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Best Bed Rail Brackets | Top 10 Picks & Reviews 2024

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A bed frame with weak or no rail brackets can be dangerous, as it can easily wobble and even collapse. It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep when you’re constantly worried that your bed might fall apart.

Bed rail brackets are the perfect solution for this problem. By adding these brackets to your bed frame, you can keep it sturdy and stable. In addition to making your bed frame safer, you will also make it more durable and add a touch of personality.

However, how do you choose the best bed rail brackets based on your bed frame? We are here to help you!

As part of this article, we will take a look at the top 10 options on the market and discuss what to consider when choosing bed rail brackets. We will also look at some frequently asked questions regarding rail brackets at the end of this article.

KASUNEN Bed Rail Brackets

Hewnda Brackets for Bed Rail

Kutir Bracket for Bed Rail

10 Best Bed Rail Brackets Reviews

In order to choose the right bed rail brackets, you just need to make sure they are strong, durable, and certified. Affordable bed frame brackets are also available in the market today and you can choose according to your budget.

Here is a list of the most popular bedframes brackets that will help you narrow down your search:

1. KASUNEN Bed Rail Brackets

These KASUNEN brackets are perfect for those who need a little extra support while sleeping. With four heavy-duty brackets that can be attached to any bed, you’ll feel safe and secure while you slumber.

The KASUNEN bed rail brackets are perfect for attaching headboards, bed railings, bunk bed ladders, footboards, and other wooden furniture to a wooden bed frame. They are made from alloy steel for durability and are easy to install.

These bed frame brackets are perfect for anyone who wants a sturdy, durable bed frames bracket that is easy to install. They install directly without the need to do any mortising, making them extremely convenient.

The angle pieces are designed to fit securely against the bed frame, while the flat pieces attach to the bed frame itself. The sturdy material is used to construct the brackets, which provide a safe and secure fit.

Angle pieces measure 3.3″ X 1.02″ X 1.3″, flat pieces measure 3.5″ X 0.24″ X 1.3″. The thickness of the steel is 0.078″ (2mm), making it strong and reliable. It is easy to install and does not require any drilling at all.

The set of 4 includes 32 pieces of mounting screws in two different sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your bed frames. With the all-in-one box, you are able to use them right away once they have arrived.

You just need to use the included screws to attach the brackets to your bed frame and bed frame. The brackets will remain tight and secure once attached.

Highlighted Features:

  • Secure and sturdy design for safety and comfort
  • Easy to install with no need for drilling
  • All-in-one package contains the right screws you need
  • Does not require any mortising to install
  • Perfect as bed frames or as support for bunk beds
  • Can also be used as additional support for headboards and footboards

2. Hewnda Brackets for Bed Rail

These Hewnda brackets are perfect for anyone who wants an easy way to install a bed frame. The brackets are made of heavy-duty materials, and they include screws so you can attach them quickly and easily.

Made from sturdy galvanized steel, it’s perfect for repairing old bed frames or using different bed sizes. Plus, the thicker steel plate means that it can handle more weight without buckling.

Hewnda Brackets for Bed Rail corner dimensions are 3.3″ X 1.02″ X 1.3″ and the flat ones are 3.5″ X 0.24 “X 1.3”. The thickness of them is 0.078″ (2mm). The length of the mounting screws is 20mm and the diameter is 3.5mm.

Mounting these brackets is a breeze with some mounting screws included, and the brackets are made of durable steel. Plus, they’re available in a set of four, so you can have one for each side of the bed.

Unlike other brackets, the brackets attach directly to the bed frame without requiring mortise holes, thereby making installation a breeze.

Furthermore, the brackets are fast and easy to disassemble, making it very easy to get the rail onto and off of the bed.

They’re perfect for use with wooden bed frames, headboards, rails, and all other kinds of furniture that are made from wood. As well as being easy to install, they’re a great option for anyone looking to do it themselves.

As a result, if you are looking for a reliable way to secure your bed frame, Hewnda’s bed rail connectors are the perfect solution.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made from heavy-duty materials
  • Screws included for fast and easy installation
  • Can handle more weight without buckling
  • Perfect for fixing old bed frames or using different bed sizes
  • Fast and easy to disassemble
  • A great solution for anyone looking to do it themselves

3. Kutir Bracket for Bed Rail

Kutir bed extension rails brackets are perfect for attaching your railings to wooden headboards or footboards. They’re made of heavy-duty rustproof material, and they come with screws for easy installation.

