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Picking a coffee table for your home is like choosing the right shoes for your outfit. It doesn’t seem like much, but it could make or break the entire look you’re trying to achieve if you don’t get it right. This is true for coffee tables, too. The seemingly insignificant furniture piece can add some style and personality to your living space. That’s why buying one isn’t a trivial decision.

Coffee tables come in different shapes, styles and sizes, so the list of what you could get is quite long. To simplify the decision-making process, here are a few ideas for choosing the perfect table you should keep in mind.

Determine its purpose

Before thinking about looks and aesthetics, start by deciding the purpose or functionality of your coffee table. The primary purpose of this furniture piece is to provide a central location for people to place their beverages or snacks while relaxing or socialising. But beyond that, a coffee table can also serve as a communal space or even a temporary storage space for your magazines, books, remote controls, coasters and decorative pieces. Some people also use their coffee table as an entertainment space for board games, cards and so on. The practical uses you have in mind for your coffee table will influence the style and size you’ll choose. If you want a table with storage, for instance, you’ll have to choose a large table with built-in drawers or shelves.

Consider size

Next, you have to consider the size of your table in proportion to the amount of space you have available. A large table will take up too much space in a small room, and a small table may look out of place in a large room. You should also consider the existing furniture in your space and get a table that doesn’t outsize them.  


This is one attribute of coffee tables that most people often need to consider. The shape of your table should suit its likely functionality and also align with the layout of your space. For a long and narrow room, an oval or rectangular table should be your choice. Similarly, if your space is wide and square-shaped, a round or square-shaped table would work better.

Coffee Table Style

Your coffee table style should align with the general aesthetics of your room while reflecting your style. Choosing the perfect coffee table style begins with the shape. If you have a modern and minimalist space, for instance, a sleek table with angular edges would work better. Similarly, for a cosy traditional space, you may want an ornate table with curved or rounded edges. Some of the creative coffee table styles you’ll find around these days include:

  • Modern minimalism: this is characterised by smooth surfaces with clean lines and fits perfectly into spaces with minimalist designs.
  • Rustic coffee tables: perfect for homes with a warm farmhouse charm or mid-century modern aesthetics.
  • Scandinavian coffee tables: This type of table is made from light wood with simple designs, which makes it perfect for modern homes with a simple, uncluttered aesthetic.
  • Glamorous Elegance: for homes with modern, sophisticated designs, consider tables with mirrored surfaces, metallic accents, and other intricate details that add a touch of sophistication.

The shape and size of your coffee table should complement the overall layout of your living room. Consider the purpose of the table as well, and choose one that aligns with your lifestyle and taste.