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Best Portable Band Saw: Top 6 Picks in 2024 [Heavy Duty]

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From precise cuts to smooth finishes, having the right portable band saw for your woodworking projects can transform them from average to amazing. Make sure you select a high-quality tool that won’t let you down and will have your creations look their best.

To be the best portable band saw among others, it needs to have all the must-haves, from power and speed to cutting capacity. It should also feature a lightweight yet ergonomic design with an LED light for better visibility and even storage hooks for convenience.

Not forgetting blades that are easy to change and adjustable tension levers so you can switch up your cutting speeds depending on what material is being cut.

Also, don’t forget about comfort. Having a handle grip makes using this tool easier than ever before. So you get precision without having to strain your arms.

Ready to invest in a portable bandsaw? We’ll show you the six best, so your money won’t be wasted. Get set for premium portability and precision cutting.

Best Portable Band Saw: Expert’s Special Choice

Dewalt DCS371B 20v Cordless Portable Band Saw

Lightweight yet durable and powerful with easy hang hook for portability

â— Power Source: 20V Battery Powered
â— Cutting Capacity: 2-1/2-inch
â— Blade Material: Metal
â— Item Weight: 1 Pound

WEN 94396 Portable Variable Speed Band Saw

Powerful and deep cutting capability with variable speed control feature

â— Power Source: Corded Electric
â— Cutting Capacity: 5 inches wide, 5 inches deep
â— Blade Material: Metal
â— Item Weight: 14.5 Pounds

Ryobi P590 18v Portable Band Saw

Fast cutting, cordless convenience with integrated pommel handle

â— Power Source: 18V Battery Powered
â— Cutting Capacity: 2-1/2 inch
â— Blade Material: High-Speed Steel
â— Item Weight: 9.28 Pounds

Top Rated 6 Portable Band Saws – Detailed Reviews

It’s hard to choose the perfect portable band saw, but you can make a smart purchase if you take the time to evaluate all of its features. To help guide your way, here are 6 top-rated models that could be just what you need for project success.

1. Dewalt DCS371B 20v Cordless Portable Band Saw

Bursting with power and performance, the Dewalt DCS371B is an absolute must-have for any woodworking enthusiast. Get ready to be wowed by this incredible portable band saw’s many impressive features.

Key Features:

Blade Material: Metal

Power Source: Battery Powered

Color: Yellow / Black

Voltage: 20 Volts

Item Weight: 1 Pound

Blade Length: 2 Inches

Cordless Convenience

The Dewalt DCS371B portable band saw offers a cord-free experience that can be powered by up to 20 volts of battery power. With this amount of power, you can make clean and precise cuts on even tough materials like hardwoods.

It has a good cutting capacity of 2-1/2 inches with no difficulty in maneuvering around any objects or curves.

Superior Balance and Ergonomics 

The centered handle position of the Dewalt portable band saw provides superior balance and ergonomics during use. This helps ensure more accurate cuts with less user fatigue.

Also, its ergonomic soft grip back handle allows for comfortable, flexible use while operating the saw from any angle.

LED Work Light Included 

This band saw has an integrated LED Work Light to cut materials more accurately when it’s dark. It also has a built-in 20-second delay feature which ensures that once you’re done using the saw, the light will turn off automatically to conserve battery life.

Hook Attached for Easy Hang 

To make storage easier, the Dewalt DCS371B includes an integrated hang hook that allows you to hang the saw without damaging either its front handle or base. This makes transporting it from one location to another much simpler.

Faster, Easier Blade Changes 

Another great feature of this band saw is its tool-free blade-changing lever. So you don’t have to exert too much strength or energy to change blades as needed.

It can accommodate blades with up to 18 teeth per inch so that no matter what project you’re working on, you can access the right blade type for your job.


One more thing you will love about the Dewalt DCS371B is that it weighs just 1 pound. This makes carrying it around relatively easy. While setting up or taking down your workspace, it’s not too heavy on your arms.


