Densglass Sheathing vs Plywood

Densglass Sheathing vs Plywood: Which is Better?

Sheathing is the outer layer of stucco in a cladding system. It is typically plywood or densglass that provides protection and insulation to the building’s exterior wall surfaces, such as its side walls, back wall and roof. Plywood and densglass sheathing are two types of exterior wall sheathing. Plywood sheathing is made from untreated wood planks with spaces between them… Read More »Densglass Sheathing vs Plywood: Which is Better?

what is a wood lathe used for

What Is a Wood Lathe Used For?

A wood lathe is a machine used to form a piece of wood into the desired shape, whether it is bowls, spindle, vase, toys, and candlesticks. It produces high quality goods like furniture legs and table tops. What makes this process possible is an arm that holds onto the spinning piece of solid lumber while various tools are steadily tapped… Read More »What Is a Wood Lathe Used For?

How to Make a Wooden Bowl

How to Make a Wooden Bowl?

A wooden bowl is a classic woodworking project. People have been making bowls from different kinds of wood for thousands of years! A wooden bowl will be the perfect addition to any kitchen. They come in many shapes and sizes, so you will find one that fits your needs! Some bowls are made from wood such as walnut or cherry,… Read More »How to Make a Wooden Bowl?