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Foredom VS Dremel – Beginners Guides [ 4 Differences ]

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Everyone has to use rotary tools at some point in their life. Whether it is on their hobby projects, or just for work, they are an integral part of the creative process.

Foredom and Dremel are two leading companies that make rotary tools. In this article, we will look at the main difference between Foredom and Dremel, but before going into detail, let us take a quick look at the history of these two companies.

Foredom vs Dremel – Know Their History

Foredom vs Dremel Know Their History

You have to know their history first. We’re talking about the history of both companies below.

The History of Foredom

Foredom was founded in 1922. Its headquarters is located in Bethel, Connecticut, USA. The company mainly specializes in manufacturing flex shaft reciprocating handpiece tools for a wide range of industries such as dental lab technology, automotive restoration, medical industry, fine arts, jewellery making, and also hobbyists who work with a flex shaft tool.

The History of Dremel

Dremel was founded in 1932. It has its headquarters located in Racine, Wisconsin, USA. The company specializes in manufacturing rotary tools for hobbyists and professionals.

Their products are mainly used for wood, metal, and plastic drilling, cutting apart or sanding. They also produce other power tools such as saws and routers.

What are the Similarities Between Foredom and Dremel?

What are the Similarities Between Foredom and Dremel

The main similarity between Foredom and Dremel is that they are both companies that manufacture flex shaft rotary tools. Both the former manufactures flex shaft handpiece rotary tools in a general sense while the latter produces a broad range of professional flex shaft rotary tools.

Neither one is only in the business of producing flex shaft rotary tools at their respective factories. While Foredom concentrates on broad-spectrum products, Dremel specifically caters to hobbyists and professionals.

Difference Between a Foredom and a Dremel Flex Shaft Rotary Tool

What's The Difference Between a Foredom and a Dremel Flex Shaft Rotary Tool

Difference 01: Functionality

Foredom flex shaft tools are great for working on things like metal, glass, stone, and other types of materials. Dremel tool is good for lighter work such as wood carving or sanding.

They both have their uses, but you might find that there are some applications where one flex shaft tool will be much better than another flex shaft for a certain type of work.

If you were doing some small engraving, then a Foredom flex shaft tool would be the best flex shaft to use. If you wanted to etch something in glass, then a Foredom flex shaft could be used for this as well.

The Foredom flex shaft with foot pedal would be to use in this situation because you wouldn’t want a heavy-handed person pressing down on an etching tool with a Dremel flex shaft.

If you wanted to do something like carve wood or make some other type of light, power carving motion, then a flex shaft from a Dremel would be the flex shaft to use.

Even though the flex shaft from a Dremel flex shaft is more for light sanding or rotary work, it’s still better than using sandpaper on wood manually because you might accidentally sand down your project too fast if you were just doing it yourself instead of using a flex shaft grinder.

Difference 02: Flex Shaft Length

The flex shaft from a Dremel is typically around 136 inches, which gives you more than enough flexible shaft length to work on most projects.

However, the flexible shaft from a Foredom is only around 42.51 inches long because it doesn’t have as much torque as the flexible shaft.

Difference 03: Flex Shaft Price

The flex shaft from a Dremel is slightly more affordable than the flex shaft from a Foredom because of the flex shaft torque. Since flex torque with foot pedal is important for flexible tasks, you’ll probably have to pay a few more dollars on your flex shaft if you want to get a flex shaft with flex slippage prevention.

If flex slippage prevention isn’t important for flex shafting, then it could be a good flex shaft option to get a flex shaft from a Dremel flex shaft because they’re not as expensive.

Difference 04: Flex Shaft Power

A flex shaft from a Dremel flex shaft is more powerful than a Foredom flex shaft because there’s a rotary motor powering it. A Foredom flex shaft is powered by a hand crank, so it’s not as powerful and isn’t good for heavy-duty tasks.

How Do Flex Shaft Rotary Tools Work?

