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How To Make A Wooden Flag Pole : 5 Easy Steps

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You can make a flag pole out of wood that is the perfect size and height for any country or state. The steps are very simple. You will need to find the right length staff, purchase dowels and screws, drill holes at each end of the staff, attach your flags then paint it with your choice of colors. It’s not hard at all!

How to Make a Wooden Flag pole in Five Steps?

How to Make a Wooden Flagpole in Five Steps

Step 01: Preparing the Wood

  • Measure your staff and purchase dowels that are appropriate in size.
  • Cut down one of the dowels that have been cut into three pieces so that it can be inserted into a hole drilled into another dowel to make spacers to hold up the flagpole.
  • Drill holes according to the width of your flag pole: drill two holes that are about two inches from the top and bottom, one hole on each side of your staff, and finally one hole near the top for the dowel spacers.

Step 02: Assembling Your Flag Pole

  • Place all three sections of wood on each other so that they form a triangle shape once you have glued them together.
  • Drill the dowels for the spacers into each end of your flag pole so that they form a triangle.
  • Apply glue to both ends of the staff and insert the wood dowel spacer into one hole, being careful not to trap any glue inside this hole. Then apply glue into the other hole and insert the second dowel spacer into the other hole.
  • Once your triangle is formed, glue each end of the flag pole to one another so that you do not get any unwanted glue in your holes if you accidentally apply a lot of glue.
  • Repeat steps 2 through 4 for each side of the triangle.

Step 03: Drilling Your Holes for the Flags

  • Drill a hole at each end of your flag pole that is about an inch long with your drill bit to attach them onto your flag pole.
  • Choose your flags and attach them by inserting one side into the hole drilled into either end of your staff and then screwing them into place.
  • Use a string to tie on the flags and attach both ends of the string to opposite ends of a stick shoved into the ground or placed in an appropriate hole for holding up flag poles by using one screw per side (or nail it onto a wall).

Step 04: Attaching Your Flags to Your Flagpole

Choose the flag clip that you would like to put on your flag pole and attach them onto their designated hole with screws.

Repeat steps 3 through 4 for each hole in your flag pole so that you can hang as many flags as possible on your new flag pole.

Hang your flag pole outside so that all of the flags can be seen flying in the wind!

Step 05: Finishing Touches and Painting Your Flag Pole (optional)

  • Paint the flag pole in any color or pattern that you would like. Let the paint dry, and then fly your flags with pride!
  • Now you have a flag pole of your own that you made all by yourself and can hang any flag that your country or state has to offer.
  • If you made a mistake, just paint over it and try again! Before long, you will have an awesome-looking staff with multiple flags waving proudly on top of it!

Advantages of Wooden Flagpoles Over Aluminum or Metal One

Advantages of Wooden Flagpoles Over Aluminum or Metal One

A wooden flag pole can last much longer than several different kinds of stainless steel or aluminum flagpole.

You can always make more wooden flag poles or even replace one that breaks with another one made out of the same type of wood if you have the supplies readily available.

Your choice of wood will affect your choices for the style, design, and color of decoration on your staff. You can paint a wooden flag pole to make it look like anything you want, such as the American flag. You can use any type of paint, such as spray paint or even acrylic paint.

You don’t need to worry about rust or corrosion with a wooden pole ground sleeve, either!

When you’re done flying flags from it, you can easily paint over it or apply some sort of decoration to mask the flagpole’s look.

Before you know it, your wooden flag pole will be ready for new flags and decorations!

Additional Tips and Tricks

When flying flags, try to fly them the same way to ensure that they all face in the direction of your audience. This is not only polite, but it also makes your flag pole look more like a structure than one of those pointless sticks.

Your wooden flag pole will look much better if you adorn it with different types of flags with rope cleat in different locations on the staff, giving your audience a variety of choices to choose from while also allowing them to see different flags flying high in the air and making a statement for your views on different issues.


It’s a great feeling to actually make something useful and helpful that is meant to last for many more years than other products could offer. Using these simple instructions, you can make your own wooden flag pole for your project!

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