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How to Remove Carpet Tape from Wood Floor : Simple Guide

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A carpet tape is an excellent tool for various purposes. It’s cheap, it sticks well, and can create a variety of effects. This tape is also very easy to store and transport as long as you know how to pack it properly.

Although carpet tape is quite convenient to have around the wood floor, there are also times when you may decide that it’s best to remove it from your wood flooring.

If you want to replace the carpet with new ones, or you need to remove the tape that was left behind by somebody else. Here’s a guide to help you remove tape residue from wood floors without damaging them!

The Importance of Removing Wood Flooring Adhesive Tape Correctly

The Importance of Removing Wood Flooring Adhesive Tape Correctly

When you take carpet tape off the wood floor, it’s important that you do not use your bare hands. This may leave behind a sticky residue that will be extremely difficult to remove without suffering damage.

They often use double sided tape in order to add a layer of protection between the floor and furniture or equipment. Sometimes, the materials used on your wooden floors may be more sensitive than usual.

When you have a finished wooden floor with a coating, it’s very possible that the tape will damage it if you don’t remove it carefully.

In addition, when you have a bare floor without a protective layer, the carpet glue from the double sided tape will attach itself to the surface and become even harder to remove later on. There is no need to add this problem to your long list of chores!

How to Remove Carpet Tape from Wood Floor without Damaging the Surface

How to Remove Carpet Tape from Wood Floor without Damaging the Surface

Following are a few steps you can take in order to remove the tape without causing damage.

Tools You Will Need

You will need the following tools in this step: a putty knife, sticky remover, paper towel, and rags. You should make sure you’ve got good suction in order to remove all the tape residues.

Clean the Area with a Degreaser or a Solvent

Two options to consider for this step: either spray the tape with a degreaser or use a commercial cleaning agent specific to solvents in order to remove the adhesive.

In case you have especially tough sticky residue, try sticking your blade into it and gently pulling it off. Clean the hardwood floor with soap and water. Complete the job with an adhesive remover, such as goo gone mineral spirit.

Apply the Cleaning Solution and Allow It to Soak

Mix your preferred degreaser with warm water in a bucket. Stir thoroughly until the solution is ready to be used. Before you wipe the floor, spray the affected area rug with your solution and allow it to soak in for about five minutes or so.

Then, use a clean soft cloth soaked in the same cleaning solution to scrub away the adhesive. Finish the job with a damp soft cloth and allow everything to dry for about 15 minutes.

Clean Up Any Residual Adhesive with a Wet Cloth

You will need to clean the floor again with a wet cloth. Don’t use any chemicals because they can damage the coat on your wood floor. Simply wipe away the sticky and dry the area after you finish up.

If you don’t have a plastic scraper, you can also use the back of your putty knife. This is the safest way to remove sticky residue with a low risk of damaging your wooden floors.

Use Plastic Scraper

Use Plastic Scraper

If you can’t pull it off with a putty knife, use a plastic scraper in order to get the job done. When you finish, wash the scraper with some warm soapy water.

Use a Hair dryer to Loosen the Tape Adhesive

A hair dryer is a must-have home appliance. Using it on the sticky stripes on wooden floors will make the job much easier!  You can use it on its lowest setting, or you can make the process go even faster by using it on high heat.

Heat Gun

If you do not own a hair dryer, consider using a heat gun. It will remove the tape adhesive as well as any sticky residue left behind by your old carpeting. However, this may damage your floor if you use it too often.

Apply Spirits in the Same Way

If you use mineral spirits or rubbing alcohol in this process, you will ensure all sticky residue is removed. This is important if you want to keep your flooring in good shape for a long period.

Spirits, paint thinner, or rubbing alcohol solvent designed to remove double sided tape can all be used, depending on the type of coating or sealant.

Return Tools to Their Original Places

Put your tools back where they came from before starting the project. It’s important to follow safety precautions so everyone can enjoy their wooden floors for many years to come!

There are just a few things you have to keep in mind if you want clear adhesive stripes on wooden flooring.

As a sticky remover, use mineral spirits such as goo gone if your wooden floors do not have a protective layer. Make sure it’s labeled as safe for bare surfaces!

Preventing Future Damage to Wood Floors

Preventing Future Damage to Wood Floors

You can prevent any future damage to your wooden floors with some preventive measures. Take the following steps:

Clean the Floor Regularly

It’s recommended that you vacuum your wood floors daily, especially if you have pets or kids in your home. Doing so will keep the dirt from getting stuck between the planks and will prevent any further damage to your floor.

Use a proper adhesive instead of tape

Use an adhesive designed specifically for wooden floors. Make sure you read the package carefully in order to get one that suits your needs!

Don’t Press Too Hard When Removing the Tape

In order to keep your wooden floor from getting damaged, it’s important not to press too hard when removing the adhesive. This is important because it can lead to tearing or indentation on the surface of your flooring.

Don’t Remove Adhesive with a Sharp Object

When applying a carpenter’s knife, make sure you do so gently in order to avoid placing any kind of damage on your wooden floors!

Avoid Using Hot Water or Steam When Cleaning Up

This might lead to warping and causing significant damage to your flooring! Keep in mind that some types of wooden floors in particular can cause tiny scratches and tears on the surface when you wipe them with hot water.

Frequently Asked Question

What Type of Tools Should I Have Ready Before Starting the Project?

You should make sure you have the following tools ready before starting the project: a putty knife, sticky remover, paper towel or rags, and your vacuum cleaner.

What Is the Best Way to Remove Tape from Wooden Floors?

The best way to remove the  double sided tape from wooden floors is to first soak the sticky stripes in warm soapy water for a while and then scrub the adhesive away with a cloth soaked in hot soapy water. Finish by rinsing and drying with a clean cloth.

How Do I Secure Glue over Floors?

When installing the sticky, you should use a product specifically designed for use on wooden floors.

Can Tape Damage the Wood on the Floor?

Yes! If you remove the  double sided tape residue incorrectly, your flooring will be more exposed to damages. Make sure you follow this procedure carefully if you want to protect it from future damage!


If you’ve been looking for a way to protect your wooden floors from any further damage, the tips outlined in this post are perfect.

By following these instructions and doing some research on what type of flooring sticky would work best for you, you can keep your home safe without damaging it.

Start by cleaning up after yourself when removing carpet tape or other adhesives so that there is no risk of warping or scratches being left behind!

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