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Best Wood Sealer for Trailer Deck : Top 6 Picks for 2024

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Your trailer deck is exposed to outdoor elements on a daily basis, and therefore requires protection from the sun, rain, and snow that could damage it. 

Some of the problems that could happen from weather exposure include cracking, warping, and even rotting. 

If you are not careful, these problems could shorten the life of your deck. In this case, a wood sealer is an important product to have on hand.

The best wood sealer for trailer deck will help protect it against damage from the elements and prolong its life. 

In addition, it will protect your deck from fading and chipping, as well as make it more resistant to dirt and dust. 

Choosing the right sealer requires extensive research that is time-consuming. Due to this, we created this guide to make the selection process easier for you. 

We will review six of the top-rated sealants on the market in order to determine which one will provide superior protection for your trailer deck.

Ready Seal Deck Sealants

SaverSystems Decking Sealant

Storm System Wood Deck Sealers

6 Best Wood Sealer for Trailer Deck Reviews

Choosing the right wood sealer is an important decision. If you are looking for a high-quality product that will protect your deck from damage, you may wish to look at the list we have compiled after extensive research. This will help ensure the protection of your trailer without interfering with its functionality.

1. Ready Seal Deck Sealants

If you’re looking for a great way to protect your trailer deck, you have to check out Ready Seal’s exterior wood stain and sealer.

This is a popular deck sealant because it is easy to use and does not require a primer. It’s darkest when first applied but will reach its true color in approximately 14 days.

Just be careful not to apply it over painted or newly stained surfaces, as that will inhibit the product’s ability to penetrate.

You can apply this deck sealant with a sprayer, a roller, or a brush. It is designed to protect the surface of the timber and can be used on wood decks, fences, and other outdoor furniture and structures.

With this high-quality sealant, there is no need to back brush, which means that you will save time and effort. It’s designed to be easy and quick to use, yet it won’t leave runs, laps, or streaks.

This product does not require a wet-line application, so it can be used in any temperature range. It will blend itself, making the application process quick and easy.

Unlike other sealants, these deck sealants do not require dilution or thinning prior to application, so the job can be done quickly and easily.

The sealant can be applied at any temperature, so it’s perfect for use in any climate. It’s an oil-based, semi-transparent deck stain that will give your timber a beautiful finish while also protecting it from the elements.

When it comes to your deck, you want the best protection possible against the outdoor elements.

Mold, mildew, and harmful UV rays are effectively prevented by this sealant, which penetrates deeply into the timber.

It’s a unique formula that leaves a beautiful finish that will enhance the appearance of your deck while preserving its condition for a long time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Prevents mold, mildew, and UV rays damaging effects
  • Easy to use without primer
  • Penetrates deeply into the wood
  • Perfect for any climate
  • Allows 14 days for the color to be reached fully
  • Saves time and effort with no need to back brush

2. Storm System Wood Deck Sealers

STORM SYSTEM’s Storm Protector is a wonderful choice for those seeking a sealer that will protect their decks from the elements.

It’s a penetrating sealer and stain protector that will keep your deck looking good for a long time. It comes in a 1-gallon size and is available in the Cedartone color.

The product is oil-based, making it durable and long-lasting. This protector is also semi-transparent, so it will not cover up the wood grain but rather enhance it.

This deck sealer penetrates deep into the timber, providing added protection against rain, snow, etc.

So if you’re looking for a long-lasting solution to keep your deck looking beautiful, be sure to try Storm deck sealers.

This sealer can be used on any type of timber and can be used as a Pinewood stain, Cedar fence sealer, Mahogany sealer, Cedar sealer, Redwood stain, Douglas Fir stain, Spruce stain, Pressure treated wood, treated plywood, and Cypress stain.

It can also be used to protect other wooden substrates, such as fences and siding. You can use a brush, roller, or spray to apply the sealer, and it forms a protective barrier that prevents water and UV damage.

