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Can You Use Shop VAC for Dust Collection [Explained]

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One of our most prevalent instruments in the current age is the shop VAC. Some people may wonder since it is not that immensely popular. After hearing the name, the thing that comes to our mind is to assume it is built merely for shops or stores and thus create a query “Can you use shop VAC for dust collection or not?”

For your clear justification, it is a vacuum cleaner with extraordinary characteristics. Hence, we can conclude that it can do all the activities like an average vacuum cleaner, so do cleaning or collecting the dust. The distinct trait is that it can also vacuum the liquid elements, which an ordinary vacuum cleaner does not allow. It has another name and is well-known as a wet-dry vacuum cleaner.

Can You Use Shop VAC for Dust Collection an In-depth Guide

Can You Use Shop VAC For Dust Collection An In-depth Guide

Today, we will talk about the shop Vac and the efficient utilisation process to clean up the mess you produce every day.

Variations of Shop VAC

Shop VACs vary due to our desires. Sometimes we require a lightweight machine, and sometimes we need a heavy one. Sometimes a tiny size vacuum tank, and sometimes we require a massive one. We can classify the shop VACs into four general categories.

Tank Size

In general, the first aspect we look at before buying a powerful shop VAC is the tank size. If we require a vacuum for a small territory, we shall choose the small tank. 

And, large tanks are for large areas. Therefore, the size of the tank is variable according to the size of the site you desire to clean with the shop VAC. 

There are three general tank sizes available in the market.

  1. Small size. It can be 2 – 6 gallons, and it is highly efficient for small to mid-range homes
  2. Medium size. This tank size lies between 7 to 14 gallons. We can use it in mid-sized homes to a great mansion. Moreover, we can also use it in our shops like departmental stores.
  3. Large size. We mostly experience this in the shopping malls and office buildings. The tank size is 15 to 18 gallons. If you are thinking about starting a cleaning company, you must consider this size since it can consume enormous amounts of dust.


Shop VACs are available in two types of materials.

  • The first one is plastic. Plastic shop VAC is enough for every purpose. Furthermore, it is reasonable to buy and to fix if broken.
  • And the other one is metal. Generally, producers use stainless steel as a metal. Since shop VAC is for cleaning dry and wet elements, the stain is more likely to occur.


The power of the machine basically refers to horsepower. It entirely depends on your desire and the size of the tank. The available motor horsepower according to size are

  1. 1 to 4 horsepower (Max 5), and it is for small tank shop VAC.
  2. 5 to 6 horsepower for the mid-sized shop VAC
  3. About the large size tank, the motor must incorporate above six horsepower.

Hose Size

The size of the hose is as vital as the other factors. It determines the speed of vacuuming the area. The greater the hose size is, the more significant amounts of dust it can consume. Though it also depends on the power of the engine and tank size. 

The prime hose sizes are,

  1. 27 MM
  2. 1.25 Inches
  3. 1.50 Inches
  4. 1.75 Inches
  5. 2 Inches
  6. 2.5 Inches

You must determine the size by measuring the area to clean and explaining it to the shopkeeper. They will provide you with a guide to choose the suitable shop VAC with accurate class. 

Reasons Behind Selecting Shop VAC

Reasons Behind Selecting Shop VAC

The arrival of shop VAC has collapsed the demand for ordinary vacuum cleaners. And it created a need to wipe out the wet elements without a mop stick. Accepting a new technological instrument is ignoring an old tool, and it has become a fact as verdant as the sun rises in the East.

Yet, there are several reasons that prove that we must select a shop VAC while buying a vacuum cleaner.


While considering the price of a shop VAC, it is distinct. The price is higher, and it must be. Nonetheless, in this tricky comparison, shop VAC wins. 

When you encounter both the ordinary vacuum cleaner and shop VAC, the price of a mid-size standard vacuum cleaner is equal to the small size shop VAC. And the amazing fact is when you are considering the performance of both, you will notice the ramifications are the same. 

Furthermore, you will get more benefits from the shop VAC. Therefore, we can conclude that the price of shop VAC is more reasonable than the ordinary vacuum cleaner.

Liquid Absorber

In general, vacuum cleaners do not allow liquid elements. But, shop VAC is the instrument that is good for both wet and dry dust absorption. 

Hence, whenever you spill water or any liquid on the floor, you do not need to pull your mop stick anymore. Shop VAC will wipe all the liquid without spreading it further.

Heavy Duty

Ordinary vacuum cleaners generally work well at home. But, the shop VAC has the design to work for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It is not for shop or garage purposes, and it is pretty effective at home. 

Pump Out

The machine or motor of shop VAC is so powerful that it can work as a pump also. We often experience water stuck in our basement, which is not rare during the rainy season. 

The floodwater enters our residential premises and adheres there. However, you can use the shop VAC to remove the water from your basement, and there will be no harm to the machine.


Till now, we have come to know the reasons and varieties of shop VAC. Nonetheless, there are some drawbacks also. The shop VAC is less worthy in terms of filtering your home’s air. 

It also creates noise that is louder than the ordinary vacuum cleaner. Most importantly, the design is for professional use. Therefore, it is hard to manoeuvre and requires an expert’s hand to operate.

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