  • Ergonomically designed for superior balance and comfort
  • LED work light provides greater visibility of the work area
  • You can hang the saw without damaging it with the hook
  • Increased blade life from better blade tracking
  • Dual-bearing blade guide rollers for greater durability
  • Blades change easily with a tool-free lever
  • Comfortable soft grip back handle for greater flexibility and comfort


  • There’s no battery or charger included

2. WEN 94396 Portable Variable Speed Band Saw

Upgrade your woodworking game with the WEN 94396 portable band saw. This powerful tool will take all your projects to a new height, featuring perks that are sure to impress. Check out the features that make this saw stand out:

Key Features:

Blade Material: Metal

Power Source: Corded Electric

Voltage: ‎120 Volts

Amperage: ‎10 Amps

Item Weight: ‎14.5 Pounds

Blade Length: ‎5 Inches

10-Amp Powerful Motor 

The WEN 94396 boasts a robust 10-amp motor that provides plenty of power to cut through hardwood quickly and easily.

When adjusted to its maximum setting, the motor delivers up to 420 feet per minute of blade speed.

Deep Cutting Capability 

You can make deep cuts up to 5 inches wide and 5 inches deep with this band saw. This makes it perfect for any job that requires cutting thick material like lumber, plywood, sheet metal, or plastic pipe.

The depth adjustment knob allows you to accurately set your desired cut depth before you begin so that you know exactly what you’re getting every time. 

Variable Speed Function 

With variable speed control ranging from 60 to 420 feet per minute, the WEN 94396 allows you to adjust your cutting speed as needed depending on the material being cut or the type of job being performed.

This feature allows users to tailor their cuts based on specific needs while ensuring optimal performance each time they use the saw.

Lightweight Design 

Weighing just 14.5 pounds, this band saw is extremely lightweight and easy to transport from one job site to another.

Thanks to its lightweight design and comfortable carry handle. This power tool is both portable and easy to use for extended periods of time without causing fatigue or strain on your arms or wrists.

Adjustable Front Handle 

The front handle has been designed with flexibility in mind. It can be adjusted according to your preference to fit comfortably in your hand while still providing maximum control over the saw’s movements during use.

External Blade Tensioning Lever 

You can adjust the blade tension with the external lever throughout your projects without taking off the wood and metal cutting blade guard each time. This feature ensures that blades remain taut enough for optimal performance yet not too tight.


  • Variable speed allows for precision cuts
  • Large cutting capacity means you can get the job done in fewer passes
  • The 10-amp motor provides plenty of power
  • Weighs just 14.5 pounds for easy portability
  • The handle is adjustable to fit your needs
  • Blade guides are ball bearing for a smooth cut every time
  • The tension lever ensures that your blade is always at the right tension


  • The saw doesn’t come with a carrying case

3. Anbull Portable Band Saw with Detachable Steel Base

For serious woodworking projects, you’ll need an equally-serious tool to handle the job. Enter Anbull’s portable band saw.

This powerful and versatile tool will make even your toughest DIY dreams come true. With plenty of excellent features and remarkable strength, it could be just what your workshop needs.

Key Features:

Voltage: 110V /10A

Saw Blade Speed: 0.5-3.5m/s

Speed ​​Adjustment: 1-6 Stepless Speed Change

Size of Saw Blade: .025-by-44-7/8-Inch

Power Source: Corded Electric

Ample Power

The Anbull portable band saw comes equipped with a 10 Amp motor specifically designed to withstand any job site application.

This powerful motor provides maximum torque when cutting through more rigid materials and can handle highly dense wood without bogging down.

Deep-cut Capacity

There’s a 5-by-4-3/4-inch deep-cut capacity for rectangular stock and a 5-inch deep-cut capacity for round stock with the Anbull band saw. This allows you to cut through thick pieces of material in one pass, thus saving time and increasing productivity.

With the removable alloy steel base included with this band saw, you can adjust it to accommodate larger pieces of material as well.

Feature a LED Sight Light 

An important feature of this portable saw is its LED sight light which allows you to see your cut line even in dark work environments.