These rail connectors are perfect for anyone who needs a little extra support while they sleep. The heavy-duty rail fittings are simple to place, and they provide enough stability to keep you safe and sound through the night.

Whether you’re recovering from an injury or just need a little extra help staying in bed, the Kutir Bracket for Bed Rail is a great solution. It also works seamlessly with either a king-size bed or a queen-size bed.

Kutir Bed Rails Brackets are perfect for anyone looking for a rust-proof and durable solution to secure their railings. With a galvanized steel construction and premium wood screws, the brackets are durable.

These brackets provide a sturdy means of attaching bed frame rails to a bed frame. The brackets are easy to assemble and use, making them a convenient option for those who need to secure their railings.

Kutir bed frame extension rails brackets are a universal fit that can be used for railings, bed frames, headboards, and footboards. These brackets can be used to repair or install new wooden frames with ease.

The design of the brackets is simple, but they are incredibly effective. They provide a sturdy means to attach the rail to any surface, and you can expect them to work with different types of bed frames.

Highlighted Features:

  • Replaces broken bed frames brackets
  • Works with most headboards and footboards
  • Durable, rust-proof design
  • Universal size for wooden bed frames
  • Galvanized steel construction offers durability
  • Includes screws for easy installation
  • Can be used to repair or install metal and wooden frames

4. Rockler Store Bed Rail Fasteners

Rockler’s brackets make it easy to attach bed rails to your bed frame. These brackets are made of durable metal and feature a 5-inch surface mounting area. They are easy to install and provide a sturdy hold for your railings.

Using Rockler Store bed rails brackets is a great way to secure your railings. These brackets are made from heavy-duty alloy steel and have a black finish that will match any bed frame.

Rockler Store Bed Rail Fasteners are an innovative steel design that uses teeth to help hold the rail in place. Not only does this provide a more secure fit, but it also makes the process of installation easier as well.

A pair of these brackets is the ideal solution for anyone looking to attach a bed frame to their bed without having to worry about it sliding off.

You can adjust them to the exact size you need, and they come with screws and anchors to make installation simple. They’re a great way to keep your bed safe and secure, and they’re a great addition to any home.

Rockler Store rail connectors are perfect for repairing or creating new wood bed frames. Their sturdy construction and versatile design make them a great choice for any project of any kind.

These brackets are perfect for repairing old bed frames or constructing new ones due to their measurements. The special teeth on the front of the bracket ensure that your brackets stay right where you want them to.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made from durable alloy steel
  • Secure and easy installation process
  • Designed to repair or construct wood bed frames
  • Measures 5 inches for a secure fit and perfect size
  • Includes screws and anchors for installation
  • Perfect for repairing old bed railings or building new ones

5. Socell Bed Rail Bracket

With the rail bracket of the Socell bed, you can connect your bed frame to your headboard and footboard extension brackets without mortising. This bracket is made of heavy-duty materials and it comes with screws for a secure hold.

It is made from angle pieces and flat pieces of metal, with a thickness of 0.078″. The angle pieces are 86 x 33 x 26.5mm, and the flat pieces are 91 x 31 x 6.5mm.

Designed to fit snugly against a bed frame, the Socell Bed Rail Bracket keeps rails in place. It is an essential part of the bed frame, and it ensures that the rails are securely attached.

Socell bed’s rail bracket is a great product that can be used to easily hang a bed frame. They come with mounting screws, so they are easy to install.

This bed’s rail bracket is a great accessory to have around the house. The fasteners are made of heavy-duty steel and are rust-resistant, making them perfect for use in any environment.

They are also thickened and more load-bearing, making them perfect for repairing old bed frames or securing bed rails to new bed frames.

It can be used for wooden bed frames, footboards, railings, headboards, bunk bed ladders, and even other wooden furniture. This product is incredibly versatile and helps keep your furniture in good condition.

The Socell bed corner brackets are a stable and durable product that is designed to keep your bed stable and prevent it from wobbling or creaking. It is an easy way to improve the stability of your bed and ensure a good night’s sleep.