How Do Flex Shaft Rotary Tools Work

Most flex shaft rotary tools operate on two main principles: they use a high-speed rotating spindle and work by pulling the bit against the spinning surface. And to use the flex shaft rotary tool, simply pull the bit across the material to remove small amounts of its surface.

Flexible shafts provide great accuracy and control when used with very delicate engraving bits or tiny drill accessories.

Which Individuals Use Rotary Tools?

Which Individuals Use Rotary Tools

There are a number of people who use rotary tools. These include engravers, designers, crafters, woodworkers, metalworkers and hobbyists. A rotary tool can be used in a variety of applications such as engraving, cutting and grinding.


Are Foredom Products Useful for All Types of Crafts?

All Foredom products are very versatile and can be used to do many different types of projects. They will also provide you with the precision and control to complete your project successfully. What type of project do you want to work on?

Foredom power tool is used to do a variety of tasks. If you are interested in engraving, for example, the Foredom will provide you with the precision and control needed to get 100% results. Are these products only useful for professionals?

Foredom tools provide anyone with all the capabilities required to complete any project from start to finish. Craftsmen and professional artists love the accuracy, control and power that is obtained with Foredom tools.

What Are Some of The Products I Can Use With a Foredom Rotary Tool?

Foredom tools are compatible with a variety of die grinder accessories. So you can easily get started with the freedom rotary tool kit.

What Kinds of Projects Can I Do With a Dremel Rotary Tool?

A Dremel provides you with more power, allowing you to complete rough tasks such as sanding, carving or cutting through metal. While it provides more power, the Dremel is not as accurate in comparison with Foredom rotary tools.

What Other Products Does Foredom Make?

Foredom also manufactures BL lathes, micromotors, drill presses, wax carvers, dust collection equipment and workbench systems and hammer handpiece.

What Other Products Does Dremel Make?

Dremel also manufactures a variety of different products that can be used with their products. One of their most popular items is the hot glue gun which can be used to seal and hold together pieces of paper for scrapbooking or other craft projects.

Another popular item they produce is the scroll saw which is designed to cut through thick materials such as wood. Dremel also makes butane products including tools, accessories, and hardware. You can find everything you need for cutting metal, scrolling, contouring with power tools created by Dremel.

The screwdriver is another popular item produced by Dremel. It’s often needed in fixing electronic devices so it’s great that they offer it to the public.

What Is The Purpose of The Foot Pedal in a Rotary Tool?

The pedal is used to control the variable speed of the rotation of the cutting bit. The foot pedal is also very useful when doing precise work, allowing both hands to be used for holding and manipulating the task at hand. You can press down on the pedal with your foot to increase the speed of the rotary tool, which allows you to drill faster. You can release pressure from your foot to slow it down, allowing much more precise control. This allows you to easily create the desired effect when working.

Is the Speed Adjustable When Using a Rotary Tool?

Generally, rotary tools will have an adjustable speed. A larger and more expensive model will typically have a higher selection of speeds. The speed of the rotary tool is adjustable with a dial.

What should I look for when buying rotary tools?

When you are purchasing new rotary tools, it will depend on what you intend to use the tool for. Consider if portability is important, as most handheld tools can be carried from one job site to another with ease. Some people prefer building their own custom kits. If this is the case, you will definitely want to make sure your rotary tools come with all necessary attachments and accessories. You do not need a large machine if you are only working on small projects. Larger models can be difficult to transport from place to place, so it’s best to find the right balance of size and power for your needs.


Rotary tools are enormously important to many people who are craftsmen. This is due to the fact that they are instruments that are used for tasks such as engraving, shaping, cutting or grinding. You have a variety of options when it comes to rotary tools.

Dremel and Foredom are two big companies with a wide range of products, so it might be a good idea to choose the one that best suits your needs. Both have variable speeds and calibration features. We hope this article has helped you understand the differences better.

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