy to apply with a soft towel
  • Cures at room temperature
  • Provides a rigid, wear-resistant, waterproof barrier

This 100% pure tung oil is an environmentally friendly, natural, food-grade oil that brings protection and luster to your wood finishing. The tung tree nut is the choice of furniture craftsmen in East Asia.

It forms a waterproof finish that provides a protective barrier to all wood products. This makes it ideal for use on floors, as it will keep them looking and performing their best for longer.

A wide range of surfaces can be treated with this product, including unfinished wood, wood floors, decks, wooden furniture, concrete, stones, bricks, etc. Tung oil will penetrate the surface and provide a beautiful finish that is durable and long-lasting.

The oil used on wood floors is easy to apply with a soft towel. It cures at room temperature, so it is an ideal finishing choice. Two to three applications will give you the desired results.

A high-quality oil used to protect beautiful hardwood floors is oil. It is pure, with no other ingredients or additives, making it food safe. The oil provides a durable finish that can withstand heavy traffic and scratches.

This oil is a popular finish for wood floors because it forms a hard, wear-resistant, waterproof, protective barrier. It can be applied either as a sealer or a topcoat, and it dries quickly to a matte finish.


  • Waterproof
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to apply
  • Food safe


This Godora tung oil on wood floors is an excellent choice to finish your wood floors. It is durable, waterproof, and easy to apply. It will give you the desired results with just two to three applications.

03. Real Milk Paint Hardwood Floor Oil Finish

Real Milk Paint is a natural, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly option for finishing wood floors, butcher blocks, clay, cutting boards, stone, and slate. It is food grade to be used safely in contact with food.

Key Features:

  • Safe for contact with food
  • Waterproofing protection
  • Penetrates deep into the wood
  • Gives floors a beautiful shine
  • Fully cured within 30 days

This pre-mixed blend of pure tung oil and citrus solvent allows for easy application and will penetrate deep into the wood to give you a beautiful, long-lasting finish. It is perfect for hardwood floors and will protect your investment while keeping them looking great.

Natural ingredients make this product ideal for use on wooden kitchen items, such as chopping boards. The oil is also food grade, meaning it’s safe for contact with food, and it penetrates deep into the wood to give your floors a beautiful shine.

These hardwood entire floor tung oil finishes are a natural sealer that provides waterproofing protection. Three to five coats are needed for full waterproofing protection, and the product will be fully cured within 30 days.

The pure tung oil wood finish is an environmentally friendly product that gives your hardwood floors a natural light honey color, perfect for an antique look.


  • Easy to apply
  • Waterproof
  • Non-toxic
  • Food grade
  • Long-lasting


  • It may smell for a long time


Thus, the Real Milk Paint hardwood floor oil finish is a great option if you’d like an all-natural way to protect your hard-wood floors. It’s easy to apply, long-lasting, and keeps your floors looking beautiful for longer.

04. Furniture Clinic Wooden Floor Oil

Looking for a natural way to finish and seal your wooden flooring, look no further than Furniture Clinic’s pure tung oil. This non-toxic, water-resistant oil will give your floors a beautiful, natural finish that will last longer.

Key Features:

  • Highly resistant to food and water wood stain
  • Safe for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Protects against wear and tear
  • Penetrates deep into the wood fibers

This wooden entire floor oil is the perfect way to finish your wood floors. It is pure oil, which means it is easy to apply and long-lasting. It will also protect your floors from everyday wear and tear.

The oil is 100% natural and non-toxic when dry, making it a safe choice for areas where food may come into contact. It is also highly resistant to food and water & oil-base stains, making it a great choice for high traffic.

This oil is a versatile and must-have product for any home. It can be used on furniture, toys, wood flooring, etc. The oil is known for its ability to protect and enhance the appearance of wood.

Wood fibers absorb this oil deeply, making them resistant to moisture, alcohol, and oil.  It is a natural product that is safe for indoor and outdoor use.


  • 100% natural
  • Easy to apply
  • Long-lasting
  • Waterproof


So whether you’re concerned about your entire floor drying out or general deterioration, using Furniture Clinic wooden floor oil is a great way to protect your investment.

05. HOPE’s Pure Tung Oil

Pure tung oil from HOPE’s is a natural wood finish and waterproof sealer. It can be used on any type of wood, and it will protect wood floors from moisture and other environmental factors.