Highlighted Features:

  • Rust-resistant steel construction for years of service
  • Fits snugly against the bed frame
  • Comes with mounting screws
  • Designed for wooden bed frames, footboards, and headboards
  • Very versatile product
  • Keeps your bed stable to avoid creaking or wobbling

6. Akamino Heavy Duty Bed Rail Brackets

The Akamino brackets are strong and sturdy, perfect for connecting wood headboards and footboards. They’re made of durable material and come with screws for easy installation.

Akamino Heavy Duty Bed Rail Brackets provide a wide range of applications. These brackets are made of heavy-duty galvanized steel and plated with a zinc finish, so they are rustproof and durable.

In addition, they are easy to install since they do not require mortise and tenon joints! A four-piece set of bed frame brackets and fittings will be provided in the package. Made from iron, these brackets are durable.

You are able to use them on bedposts, rails, bunk beds, and so on. They are also easy to install, making them a convenient choice for anyone who needs to secure furniture quickly and easily.

If you like to do DIY projects at home, then the Akamino brackets are a must-have item. With their sturdy construction, they can hold up even the heaviest loads.

Plus, their versatile design means they can be used in a variety of applications, from mounting to holding cables in place.

Whether you’re looking for a strong and sturdy bracket for your next project or something to keep your home organized, Akamino brackets are the perfect solution.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of heavy-duty galvanized steel with a zinc finish
  • Slip-resistant design to hold up the heaviest furniture loads
  • Four-piece set included in the package
  • Easy to install for convenient use
  • Versatile design with a wide range of applications
  • Rustproof and durable material
  • Perfect for securing furniture quickly and easily

7. Socell Bed Rail Hanger Bracket

Socell brackets provide a sturdy connection between bed rails and headboards or footboards. These brackets are made of heavy-duty steel and can support up to 500 pounds. They are easy to install, requiring no special tools or mortising.

The angle pieces are 85 x 30 x 27mm, and the flat pieces are 96.6 x 28.5 x 10.8mm. With a thickness of 0.1″ (2.5mm), these brackets are ideal for anyone looking for a reliable way to hang shelves.

These brackets are an excellent option for people who want to add a railing to their bed without having to drill any holes. The brackets are very sturdy and can hold a lot of weight, which makes them perfect for use with heavier railings.

Whether you need a new bed frame or to repair an old one, Socell brackets are a great option. Fasteners used in red rails are made from thick steel plates to ensure a greater load-bearing capacity, as well as to resist corrosion and rust.

Their versatility makes them perfect for a variety of bed sizes, and they can securely attach railings to the frame. Socell brackets are a great option for anyone looking for a durable and reliable bracket.

They are made from high-quality materials, so they can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you need them for a bed frame, headboard, or another piece of furniture, Socell brackets are a great option.

The brackets include some mounting screws, making it easy to install them on your bed frame. They have a clean, simple design that will not distract from the rest of your bed frame.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easily attach bed frames to the headboard or footboard
  • Made of high-quality material that is very durable
  • Includes screws for easy installation
  • Will not distract from your bed frame’s design
  • Can hold up to 500 pounds

8. KisSealed Bed Rail Fastener

KisSealed brackets are perfect for anyone who wants a sturdy and reliable way to attach their bed rails to their bed frame. They’re made of heavy-duty materials, and they include screws so you can install them quickly and easily.

These rail fittings are made of metal for durability, and each set comes with four brackets, four plates, and enough screws to complete the job. You can use these brackets to build a new shelving system or reinforce an existing one.

As the KisSealed Bed Rail Fastener is made of heavy-duty galvanized steel, they are made to be sturdy and durable. Whether you use them in a workshop, garage, or other industrial settings, these are a perfect choice.

KisSealed brackets are a great way to install and disassemble easily. They don’t require any mortise, so they are convenient to use. If you want to relocate your bed, you can take it apart and reassemble it wherever you need it.

Each KisSealed bracket is designed with a measuring tape built-in, which makes them ideal for mounting multiple objects of the same size. You can set up an adjustable shelf or rack that will always be straight by using these brackets.

KisSealed brackets are an essential item for anyone who owns wooden furniture. They provide a secure and lasting bond between two pieces of wood and can be used for a variety of applications.

Whether you’re putting together a new bed frame, repairing a broken headboard, or building a new bunk bed ladder, KisSealed brackets will get the job done quickly and easily.

