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What degree nail gun is best for framing?

1. 21-Degree Nail Gun:

-This type of nail gun uses nails collated at a 21-degree angle.

-It offers a good balance between holding power and versatility making it a popular framing choice.

-The 21-degree nails are typically available in various lengths, making the nail gun suitable for various framing applications.

-It can handle wall, floor, roof, and general framing with ease and adaptability due to the varied nail sizes.

2. 30-34-Degree Nail Gun:

-This type of nail gun uses nails angled more steeply, usually between 30-34 degrees.

-The nails have clipped or offset heads to fit a larger nail capacity in the magazine.

-The 30-34-degree is often used for heavy-duty framing and attaching engineered lumber.

-They are known for their power to handle larger and longer nails required for robust jobs.

Consider your project, availability of nail sizes, ergonomic preference and consult professionals about real-world experience with these two common options to determine the best nail gun for your framing needs.