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15 Gauge VS 16 Gauge Finish Nailer : Key Differences

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You’re looking for a nail gun to complete your next project, but you don’t know which one is best.

When it comes to choosing between 15 gauge vs 16 gauge finish nailers, there are some key differences that potential buyers should be aware of.

Let’s have a look at the key differences between the 15 gauge finish nailer vs 16 gauge and which one is best for you.

Top 10 Best 15 Gauge Finish Nailer Reviews

Metabo HPT Finish Nailer 15 GA

Dewalt Finish Nailer 15 GA

3PLUS Finish Nailer HDA1564SP 15 GA

These are our top choices for the best 15 gauge finish nailer

1. Metabo HPT Finish Nailer 15-Gauge

For decades Metabo has been the go-to brand of professional nailers and finish nailers for professionals everywhere. With innovations such as a variable exhaust port, 360-degree air duster, and tool-less drive depth control on these angled 15 GA finish nailers.

A compact body makes maneuverability easier in narrow spaces. The magazine design offers better orientation and grip and the pneumatic operation provides reliable power with less effort.

The Metabo HPT Finish Nailer 15-gauge is a lightweight (4.2 lbs) model that reduces user fatigue, increasing efficiency. Surface contact safety trigger prevents accidental firing when installing crown molding or other delicate items pieces like frames where desired height is achieved by cutting nails close to the surface.

This 15-gauge angle nailer is ideal for installing base and crown molding, casings for windows and doors, cabinets, trim, chair rails, and staircases. Ideal for trim carpenters or cabinet installers who work from ladders or scaffolding providing less fatigue on the user without compromising performance.

Don’t forget, there is an official warranty covering this product for 5 years.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compact body
  • Magazine design for better grip and orientation
  • Pneumatic operation for easier
  • Lightweight 4.2 lbs design reducing user fatigue
  • 5 Year Warranty

2. Dewalt 15 Gauge Finish Nailer

Let’s have a closer look at Dewalt 15 gauge finish nailer reviews. This 20V MAX Finish Nailer, Angled is the perfect lightweight pneumatic nailer that will get your projects done without busting your arm.

This cordless nailer also eliminates the need for costly gas cartridges and an air compressor because it’s operated by a rechargeable battery.

You simply have to charge up your battery powered finish nailers before you start a job. Just keep one fully charged on-site and swap them out as needed.

This cordless nail gun features an ergonomic grip with its lightweight body, which ensures operator comfort and less user fatigue. It has a nose depth of 1-1/4-inch to 2-1/2-inch for a variety of woodworking projects.

The DEWALT DCN650 15 GA Angled nail gun is designed for easy servicing, including a tool-free jam release, flexible belt clip, and stall release lever.

It also features an easily visible low nail indicator as well as a battery fuel gauge so you know when it’s time to put the 20V Lithium-Ion Battery on the charger.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight pneumatic finish nailer
  • 20V MAX cordless
  • Ergonomic grip for the operator’s comfort
  • 1¼” – 2½” nose depth

3. 3PLUS Finish Nailer – HDA1564SP 15 GA

Let’s check out the 3PLUS Finish Nailer Reviews. The 3PLUS Angle nail gun can drive 15 GA 1-1/4″ to 2 1/2″ strip angle finish nails. It can be used to install crown and base moldings as well as window and door casings.

It has a 34-degree magazine angle that allows users to reach tight corners and other areas with ease. This tool is essential for professionals who want to efficiently complete projects.

The 3PLUS HDA1564SP angle nailer is a great 15 GA option. It is lightweight, durable, reliable, easy to carry around, and light enough for any user on the Jobsite.

Whether you are a professional or novice at home improvement projects, you will find this tool extremely easy to use with its simple operation. Each time you pull the trigger, your project will be completed accurately without any hassle of jamming or misfires.

The interchangeable trigger allows you to switch between single-shot fire and bump fire depending on which type of job you’re working on for more efficiency.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight, durable, reliable
  • Convenient for carrying around
  • Easy to use with simple operation
  • Versatile function with single-shot fire and bump fire

4. Dewalt Cordless Finish Nailer 15 Gauge

The Dewalt cordless finish nailer’s 15 gauge is the perfect nail gun for any finish work in tight spaces. It takes out the need of using a compressor, hose, or costly gas cartridges with its brushless motor that’s powered by a battery.

This cordless nailer blows away competition because it maximizes runtime and durability while also offering precise placement with its micro nose. The tool-free depth control makes countersinking easier than ever before so you can achieve perfection on every job.

Tool-free selectable trigger for sequential or contact actuation, tool-free jam release for clearing nail jams mean you can get back to work without frustration.

LED lights help provide illumination for the workspace and tool diagnostics to make sure the job is done right. With its inline magazine, you can use it in multiple angles or tight spaces. It’s also very easy to carry around with its adjustable belt hook that goes both ways for left or right attachment depending on your preference.