Highlighted Features:

  • Four brackets, four plates, and screws included
  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel brackets
  • The secure and durable bond between two pieces of wood
  • Easily adjustable and removable
  • Perfect for those with wooden furniture
  • No mortise required

9. Antrader Wooden Bed Rail Brackets

These Antrader railing brackets are perfect for connecting your bed rails together without any mortise installation. Made from heavy-duty iron, these connectors are incredibly strong and easily snap into place.

The Antrader bracket is a device that helps secure a bed base to a bed frame. This is an important safety feature, as it helps to keep the railing in place.

Antrader Wooden Bed Rail Brackets can be easily attached and provide a solid foundation for the railing. The Antrader hook brackets plate size is 80x25x25mm and the mounting plate size is 80 x 17mm.

With the Antrader brackets, any home will look stylish and functional. The iron construction is sturdy and durable, while the brass tone gives them a touch of elegance. The mount hole diameter of 5mm is perfect for most applications.

These brackets come with all the screws you need to secure them to your bed frame, and they’re built to withstand heavy loads. So if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to upgrade your bed, Antrader brackets are a perfect choice.

Moreover, these bed brackets are easy to install and don’t require any complex tools. You can have a completely new bed in a couple of minutes.

Choose Antrader brackets to upgrade your bed and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family is safe at night.

Before you buy, consider if you’re going to want to move the bed structure around frequently, as these hooks are set into place once installed.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easily secures bed rails to a bed frame
  • Iron construction is sturdy and durable
  • The brass tone gives them a touch of elegance
  • A hassle-free way to upgrade your bed
  • 80mm x 25mm hook brackets plates
  • 80mm x 17mm mounting plate size

10. XIANEWS Store Wooden Bed Rail Bracket

These bed frame brackets are perfect for securing your bed frame to your headboard and footboard. The hardware is made of sturdy galvanized steel and the screws are included, so you can start using them right away.

This bed hinge is made of toothed steel which makes it stronger, and resistant to corrosion. It’s also anti-rust so it will be more durable. This would be a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality bed hinge.

XIANEWS Store Wooden Bed Rail Bracket is perfect for hanging shelves and other objects on a wooden wall. It is easy to install. Simply drill screws into the wood surface and attach the bracket. It is also very sturdy, making it perfect for heavier items.

The XIANEWS Store brackets are the perfect way to organize your bed. The corner piece is 13cm X 1.5cm X 1cm and the flat piece is 313cm X 4 cm X 3mm. This product is a must-have for any home.

Featuring a set of 4 rail fasteners and 32 installation screws, this product is all you need to get the job done quickly and easily. Plus, the all-in-one packaging makes it easy to store and transport when needed.

The bed hinge is a great addition to any bed frame, as it provides stability and support. It can be attached to the bed base, footboard, headboard, and bed column. It is also great for use with bunk beds and ladders.

Highlighted Features:

  • Galvanized steel hardware for durability
  • Toothed steel design offers strong grip
  • Anti-rust and anti-corrosion so it’s more durable
  • Drill screws into the wood surface to attach
  • Perfect for securing objects to a wooden wall

These are our top picks for bed rail brackets. If you are looking for an upgrade to your bed, these are excellent choices that will help you feel better while resting. No matter your budget, you’re sure to find something above that fits your needs.

Buying Guides for Best Bed Rails Brackets

Bed frame brackets

When you choose bed rail brackets, there are several factors that you’ll want to consider. The bed frame brackets should fit snugly into the bed frame or rails and stay securely in place once mounted.

As a result, you may need to try a few different styles before finding one that works for your bed. Consider these things before choosing a bracket:


First, you’ll need to consider the material you want your brackets made out of.

Bed frame brackets are usually made of metal and steel. Metal bed frame brackets tend to be sturdier but can rust when exposed to water.

On the other hand, steel bed frame brackets are rust-resistant and more suitable for humid room conditions but can be bent out of shape if you mistakenly hit them with a heavy object.


You’ll also need to consider the size of the bed slat brackets you choose.

Bed frame brackets are usually sold in pairs, so you want to make sure they fit on both sides of your bed frame. If you have a wood or metal bed frame, you can buy screws with hook brackets that will fit perfectly into place with your brackets.