The LED light provides an illuminated path for easy tracking during cutting operations, ensuring that your cuts are accurate every time.

Convenience Variable-Speed Dial 

This band saw also comes with a convenient variable-speed switch ranging from 100 to 350 feet per minute. You can adjust the speed depending on what you’re working with.

Superior Balance & Ergonomics 

In addition to its high power rating, this band saw also includes superior balance and ergonomics, which helps reduce fatigue during long cutting sessions.

Its multi-position large front handle offers plenty of hand space for more accuracy. You’ll always get clean, precise cuts no matter how long you use them.

Adjustable Blade Guard 

The Anbull band saw also includes an adjustable blade guard, which helps protect the blade from jamming up or becoming damaged during use. This added protection ensures that your blades remain sharp longer while offering increased safety measures as well.


  • 6.6kg alloy steel workbench with 0-45° angle adjustment for precision cutting
  • Powerful 10 amp motor for any job site use
  • Durable construction means the saw will withstand heavy use
  • Increased accuracy with LED sight light
  • Variable-speed dial for diverse applications
  • The large front handle minimizes fatigue while sawing
  • Superior balance ensures a more controlled cut


  • Some people might find it a little heavy

4. Vevor Portable Band Saw

Woodworking just got a lot more exciting with the addition of Vevor’s top-notch band saw. Boasting unparalleled speed, power, and accuracy in its cutting capabilities.

This is every handyman’s dream tool. See for yourself why it stands out amongst all other wood saws by checking out its remarkable features now.

Key Features:

Blade Material: Alloy Steel

Power Source: AC

Amperage: ‎10 Amps

Item Weight: ‎31 Pounds

Speed: ‎8 Feet Per Second

Blade Length: ‎5 Inches

Fast & Smooth Cutting 

It has an adjustable speed from 137.8-472.4 feet per minute so that you can use it on different materials.

You can cut through thick pieces of wood without much effort or resistance thanks to the motor’s power and 127mm maximum cutting capacity without the base.

1100W Powerful Motor 

Vevor’s portable band saw is powered by a 10-amp motor so that you won’t have any interruptions in your workflow.

The high power also cuts through thick materials more quickly than other tools while maintaining accuracy and precision throughout the process.

User-friendly Design 

Due to its ergonomic grip design, the Vevor band saw is designed to reduce fatigue over long periods of use.

Also, it comes with an LED lamp that helps users operate even in dim ambient conditions ensuring that you have good visibility throughout your workday.

The adjustable blade guard prevents jamming of the saw blade, which makes it easier to operate safely and efficiently at all times.

Removable Alloy Base 

Vevor’s alloy base makes setup a breeze, plus it provides extra stability during use since it stops cutting materials from slipping.

You can also rotate this tool between 0-45 degrees, making angled cuts without needing any other tools. Using this tool can reduce your workload considerably if you frequently make angled cuts on materials.


  • Variable speed allows for more precision when cutting
  • 10 amp motor for powerful performance on woodworking job
  • More comfortable to use with an ergonomic handle
  • LED light for better visibility in low-light conditions
  • The blade guard can be adjusted to prevent the blade from jamming
  • Can rotate from 0-45° for more cutting angles


  • After a long time, the LED light might not be as bright

5. Ryobi P590 18v Portable Band Saw

Get ready to level up your woodworking game. The Ryobi P590 band saw is the go-to tool for tackling even the most ambitious projects. Dive into its powerhouse features and get ready to upgrade every step of your project from start to finish.

Key Features:

Blade Material: ‎High-Speed Steel

Power Source: ‎Battery Powered

Voltage: 18 Volts

Item Weight: 9.28 Pounds

Speed: 560 RPM

Number of Teeth: 24

Convenience of Cordless Operation

This portable band saw runs on an 18-volt battery, making it convenient to use wherever you want without worrying about having an electrical outlet nearby. This is great for those who need to use their saw on the go or away from home.

Good Cutting Capacity 

The Ryobi P590 features a 2-1/2 inch cut capacity making it ideal for applications where precision is needed, such as intricate designs or tight corners and curves.