Key Features:

  • Can be used on any type of wood
  • Produces a beautiful, hand-rubbed finish
  • Penetrates deep into the wood fibers
  • Resistant to alcohol, oil, moisture, and everyday wear

This is a high-quality 100% oil that can be used to finish wood products. It is easy to use, and the results are outstanding. Tung oil is a natural product known for its ability to produce a beautiful, hand-rubbed finish on all types of wood.

The oil penetrates deep into the wood fibers, curing to a flexible, non-oily solid that becomes part of the wood itself. This makes it a great choice for furniture, flooring, and surfaces that will be subject to heavy wear and tear.

It is resistant to alcohol, oil, moisture, and everyday wear, which will last much longer than other finishes. In addition, it is non-toxic and biodegradable, making it a safe choice for your home.

If applied correctly, it can revive and protect new, unfinished wood and weathered wood, wood that has been stripped, concrete floors and countertops, stone, brick, and cast iron.

It is non-toxic when dry, making it a safe option for cutting boards, wooden bowls, butcher blocks, countertops, and wooden utensils. Also, this oil is a hand-rubbed finish that is hard, beautiful, and alcohol and water-resistant.


  • 100% pure tung oil
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to use
  • Non-toxic


  • This product only works on bare wood


Looking for a natural option to finish and protect your wood products? HOPE’s Pure Tung Oil is a splendid choice. It is easy to use and produces beautiful results that will last. It is also safe for your home and the environment.

06. Minwax Tung Oil for Wood Floors

Minwax is a high-quality tung oil finish that provides protection and beauty to wood floors. It is made with natural oil and other ingredients that help it dry quickly and produce a durable tung oil finish.

Key Features:

  • Can be applied to old, dry wood floors
  • Penetrates wood pores to provide durability
  • Naturally made from the tung tree
  • Ideal for both new and restored surfaces

This natural product is easy to use and can bring new life to old, dry yellow pine floors. It penetrates the wood pores to provide a durable finish that is easy to maintain.

A finishing product such as this can be used to revitalize wood floors. It is applied in a thin coat and can be quickly and easily reapplied to keep your wood floor looking its best.

It is easy to clean up with odorless mineral spirits or paint thinner and dries in 5-10 minutes before buffing. It is a natural product made from the tung tree known for its durability.

These finishes are a natural choice for wood floors. They provide a hand-rubbed tung oil finish that is clear and resistant to acid, water, alkali, and mildew. This makes them ideal for both new and restored surfaces.


  • Dries in 5-10 minutes
  • Resistant to acid and alkali
  • Easy to clean up
  • Resistant to water


  • It may smell bad and be thick in texture


The Minwax tung oil for wood floors is a high-quality natural oil finish that is easy to use, durable, and provides a hand-rubbed finish. It is a great choice for both new and restored wood floors.

These are the list of the top 6 best tung oil for wooden floors that you can buy. But when it comes to choosing the right one, it all depends on several things for finding the proper oil for your needs.

How to Choose the Best Tung Oil Finish Wood Flooring?

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Tung oil is a natural product made from the seeds of the tung tree. It has been used for a long time to protect and enhance the appearance of wood floors. A thin layer of oil is applied, preserving the wood’s natural beauty and providing durability.

When shopping for tung oil, it is important to consider the following factors:

Type of Wood:

Tung oil is known for its hard-wearing properties and its ability to protect against water and stains. It’s been used for decades in China and other countries for various purposes, including as a bare wood finish.

However, before you choose oil for your floors, it’s essential to consider the type of wood. Different woods respond differently to tung oil, so choosing the right oil for your floors is important.

Type of Tung Oil:

A large green nut on the tree produces the oil. The oil is extracted by manufacturers and then heated to 500°F (260°C) in an oxygenless environment. Once the oil has cured, heating increases the viscosity and produces a thicker film.

There are many different types of tung oil, and each has its benefits and drawbacks:

  • Pure Tung Oil: Pure tung oil is made from the seeds of the tung tree and contains no additives. It has a high level of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which can be harmful to your health if inhaled.
  • Polymerized Tung Oil: Polymerized tung oil is made by adding a polymer to pure tung oil. This creates a less viable product to yellow over time and has a lower VOC content.