As you shop, make sure to measure the size of your bed frame carefully to determine which brackets will fit.

Design and Build

Bed corner brackets

The design and build of your bracket will affect the overall look of your bed.

The most common type of bracket looks like the letter “L” that hangs from each end of the bracket. The length should be long enough to fit around any part, such as a footboard or headboard, but not so long that it causes issues with the overall structure of the bed.

When shopping, try to find brackets that are sturdy but do not look too bulky or large on your bed frame. This will help you avoid a cluttered appearance for a nicely streamlined style in your bedroom.


The thickness of the bed frame brackets you choose is also important.

Thinner brackets are easier to hide on a wooden bed frame, while thicker brackets tend to be more noticeable and visible on a metal-based bed frame.

If your room tends to have lower humidity levels, thinner brackets will prevent rust or corrosion from forming over time. Make sure the brackets look durable and can support the weight of your mattress.

If you live in a humid room, thicker bed frame brackets may be preferable to prevent them from getting corroded by moisture.


Bed surface mounted brackets

If you have a heavy mattress, it may be important to invest in brackets with high weight capacities to prevent damage or bending.

As you shop, make sure the brackets can support the weight of your bed and hold up against rough movement at night. Brackets should align evenly with your bed frame and not be too large for smaller beds to handle.


The functionality of your bed’s connectors is also important.

Brackets should be easy to move inward or outward, depending on the needs of your bed. Your brackets should provide a snug fit when attached and prevent movement from occurring in either direction.

In general, this will help keep your mattress safe for sleeping at night. If you need to adjust the position of your bed often during the night, consider purchasing brackets that you can attach and remove easily.

Easily Assembles and Disassembles

If you place your brackets on and off regularly, look for ones that assemble and disassemble easily.

The bed’s attachments should fit snugly into each side of the frame or rails and attach securely with no gaps so they don’t move around.

They also need to be easy to remove without requiring a lot of time or effort on your part. This will help you save time and hassle in the future when removing them to adjust the position of your bed during the night.


Bolt on brackets for foot and headboard extensions

If you need your brackets to have durable performance, look for ones that are made from durable metal or steel that does not bend or rust with use.

This will also help prevent corrosion over time if you live in a humid environment. Your bed frame brackets should be made of sturdy materials that do not break down easily when moved repeatedly throughout the day.

Items Included in the Set

It is important to choose a set of bed frame brackets that includes all of the pieces you need.

In some cases, your brackets may not include screws or anchors. If you have never purchased these types of products before, make sure to read reviews and descriptions carefully to know what kinds of things come within the set.

If you live in a climate with higher humidity levels, make sure your brackets come attached with screws and anchors to keep them in place.


The price of your bed base hardware is also important.

You want to make sure you choose a set of brackets that fits within your budget and doesn’t cost more than necessary for the quality you need. Your brackets should be of high enough quality to handle moving your mattress in and out without damage or bending.

Additional Factors to Consider When Choosing Bed Frame Brackets

Durable brackets for upholstered bed

A few additional factors to consider when choosing your bed frame brackets to include:

Sizes of Bed’s Legs

Your bedpost attachments should fit securely onto the legs of your bed frame.

Measure the legs carefully to make sure you’re choosing brackets that can fit well within them. If they are too large or small, it might not be possible to use them properly without cutting down your bedframe itself to a different size.

Height Of Bed Rails or Frame

Your bed rails also need to be high enough if your bed structure is taller than average.

The brackets should be positioned at a height that allows them to slide easily in and out of their place without much trouble or force involved. This will help you move your mattress in and out of the best bed frame brackets with ease.

Thickness Of Mattress (For Sturdier Brackets)

If you need your brackets to hold up against rougher movement, make sure they are sturdy enough to accommodate the weight of your mattress.

High-density foam mattresses will be heavier than standard ones and require more support from your bed’s brackets. Bed rails that are too thin or flimsy might collapse under the weight of your mattress, especially if it’s on the heavier side.

Smaller Bed Frames (For Brackets with Extra Features)

Bed Rail mounts that are small might be better suited for smaller beds or children’s beds.

You can find the best bed frame brackets in various sizes to accommodate any specific bed frame brackets you may have. These brackets are often designed to support lighter mattresses but can be used for other functions as well.

