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Densglass Sheathing vs Plywood

Densglass Sheathing vs Plywood: Which is Better?

Sheathing is the outer layer of stucco in a cladding system. It is typically plywood or densglass that provides protection and insulation to the building’s exterior wall surfaces, such as its side walls, back wall and roof. Plywood and densglass sheathing are two types of exterior wall sheathing. Plywood sheathing is made from untreated wood planks with spaces between them… Read More »Densglass Sheathing vs Plywood: Which is Better?

Water vs Oil Based Polyurethane

Water vs Oil Based Polyurethane

Hardwood floor is an investment and should be properly treated. With that in mind, you’ll want to choose a polyurethane finish that is the best for your hardwood floor. If you want to apply the best polyurethane finish on any wood product, you should know water vs oil based polyurethane. In this article, we’ll explore the differences between water and oil… Read More »Water vs Oil Based Polyurethane