With this type of cutting capability, you can easily make both long and shortcuts in materials like wood, metal, or plastic without any issues.

Integrated Pommel Handle 

The integrated pommel handle is what makes this band saw stand out. It makes working more comfortable and gives you better visibility for cutting shapes and curves.

Not only does this feature make using the tool easier, but also safer as less strain is put on your hands while cutting through tougher materials like metal or plastic.

Good Cutting Speed 

With a maximum speed of 560 SFPM (Stage Feet Per Minute), this portable band saw from Ryobi can help you finish most jobs faster.

Thanks to this impressive speed, even if you work with heavier materials like steel or aluminum, you will still get accurate results quickly without sacrificing quality.


  • 2-1/2″ cutting capacity for a broader range of jobs
  • Comfortable integrated pommel handle for greater control and visibility
  • Fast-cuts up to 560 SFPM for quick, clean cuts in all materials
  • The high-speed steel blade is incredibly durable and long-lasting
  • Battery-powered for cordless convenience


  • You’ll have to buy the battery separately

6. Makita XBP02Z 18v LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Portable Band Saw

Don’t let its small size fool you; the Makita XBP02Z portable band saw packs a big punch in woodworking. This impressive saw offers plenty of features that will have your creations looking better than ever. See what this powerful tool can do for you today.

Key Features:

Blade Material: ‎High-Speed Steel

Power Source: ‎Battery Powered

Voltage: ‎18 Volts

Item Weight: ‎14.3 Pounds

Speed: ‎530 RPM

Blade Length: ‎8 Inches

Number of Teeth: ‎32

Delivers Faster Cutting 

The Makita portable band saw is designed for serious multitasking. With its adjustable speed control dial ranging from 275 to 530 feet per minute and 4-3/4″ cutting capacity accepting a 44-7/8″ blade, this tool can handle it all.

If you want to cut wood or metal or tackle multiple tasks in one go, the adjustable speeds let you match your application needs.

Excellent Protection Feature

The Makita XBP02Z comes equipped with an over-torque protection warning circuit with an alert light that provides enhanced durability and safety during use.

This ensures that the motor does not exceed its limits while operating and prevents possible damage or malfunction.

Improved Visibility

A built-in LED light illuminates the work area for better visibility when working in dimly lit areas or at night time. This allows users to make accurate cuts without straining their eyes or risking inaccurate results due to a lack of lighting.

Lock-off Feature 

One of the unique features of this tool is its trigger switch with a lock-off feature which requires two actions to power on the bandsaw. So it prevents accidental starts caused by bumping into the switch area unintentionally.

Easier Use and Handling 

An ergonomic design coupled with rubberized grips make this tool easy and comfortable to handle, even at extended periods of time. It also reduces fatigue due to long hours of work and minimizes the chances of slipping out of your hands if you sweat a lot.


  • Variable speed for greater precision
  • The protection circuit prevents damage
  • Adjustable stopper plate for accurate cuts and increased visibility
  • Lights up the work area with built-in LEDs
  • Rubberized soft grip handle provides increased comfort on the job
  • Thick protective rubber bumper for added durability


  • It might be a little heavy for some people

Comparison Chart of the Best Portable Band Saws

Product NamePower SourceBlade MaterialCutting CapacityLED Light IncludedItem Weight
DEWALT DCS371B Band Saw20V Battery PoweredMetal2-1/2-inchYes1 Pound
WEN 94396 Band SawCorded ElectricMetal5 inches wide, 5 inches deepYes14.5 Pounds
Anbull Band SawCorded ElectricAlloy, Alloy Steel, Metal, Steel5×4-3/4, 4×3-1/5 inchYes33 Pounds
VEVOR Band SawCorded ElectricAlloy Steel4.7×4.7, 3.9×3.2 inchYes‎31 Pounds
Ryobi Portable Band Saw18V Battery PoweredHigh-Speed Steel2-1/2 inchNo‎9.28 Pounds
Makita XBP02Z Band Saw18V Battery PoweredHigh-Speed Steel4-3/4 inchYes14.3 Pounds

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Portable Band Saw

power tools

If you’re weighing up the options for a portable band saw, there’s no shortage of factors that will help determine your choice. Power, ergonomics, and more: here are some key factors to consider when choosing one.