Furthermore, it makes the trailer’s wooden floor easier to clean and keeps it looking new for a more extended period of time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Oil-based and semi transparent
  • Protects the wood from water, UV, and other damages
  • Penetrates deep into the wood for added protection
  • Compatible with all types of timber

3. SaverSystems Decking Sealant

When it comes to decking sealants, using SaverSystems decking sealant is an ideal option. With this deck sealant, you can expect an improvement in the appearance of your deck. It comes in a dark walnut color which will give any deck a new look.

It provides a high level of protection against the effects of UV rays that can cause fading and graying. Additionally, the pressure treated wood grain is completely hidden, resulting in an opaque finish.

This trailer decking sealant is a great two-in-one stain and sealant for your timber. It can be used over the top of existing, solid color wooden stains that still have good adhesion.

The sealant will help to protect your timber from weathering and staining, while the stain will give it a fresh look.

This UV resistant product is easy to use and will protect your deck from harsh weather conditions. It is available in six beautiful, solid color finishes that will dry to a flat, natural-looking finish.

This water-based sealant has a very low odor. It is intended to protect and enhance the appearance of decking. It features a low VOC content (<60 g/L) for minimal environmental impact and can be cleaned up with water for easy cleanup.

Suitable for use on decks and other outdoor wood surfaces. The sealant protects against weathering and fading, and it is easy to apply.

This sealant is perfect for all horizontal and vertical wooden surfaces, including pressure treated wood, cedar, pine, redwood, fir, mahogany, and more.

Highlighted Features:

  • Resists fading and graying
  • Dark walnut color for a new deck look
  • Low odor formula for a pleasant work environment
  • Provide a high level of protection from UV rays

4. Liquid Rubber Wooden Deck Sealers

If you’re looking for a way to keep your wooden deck and dock in top condition, you’ll need a reliable sealant.

The Deck and Dock coating from Liquid Rubber provides you with a protective barrier that keeps your timber and trailer deck in the best possible condition. 

With the use of premium UV-resistant ingredients, this Deck and Dock Coating will resist sun-related deterioration.

This is an important feature for surfaces constantly immersed in sunlight, such as decks and docks. In addition, it reduces heat transfer by up to 35% when compared to regular sealers.

The sealer is easy to apply, and it will form a seamless and fully adhered membrane. 

You can use a brush, roller, or paint sprayer to apply it. It can also be used with Liquid Rubber Seam Tape for a more secure bond.

These UV resistant wooden deck sealers are water-based, non-flammable, and non-toxic, making them safe for humans and pets. They can be used indoors and outdoors, and there is no need for special breathing apparatus.

It requires a minimum final thickness of 1 gallon/40 square feet, with 3-4 heavy coats required for full coverage.

For heavily trafficked areas, 1 gallon/30 square feet is recommended. The deck sealer forms a durable barrier against weathering and wear while preserving the natural look of the lumber.

Highlighted Features:

  • Protects wood’s surface from weathering and UV damage 
  • Seamless membrane for a secure attachment
  • Water-based, non-flammable, and non-toxic for safety
  • Easy to apply with a brush, roller, or paint sprayer

5. Seal It Green Non Toxic Deck Sealer

If you are looking for a non-toxic wood sealer that will help protect your deck from water damage, cupping, and cracking, then Seal It Green Xtreme deck sealer is the perfect solution.

This deep penetration formula helps protect the wood for a long time, and it is safe to use on all types of wood. It is a non toxic deck sealer that is ideal for use on bamboo decks, docks, and fences.

Bamboo and exotic types of woods are protected with this deck sealer from water and UV damage. You can prolong the life of your deck, shingles, or fence with SIG Extreme Bamboo.

This deck sealer is safe for all types of timber and will prevent end grain checking, cupping, cracking, and other naturally occurring damage.

As it penetrates deeply into the board, it provides long-term protection. It is also free of mineral oils, mineral spirits, pine, or linseed oils, making it a safe choice for those with allergies or sensitivities.