The Dewalt DCN650D1 Angled nailer can drive 15 GA finish nails between 1-1/4-inch and 2-1/2-inch. This makes it perfect for fastening crown moldings, boards, and hardwood flooring installation.

Highlighted Features:

  • Tool-free depth adjustment
  • LED lights
  • Tool diagnostics
  • Adaptable belt hooks

5. Freeman 15 Gauge Finish Nailer

The Freeman P4FRFNCB is a compact Freeman combo kit that includes 4 pneumatic finish nailers. The kit comes with a rugged carrying case, all tie-down straps included making sure your tools stay safe during transport.

The package includes a 15 GA finish nailer. It’s more efficient, mobile, and professional for contractors to take on job sites today. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about a compressor or fuel costs because this freeman nailer works based on your needs.

It’s also an oil-free freeman nailer that helps reduce corrosion. The body is made of lightweight material that lets you hold it for hours without getting tired out even if you’re using the old version.

This Freeman comes with a 2-1/2-Inch 34-Degree Angle nailer that’s great for framing lumber and trim boards.

Adjustable depth adjustment that helps prevent nails from sinking too deep to fit the job at hand. 360-degree air hose swivel allows you to easily move around without getting tangled up in it.

You’ll also get a rubber grip handle that minimizes slipping during longer periods of use, preventing fatigue and blisters after long days on the job site.

The freeman 15 gauge finish nailer features an easy jam release nose for trouble-free clearing when you need to clear out any jams.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy jam release nose
  • 360 Degree air hose swivel
  • Adjustable depth adjustment
  • 2 1/2 inch 34-degree angled nailer

6. Makita 15 Gauge Finish Nailer

The Makita AF635 15 Gauge, 2-1/2″ Angled nailer has a powerful motor for duration power. It also includes a magnesium body, aluminum magazine, and cylinder in order to provide strength and durability.

The nail lockout allows your work surface safekeeping by avoiding dry fires which can be caused by air leaks into the tool without you knowing it’s fired. It comes with a ‎3-year limited warranty.

It also comes with No-mar tips designed to get rid of marks on wood surfaces after nailing them with this Makita 15 GA angled finish nailer. It has a tool-less depth adjustment feature to allow for smooth flushing as well as countersinking nailing.

Makita’s 15 gauge finish nailers feature an air duster that lets you clear your work area of small particles that may get in your way while doing projects. You can do this with any attached hose or compressor.

You can use it with various types of nails including 15 GA angled finish nails which are sized 1-1/4″ to 2-1/2″. This is what makes it easy for you to resume working on whatever project you had previously started.

Highlighted Features:

  • Powerful motor for duration power
  • Magnesium body for increased durability and strength
  • Providing safety by locking magazines, cylinders, and nails
  • No-mar tips to keep your work surface safe from harm
  • 3-year limited warranty

7. Bostitch 15 Gauge Angled Finish Nailer

The Bostitch 15 Gauge angled Finish Nailer is a robust nail gun ideal for use in confined spaces. This product is perfect for when you need to control the depth of your nails without disrupting your workflow or removing debris from work surfaces.

The auto-jam release feature is easy to use, and there’s even a rear air exhaust with a belt hook that features an integrated pencil sharpener.

The Bostitch finish nailer kit features an adjustable dial for countersinking nails and a selectable trigger system with either sequential or manual operation.

This finish nail gun has an oil-free operation, and it comes complete in a carrying case. The Bostitch 15GA nailer includes 1/4-inch compressed air fitting and extra no-mar tips.

The Bostitch 15 GA angled nailer is a must-have for your toolbox. This is a 15 GA pneumatic finish nailer that contains various features to suit professional needs. The tool-free jam removal system lets you remove nail jams without any effort.

The Bostitch 15GA nailer is excellent for small spaces, as well as durability and precision of workmanship.

Highlighted Features:

  • Robust and durable
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Great for tight spaces and precision work
  • Automatic jam release for easy, tool-free removal of jams

8. Senco 15 Gauge Angled Finish Nailer

The industry-leading Senco 4G0001N is designed with a smooth finish to make it easy to paint. The anti-lubrication design eliminates the need for maintenance and an internal engine that will last through hard work.

This nailer features a convenient hand grip for easy control. A rugged magnesium coating that resists scratches. The nailer is great for many types of finishing projects, including furniture refinishing, structure repairs, and trimming door frame molding.

A magnesium coating over this nailer helps protect it from damage while at the same time making it lightweight so you don’t get tired during your workday. A very durable nailer that doesn’t have to be cleaned or oiled, and will last for a long time.