1. Power Source

When you’re in search of the best portable bandsaw, the source of power is an important element to keep in mind. There are two main options for powering your saw: battery-powered and corded portable band saw.

If portability and convenience are your priorities, cordless band saws have you covered. They come with a rechargeable battery for ease of use.

But the power output does tend to be slightly lower than its electric counterparts. That said, top-quality cordless portable band saws still provide plenty of power to take care of all your woodworking needs.

To ensure your saw can continue operating without interruption, you should consider the battery backup you will need.

Corded electric models are more powerful than battery-powered versions and usually provide steady power output for longer periods of time.

But, you’ll need access to an outlet to use them, and their wire length could limit your mobility somewhat. It’s also essential to think about how long of a cord you’ll need so that you can move around without having to stop and plug or unplug all the time.

2. Power and Speed

The power output of your saw will determine how quickly it can cut through materials, while its speed rating will indicate how fast it rotates blades per minute.

Both metrics should be considered carefully when selecting your best portable band saw because they’ll determine how efficiently you can get jobs done.

Amps measure power, and a higher amp number means more power. Theoretically, more powerful motors will be able to work longer and with more accuracy.

The speed of the saw is measured in feet per minute (FPM), which can range from 60 to 560 FPM. For woodworking, it’s usually best to choose a band saw that can reach speeds of at least 350 FPM.

3. Blade Material and Types

The material of the blade itself is another key factor when buying a portable band saw. This should be appropriate for your particular project since different materials require different blades for optimal performance. A metal blade (high-speed steel or alloy steel) is great for cutting wood.

Other than material type, you should also pay attention to the number of teeth on the blade. A higher tooth count results in finer cuts, but it takes longer to complete each cut. Lower tooth counts mean coarser cuts but take less time (varies by type).

When cutting hardwoods, it’s usually beneficial to use higher tooth blades with fewer vibrations resulting in cleaner cuts overall.

4. Cutting Capacity

conclusion portable band saws

Your choice of band saw should also depend on what kind of tasks you plan on using it for. Most portable models offer cutting depths anywhere from 2-1/2 inches, all up to 5 inches wide by 5 inches deep, depending on model size and depth capacities available.

Though there are some exceptions, like those offering 3-9″x 3-2″ deep cut capacities or even 4-3/4″ if required by certain tasks/projects.

When shaping pieces like furniture parts, a smaller throat capacity may work better than a large one since the shallower depth allows for more accuracy.

Additionally, don’t forget about looking into throat length, either. This determines how thick pieces can fit in front of the machine allowing users further flexibility when working with larger items if necessary.

5. Weight 

When picking a portable band saw based on weight, there are several things to consider. The first thing to look for is how heavy the saw itself is.

Try to find one that is lightweight enough to move easily but not so lightweight that it feels flimsy or unreliable.

Consider whether there will be other parts needing to be carried when using the saw. Look for additional accessories like guards or stands, which are made from durable materials yet relatively easy to carry around if needed.

Think about where you plan on using the device. If you’ll need to take it upstairs or over long distances then keeping weight in check should be your top priority, as this will reduce fatigue during use and make transportation easier overall.

Double-check that all safety mechanisms are still operable even with the reduced weight. This includes making sure all screws and moving parts remain secure no matter how much they’re jostled while being transported from one place to another.

6. Integrated LED Light 

Having a built-in LED light on a portable band saw can be incredibly useful when working in darker areas or on job sites without proper lighting.

Not only does it help you see what you’re doing more clearly, but it can also help you avoid making mistakes and wasting material.

When searching for a new saw, make sure that you check if the model has an integrated LED light before making your purchase.