This product is suitable for all types of wood, and it dries quickly so you can get back to using your deck or other wood surfaces immediately after application.

In order to protect the deck of your trailer from water damage, cupping, and cracking, you may consider choosing this non-toxic deck sealer.

Highlighted Features:

  • Protects your deck from water damage, cupping, and cracking
  • Deep penetration formula helps protect the wood for a long time
  • Non-toxic deck sealer for environmental protection
  • Suitable for all types of wood, including bamboo decks and fences

6. DeckWise Transparent Sealant

This sealant from DeckWise is designed to protect your hardwood deck, siding, and fence from the elements.

It forms a semi-transparent water seal barrier that will keep your surfaces looking new for years to come.

Applying the sealant is easy, and it dries quickly so you can get back to enjoying your outdoor area.

This penetrating sealer will help preserve and enhance the beauty of your timber while also protecting it from the weather.

So whether you have Ipe, Teak, Mahogany, Cumaru, or Tigerwood decking, be sure to use DeckWise sealant to keep it looking its best.

The DeckWise sealant is a unique product in that it doesn’t require any prep work before application.

You simply need to clean the surface, apply the deck sealer, and dry it. Its semi-transparent tint functions as a UV protection, preventing the timber from being exposed to the sun’s harmful rays.

It is said to be effective for up to six years on horizontal surfaces and up to ten years on vertical surfaces.

The low VOC formula makes DeckWise transparent sealant ideal for homeowners seeking to protect their decks with a chemical-free sealant.

Highlighted Features:

  • Semi-transparent tint gives UV protection
  • Ensures six-year horizontal and ten-year vertical surface protection
  • Low VOC formula suitable for health
  • Easy to apply 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Wood Sealer

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It’s important to protect your wooden surfaces with a deck sealer, so you can protect them against the elements. 

Sealing your deck can help keep it in good condition for years to come, but only if you choose the right deck sealer. 

When selecting the best sealer for your trailer’s wooden floor, you will need to consider a couple of different factors. 

Doing so will help you select the most suitable deck sealer for your needs. Below are some of the most important considerations you should keep in mind:

1. Types of Sealer

Choosing the best trailer deck sealer will require you to decide whether you want an oil-based or a water-based product. 

Both types of sealant are effective at protecting timber, but they also have their own advantages to consider. 

In general, both types of sealant will do an excellent job of preserving and enhancing the natural beauty of your wooden surfaces. 

Understanding the benefits of each type of sealant can assist you in making an informed decision. Thus, before you choose a sealant, make sure that you consider the purpose and benefits of each type.

2. Environmental Protection

wood dries

Another important consideration when choosing a sealant for your trailer wooden floor is environmental concerns. It’s always best to choose an environmentally safe sealant. 

This will help ensure that it won’t have any adverse effects on your area’s environment, wildlife, soil, or water supply. 

Ideally, you should choose a sealant that is non-toxic and free of VOCs, chlorine, formaldehyde, and petroleum distillates. 

Choosing an environmentally safe sealant will help ensure that the products you use to protect your trailer wooden floor are not harmful to you, your family, your pets, or the environment.

3. Longevity

When it comes to protecting your trailer’s wooden floor, you will want to find a deck sealer that will provide good protection for as long as possible. 

The key to finding a product that offers long-lasting protection is choosing one that will do its job well. Thus, you need to determine how effective the different sealants are at protecting timber before you commit to buying. 

Doing so will allow you to select only the best sealant for your trailer wooden floor and avoid wasting money on an ineffective product.

4. UV Protection

UV Protection

UV rays are harmful to wood, causing it to fade or become discolored. You need to select a sealant that offers maximum UV protection. 

The best sealants will offer excellent protection against uv damage, preventing your trailer’s wooden floor from becoming faded over time. 

If you want to keep your deck in good condition for years to come, then look for a sealant that offers UV protection.