A typical ratio of solvent to tung oil in commercial oil is 1:1. After it has been applied, the solvent evaporates within 20 minutes, but it takes 15 to 30 days for the oil to dry thoroughly, depending on humidity and temperature.

Level of Protection:

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There are many benefits to using tung oil for floors, including its ability to protect from stains, scratches, and abrasions. However, it is essential to note that oil requires regular maintenance to keep the floors looking their best.

Tung oil is rich in linoleic acid, which helps to keep the wood hydrated and prevents it from drying out and cracking. Furthermore, tung oil contains antioxidants that prevent the formation of free radicals, which damage the wood over time.

In addition, tung oil has a high degree of resistance to UV light, making it an ideal choice for floors exposed to direct sunlight.

Cure Time:

The use of tung oil is quite common for wood floors, but it’s important to consider the cure time when deciding. It’s been used for years as a wood finish, and it’s known for its fresh, natural look.

The tung oil penetrates deeply into the wood, making it durable and water-resistant. However, tung oil can take up to 30-45 days to fully cure. If you have a busy household, you might want to choose a different finish.

Choosing a finish that is more durable and scratch-resistant might also be a good choice if you have pets or children. But if you’re looking for a beautiful, natural finish that will last for years, this oil is an excellent choice.

Aesthetic Effect:

water based polyurethane

You might be primarily concerned with its practical benefits if you’re considering tung oil for your wood floors. After all, tung oil is known for its durability and easy upkeep.

However, it’s also worth considering the aesthetic effect of oil before deciding. Tung oil can give your floors a natural, matte finish that highlights the wood’s grain.

And unlike some other finishes, tung oil won’t yellow or darken over time. Tung oil is worth considering if you’re looking for a finish that will help your floors age gracefully.


For anyone in the market for hardwood flooring, tung oil is an enticing option. What makes tung oil so appealing is its viscosity. Unlike other oils, tung oil is thick and sticky, which means it penetrates deep into the wood’s pores and forms a durable barrier.

This makes it ideal for floors, as it helps to protect against scratches and scuffs. However, there is a downside to tung oil’s viscosity: it can be challenging to apply evenly, and it takes a long time to cure.

As a result, anyone considering tung oil for their floors should consider both its positives and negatives before making a decision.

These are just a few things to keep in mind if you consider tung oil for your wood floors. Tung oil is a durable and beautiful option, but it’s essential to be aware of its pros and cons before deciding.


Take a look at these frequently asked questions about tung oil for wood floors:

01. Can Tung Oil be Used on Hardwood Floors?

Yes, among wood floor finishes, tung oil is a top choice due to its high level of durability against scratching, discoloration, and erosion. However, it is essential to note that tung wood oil requires regular maintenance to keep the floors looking their best.

02. How Long Does Tung Oil Finish Last?

There is evidence that once applied, tung oil may lasts for up to 15 years. For maintenance of the finish and prevention of the wood from drying out, it is important to reapply the oil every six months or twice a year.

03. How Many Coats of Tung Oil Should I Use?

The number of coats you’ll need to apply will depend on the type of wood you’re using and the desired effect. In general, 3-4 coats will be sufficient.

04. How Long Should Tung Oil Dry Between Coats?

It is best to wait at least 24-72 hours between coats to allow the pure tung oil to cure properly. When using modified tung oil, you may be able to apply a second coat just 30 minutes later.

05. How Do I Get a Smooth Finish With Tung Oil?

One way to achieve a smooth finish is to use very fine-grit sandpaper to sand each coat as it is still wet. Then wipe away the sanding dust and apply the next coat.

06. Will Tung Oil Harden Wood?

The purpose of tung oil is to harden the surface of the wood and protect it from damage. The top layer of tung oil is incompatible with wood stains

In Conclusion

Tung oil is an excellent choice for wood flooring because it’s durable and easy to maintain. It also offers a natural, matte, or glossy finish highlighting the wood’s grain. And unlike some other finishes, tung oil won’t yellow or darken over time.

The best tung oil for floors is the one that best meets your needs. If you’re looking for a more durable and scratch-resistant finish, go with modified tung wood oil. If you’re primarily concerned with aesthetics, choose a pure tung oil.

If you choose to use the tung oil described earlier, be sure to apply it evenly and allow it to dry completely. So if you’re looking for a beautiful, long-lasting finish for your floors, tung oil is worth considering.

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