7. Hanging Hook 

Hanging hooks are very handy features to have on a portable band saw. Since they provide storage convenience as well as an easy way to move the saw around from job to job.

When looking for a good hanging hook option, make sure it is durable enough to support the weight of your saw. Also, it’s able to swivel freely so that you don’t have any difficulty accessing different angles while cutting.

Check whether or not your chosen model comes with adjustable tension settings. This allows you to fine-tune how much pressure is being applied while you work, which can result in better accuracy and precision on every project.

8. Blade Changing and Tension Lever 

nearly spark free operation

The blade changing mechanism and tension lever are two other features to consider when selecting a portable band saw.

Changing blades with ease is paramount for cutting without a hitch. Make sure the slots perfectly fit their respective blades, so you can swap them quickly and securely to avoid any unfortunate accidents.

Also, look for a tension lever that can adjust the pressure applied to the blade depending on what type of material you’re working with.

This will help ensure accuracy and consistency with your cuts. Before buying a band saw, make sure that its tension lever and blade changing mechanism works smoothly and reliably so that they do not add any undue strain while operating the tool.

9. Variable Speeds Feature 

A variable speed feature is great in many situations because it allows you to adjust the speed according to the type of material being cut and its thickness.

In general, thinner materials require lower speeds, while thicker materials need higher speeds for them to be cut properly and safely.

Be sure to look for models with variable speed settings so that you have complete control over your workflow instead of relying solely on preset speeds, which may not be suitable for all applications.

10. Handle Grip and Ergonomics 

Paying attention to handle grip and ergonomics is also important when choosing a portable band saw. Because it plays an important role in helping keep fatigued at bay during longer projects or extended work sessions.

Make sure that there’s enough room between handles so that they don’t interfere with each other while gripping them both securely with one hand. This helps reduce strain on wrists while manipulating the saw during operation.

Also, look out for handles with rubberized grips that provide extra comfort when used over prolonged periods. This makes all types of projects much easier since it reduces hand fatigue significantly too.

How Long Does a Portable Band Saw Last?

How Long Does a Portable Band Saw Last

The longevity of the saw can depend on a few factors, such as the quality of the saw, how often it is used, and how it is cared for. Generally speaking, if a good quality portable band saw is well maintained, it should last many years.

Maintenance is key to making sure your saw lasts. Always make sure to clean the blade after each use and to check for any damage or worn parts.

You should also lubricate all moving parts regularly with an approved lubricant to ensure maximum tool life. Also, keep your saw stored in a dry place away from direct sunlight when not in use, and never leave it plugged in when not being used.

How Thick of Wood Can a Portable Band Saw Cut?

The maximum thickness of wood that a portable band saw can cut depends on the size of its throat capacity. Throat capacity is the distance between the blade and the back of the saw.

Larger throat capacities mean that thicker materials can be cut. Generally, most top portable band saws can handle wood up to 6 inches thick. But, some models may be able to cut even thicker material.

When Should You Replace the Blade on Your Portable Band Saw?

When Should You Replace the Blade on Your Portable Band Saw

You should start looking at replacing the blade after about six months or up to 1 year, depending on how much you use it and what type of material you’re cutting with it.

After a long period of use, if your teeth start stripping, it’s time for a new blade. When the blade gets noisy and squeaky while running, or hairline cracks start appearing, then it’s definitely time to replace it.

To keep your portable band saw running smoothly and safely, it’s important that you replace your blades when necessary.

Bring Your Projects to Life with a Quality Portable Band Saw

Wrapping it all up, the perfect portable band saw has everything you need to make cutting quick and precise. It should be powerful enough for any job, with adjustable speed controls so you can adjust your RPMs based on what material needs slicing.

Plus, a comfortable grip handle and even an LED light or hook, convenient extras that’ll let you tackle projects without worry.

If you want precision and power in one package, then the Dewalt DCS371B is the way to go. It’s our top-pick power tool collection for any project, offering the perfect balance between performance and weight so that your next cut will be as precise as it is swift.

So don’t hesitate. Give it a try today and experience why this one stands out from the rest.

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