5. Color

Before you select a wood sealant, it’s important to consider what color you want your deck to be after the sealant is applied. Some types of sealants are transparent and will develop no color or tint on your trailer’s wooden floor

Other types can offer more protection but may stain or change the appearance of your deck in the process. If you want to preserve the color of your trailer’s wooden floor, then you should select a transparent sealant. 

When choosing a deck, choose one with an added tint if you do not mind changing the natural color.

6. Ease of Application

When choosing the best sealer for trailer deck, make sure you consider how easy it will be to apply. You should select a relatively easy product to use and apply evenly. 

It may appear messy or uneven and take longer to apply if you choose a deck sealer that cannot be applied easily or evenly.

If you want something that is easy to apply, then look for a product that can be applied with a spray, brush, or roller to help you save time and effort.

7. Mildew and Water Resistance

Mildew and Water Resistance

Mildew and water are the biggest problems that can arise when you’re trying to keep your deck in good condition. Thus, you need to find a deck sealer that will protect your deck against these problems. 

The best trailer wood sealer will be made from a mildew-resistant formula or include other ingredients that offer water resistance or prevent mildew from forming.

8. Types of Wood

When looking for a wood sealant, it’s important to pick a product that is going to work best on your desired type of treated wood. If you have multiple kinds of wood on your deck, then you should find a sealant that works well with all of them. 

It’s also important to note which types of wood are most common so you can choose a sealant that works well on them. If you want your deck to last as long as possible, then do some research to find the best deck sealer for your deck.

9. Penetration

Before selecting a sealant, you should determine what penetration level is required. Some types of wood decks require a thicker or more thorough sealant to offer adequate protection and preservation.

If your deck needs a deeper coating to protect it, then choose a product that has sufficient penetration and provides excellent protection.

10. Drying Time

Drying Time

When selecting a sealant, you should determine how long it takes to dry before you apply another light coat. Not all products take the same amount of time to set, so you need to find one that dries quickly. 

If you choose a product with a long drying time, you may have to wait a long time before you can apply another coating. You can save time by choosing a deck sealer with a quick-drying capability.

11. Odor

You need to choose a deck wood sealant that doesn’t have a strong and bad smell. If you select a product with a strong odor, it may bother you and other people in the area when applying it. 

Find a sealant with a mild or non-existent smell instead to help keep yourself and others in the area happy while using it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A lot of questions may arise when you are trying to find a wood sealant. Here are some of the most common questions that people ask about the wood sealant.

1. How to Protect Wood Trailer Floor?

A sealant is required to prevent damage to a wooden trailer floor. It will provide a clear and shining look and prevent damage from the UV rays of the sun. 

However, make sure you select the best product. You should first clean the deck properly, then allow it to dry. The next step is to apply one coat application of deck sealer. You may apply it by rolling, brushing, or spraying. 

Allow it to dry. Then apply a second coat. After completely drying, the deck will be ready for use.

2. How Long Does It Take for the Sealer to Dry?

Sealers come in a large variety of types and qualities. It will depend on the specific product, but some sealers can dry in 4 hours. Others may take up to 24 to 48 hours. You should make sure you apply it in a well-ventilated area.

3. How Long Does Wood Sealer Last?

The length of time that the sealant will last depends on the specific product, its quality, and how it is used. However, if your deck is properly maintained, it should last from six to ten years. Some sealers may last even longer.

4. Can You Paint Over Sealer?

Many sealers are compatible with paint. However, you should make sure that the type of paint is consistent as well. Generally, you can apply paints over water-based sealers. With oil-based sealers, paints are not recommended.


Choosing a wood sealer for your trailer deck is an important decision. To get the most protection, you should choose a wood sealer that can work with all types of natural wood decks and offers penetration capabilities to reach both the top and bottom layers of the wood. 

It should dry quickly and be free of an overpowering or unpleasant odor. Determine these characteristics and then find a sealant that matches them. 

Doing so will help you select the best wood sealer for trailer deck and provide the most superior protection possible against damage from water, sun, and other elements. 

All the product reviews mentioned here are top-quality products. You can select any of them for your deck.

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