Measure your bed frame before purchasing so you know which size you need. Brackets that are too large will not fit properly on your bed rails or mattress platform and might be difficult to move in and out of the frame.

It is important to find the best bed frame brackets that fit your frame and set it up easily. These simple factors can improve the comfort level of your mattress as well as its safety from damage or movement.

Make sure to spend a little extra time shopping around before making a purchase so you make a wise investment instead of getting ones that don’t fit your frame.

Different types of Bed Frame Brackets

Adjustable sizing bed frame brackets

There are two types of the best bed frame brackets to consider for your bed frame, bolt-on or hook-on.

Bolt-On Bracket

Bolt-on style footboard brackets typically require a drill to be properly attached.

You may also find that a bolt-on style footboard comes with two different sizes of screws or bolts for larger and smaller bed frames, depending on the size of your frame.

Hook-On Bracket

A hook-on bracket does not require drilling and can easily be moved around and adjusted within the frame.

Bed hook brackets work by hooking into the inside corners of your bed and holding onto the legs with a simple but secure mechanism. A bed hook bracket is harder to install in metal and wood rails but is typically more secure and versatile than its bolt-on counterpart for larger beds.

Benefits of Bed Frame Rail Brackets

Benefits of Bed Frame Rail Brackets

There are a number of benefits of using bed rail brackets for your bed rails. These include:

Prevents Slipping and Moving of Mattress

Using the best bed frame brackets prevents your mattress from slipping to the floor or moving too much when you move around at night. It also gives you a firmer edge so you don’t fall off as easily and can help protect against joint and back pain.

Protects Mattress From Damage

Even if your bed frame is flimsy or lower quality, using two brackets will protect against dents and scratches that might be caused by the legs of your bed. It also protects against rusting and other damage from moisture.

Easy Transfer Of Mattress Between Beds

You can easily transfer your mattress between different beds without disassembling the two brackets since they are connected to your bed rails. This is great for changing out rooms or having guests over to sleep at night.

Convenient Storage Of Extra Mattresses

If you have extra mattress sets, putting them on bed corner brackets helps with easy storage and transport when moving house.

Rather than trying to figure out how to fit your original bed frame and mattress set into a moving truck, you can just place the extra mattress on brackets and roll it out of the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few questions that come up frequently when it comes to best bed frame brackets, which include:

1. How to Stabilize a Metal Bed Frame?

How to Stabilize a Metal Bed Frame

If you are looking for a way to stabilize your metal bed frame, adding slats bed frame brackets is a great option.

By doing this, you will create extra support and help to distribute the weight more evenly. This can be a great way to prevent any damage or instability that may occur with regular use.

2. How to Connect Headboard to Metal Frame?

If you are connecting headboard brackets to your metal bed frame, adding extra bed support brackets can help with stability.

Attach the brackets to the headboard and bed frame before inserting them into one another. Then, screw them together using a drill and the appropriate screws for your frame.

This will help keep it all in place and prevent any shifting over time, especially if you do not include slats under your mattress.

3. How to Install Headboard Brackets on Adjustable Bed?

If you want to install headboard brackets on an adjustable bed, it is best to add them when your bed frame is in a flat position. First, measure the height and width of the flat position for headboard brackets to get an idea of where your brackets will need to be placed.

After doing this, make sure you know how far apart they should be and then screw them tightly into place using a drill and screws that fit your bed frame. You can use Zinus headboard brackets for your zinus bed frames.

4. How to Fix a Broken Bed Side Rail?

When trying to fix a broken bedside rail, first disconnect the headboard and footboard from the frame.

Next, remove the bolts or screws that are holding your bedpost into place. Then, insert new brackets into the holes at each end of the rail. Attach these to your headboard and footboard extension brackets using new bolts or screws. Make sure they are nice and tight.


Using bed rail brackets can help you protect your mattress and bed frame. It also makes for easier storage of mattresses when moving house or between rooms.

The best bed rail brackets are easy to install and come in a variety of styles depending on what type of frame you have.

If the bracket does not connect firmly with your existing headboard, try screwing it more tightly into place or beefing it up with additional bracket pieces.

Once you know how to properly install bed rail attachments on your bed, you can easily prevent any damage while also increasing the life of your mattress and frame while making everything more stable.

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