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How to Hold Logs While Cutting With Chainsaw : DIY 5 Methods

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Cutting logs can be a challenging task. They are heavy and need to be held up in order to be cut, but they also have their own weight, which makes it difficult for one person to hold a log all by themselves.

To make sure you’re cutting logs correctly with a chainsaw, you have to hold them. We’re going to show you a few ways to hold the logs so you can chainsaw them.

How to Hold Logs While Cutting With Chainsaw in Easy Way?

Instructions on How to Hold Logs While Cutting With Chainsaw

When it comes to cutting logs, you need the right equipment and the right technique. Here are some methods for holding logs while cutting with a chainsaw.

Method 01: Hold Log with Your Knees

Many people hold logs securely between their knees. This positions the log in front of the person, making it easier to work. Allocate one knee per piece of firewood if they’re small enough to be held by just one knee; use both knees for larger pieces that are too heavy or cumbersome to hold with just one leg.

Method 02: Use a Log Holder

A log holder attaches to the top of your electric chainsaw and holds logs in place so they don’t move while you’re cutting them. It’s a popular method for holding logs with people who need to cut several pieces down at one time. Simply attach it to your chainsaw, place a log underneath, and start cutting.

Method 03: Buck the Log on the Ground

Some people find it useful to buck a log on the ground before cutting it. This allows you to work with a shorter piece of firewood so there’s less chance of your chainsaw kicking back. And if you have a log holder, you can place the short segment into that for even more safety.

Method 04: Use a Sawbuck

A sawbuck helps you cut firewood vertically, and it works especially well with firewood that’s been bucked on the ground. All you need to do is let the firewood fall onto the sawbuck from above, then place your chainsaw into the opening of the firewood. It’s a secure method for holding smaller logs when crosscutting them.

Method 05: Use a Wood Clamp

If you don’t have one of the other methods for holding logs while cutting with a chainsaw, you can always use a firewood clamp. This versatile tool is great for positioning your log so it’s easier to cut. Simply place your log into the clamp and move it to wherever it needs to be positioned. It works best if you place the clamp about mid-way up the log.

What to Consider When Cutting Logs With a Chainsaw?

What to Consider When Cutting Logs With a Chainsaw

There are a few things you should keep in mind when you’re holding logs while working with a chainsaw.

01. Good Balance Makes Everything Easier

You need good balance when you’re cutting a log lengthwise so that your arms and wrists aren’t getting strained to try to stay upright.

For instance, if the large log is too far away from your body, then this might cause you to bend your knees or limb more than necessary in order to compensate for the distance.

On the other hand, when you’re cutting logs that are too close to you, this might cause your upper body to lean back in order to counterbalance the weight of the log.

Either way, you’ll be straining your arms or wrists after only a few moments if you don’t maintain good balance when holding onto a log.

02. Use Good Grip Techniques to Minimize Sawdust Accumulation

One of the biggest concerns when holding logs while cutting is minimizing the amount of sawdust that accumulates underneath your hands.

This will only serve to irritate your skin and cause blisters over time. So, it’s important to maintain a firm grip on the log you’re cutting; not too loose and not too tight.

Some people find it helpful to moisten their hands before holding onto the log, but this won’t always be necessary.

As you can see, maintaining proper grip techniques will allow you to work more quickly and with less physical strain on your body.

If you’re just beginning to cut tree logs with a chainsaw or chainsaw mill, then it might take some practice in order to develop the right techniques for holding onto logs securely.

As you can see, holding tree logs while chainsawing is very important. It will allow you even more speed and accuracy when cutting wood slices, trees or firewood.

03. Maintain Proper Body Position

Another thing to keep in mind when you’re cutting tree logs with a chainsaw is your body position. Never lean over the top of the log; this will strain your back and make it more difficult to cut firewood safely.

Instead, maintain a correct standing position that’s perpendicular to the ground. Some people like to face the firewood they’re cutting, while others prefer to maintain their back towards the log in order to see what’s being cut.

It’s ultimately up to you which way you find more comfortable, but even if you have a tendency to lean over logs when working with your chain-saw, it will be helpful for your body to maintain proper position.

Safety Precautions When Holding Logs

Safety Precautions When Holding Logs

1. Safety goggles should be worn to protect the eyes from flying firewood chips and particles of metal. Wear a chainsaw helmet too.

2. Protective clothing is necessary to shield your skin or avoid injury from wearing a thin shirt or shorts.

3. Always wear a chainsaw glove that will protect your hands and fingers from cuts and scratches and splinters.

4. Wear boots with good traction on slippery surfaces to avoid slipping and falling while working with a tree trunk or log.

5. While your chain-saw is in operation, never put your hand too near the chain. Keep your chainsaw chain clean.

6. For safety reasons, only adults who are knowledgeable should operate a chain-saw

7. Children younger than 13 years old should not use a chain-saw without adult supervision

8. Keep the handles dry, free from oil, and store it in a safe place after use.

9. Do not modify your chain saw in any way because this will affect the performance and safety of the tool.

10. When cut a dry wood log, be aware that logs may bounce off in a different direction when cut in half, so avoid working in a crowded area to prevent injury from flying objects.

11. Stop operating your chain-saw immediately if you notice any unusual noise, smell, or vibration.

12. Ensure that the cutting line is always visible to avoid injury from it being concealed by small branches while cutting.

13. When not in use, keep the tool away from moisture and sunlight.

14. When working with a chain-saw, wear hearing protection at all times.

15. Unplug the gas chainsaw when it’s not in use and before you move it from one place to another.

16. When moving a chain-saw into or out of your vehicle, always keep it pointed away from your body and others around you.

17. The direction the chain rotates should be followed to prevent injury from contact with the cutting edge.

18. Store it in a safe place when not in use to avoid misuse and theft.

19. Always lock the trigger when storing your chainsaw because it will prevent injury from unintentional startup.

Why it is Important to Hold Logs While Cutting With Chainsaw?

Why It Is Important to Learn How to Hold Logs While Cutting With a Chainsaw

It is important to learn how to hold logs while cutting with a chainsaw for safety reasons. If you are not able to hold logs up while you’re working with your saw, then it becomes unsafe for you because the cutting blade will not be able to cut all of the ways through. You can also put yourself in danger if you are holding logs up on one side of the saw and cannot see any risks coming from the other side.

In addition, holding logs while cutting with a chainsaw is important because it will speed up the process of your work. If you are able to cut all of the ways through a log in one try, then that means that there won’t be any need for going over and over each part multiple times which can take a lot of time.

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When it comes to cutting logs with chainsaws, having the right equipment and technique is extremely important. One of the most important techniques is how to hold logs while you’re using a chain-saw.

We’ve provided a few tips to help you hold logs while cutting with chainsaws. We hope that these pointers will prove useful and allow you to work more efficiently when it comes time for your next project.

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