The Senco 15 gauge angled finish nailer offers many great features to improve your finishing projects. And you’ll get this excellent product at an affordable price.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable, won’t chip or scratch easily
  • Lightweight magnesium cover for protection and to avoid fatigue
  • Easy to use hand grip
  • Smooth finish for painting projects
  • Engine lasts a long time

9. 3PLUS Pneumatic Angle Finish Nailer Stapler Combo

The 3PLUS Pneumatic Angle Finish nailer stapler combo is composed of three pieces. It offers accuracy, speed, and efficiency in one step for your finishing project needs. This set features a 15 GA Angled Finish Nailer.

The 3PLUS HDA1564SP 15 GA nailer ranging 1-1/4″ to 2-1/2″ in length is the nail gun for you. The ergonomically designed handle provides increased comfort and reduces hand fatigue, so it’s easier to drive nails longer with less discomfort.

A single trigger design ensures accuracy and convenience. This nailer includes a convenient hanger loop that makes it easy to hang on your tool belt or toolbox hook after use.

This 3PLUS 15 Gauge nailer comes with a safety nose tip that reduces the risk of damage to the material if it is accidentally fired.

This nailer also features a 360° adjustable exhaust cover which protects you from dust and debris. The adjustable depth control wheel allows for precise driving of nails so your projects will look professionally finished.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ergonomic handle for increased comfort and reduced hand fatigue
  • Single trigger design for accuracy and convenience
  • Safety nose tip reduces the risk of damage
  • 360° adjustable exhaust cover protects you from dust and debris

10. Bostitch Finish Nailer 15-Gauge Angle

The BOSTITCH Nailer Kit, 15GA, FN Style with Smart Point (BTFP72156) is a pneumatic tool that will help you drive nails between 1-1/4 inches and 2-1/2 inches in length.

It features an integrated air blower for removing debris from your work surface and a dial-a-depth control knob to countersink your nail heads only when you want it.

The 16-inch center gauge flips out so you can measure exactly 16 inches from the end of the nose when installing wall trim and the selectable trigger system offers sequential or contacts operation for greater user control.

This kit includes a carrying case, extra no-mar tips and has been designed specifically for working in tight settings without worrying about bumping into anything.

The Bostitch finish nailer 15-gauge angle is also equipped with oil-free function, rear air exhaust, and a belt hook that includes an integrated pencil sharpener.

This kit allows you to drive more nails without needing to constantly refill the magazine, and is great for installing molding and cabinetry.

Also, it comes with a 7-year limited warranty which covers defects in material and workmanship.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dial-a-depth control knob
  • Integrated air blower
  • Selectable sequential or contact triggers for greater user control
  • Carrying case, extra no-mar tips, and oil-free function,
  • Rear air exhaust and a belt hook with a built-in pencil sharpener.
  • 7-year limited warranty covers defects in material and workmanship

7 Best 16 Gauge Finish Nailer

Choosing the right nailer can be a confusing process for anyone. 16-gauge finish nailers are designed especially for trimming and finishing projects with quick nailing processes. Get information on this 16 gauge finish nailer reviews below:

1. Numax SFN64 Straight Finish Nailer 16 Gauge

The Numax SFN64 straight finish nailer 16 gauge is a must-have for those looking to do DIY projects at home, as well as contractors on a construction site.

Now, you can take your skills to a whole new level with this lightweight and durable straight finish nailer that is designed for quick, precise nailing. The head has a built-in safety that will retract once it senses a jam or if the trigger becomes released.

Featuring a no-mar tip for dents and dings protection as well as a sequential firing feature to cater to the fastening needs of various projects including wall and window trims, furniture trim, railings, crown moldings, windowsill casings, and more.

Featuring an aluminum body, this straight finish nailer also includes a comfortable handle as well as a no-mar tip to prevent dents and dings on your trimming surfaces.

This pneumatic finish nailer sequential firing action, you can customize for any project with this powerful 16 gauge straight finish nailer.

Included with this finishing power tool are oil, the gun assembly tools, and an adjustment tool which provides a simple task in terms of setting the depth of your finishing nailers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Customizable firing sequences for any project
  • Comfortable handle and no-mar safety tip
  • Tool-free finger depth adjust
  • Solid drive blade of hardened steel

2. Dewalt 16 Gauge Finish Nailer (DCN660D1)

The Dewalt 16 Gauge Finish Nailer features power and versatility to take on the toughest trim jobs.

The pneumatic finish nailer is powered by a brushless motor that can drive 16 gauge nails between 1-1/4 inches and 2-1/2 inches long. The convenience of this cordless nail gun extends to your workspace with LED lights for both illumination and diagnostics.

It also includes stall release levers for quick reassembly, meaning you don’t have to worry about costly downtime if there’s ever a hiccup on the job.

This Dewalt nail gun is small enough for one-handed use, yet powerful enough to handle large jobs from baseboards to crown molding.

It’s even lightweight enough that it won’t be too cumbersome to use all day long, making this 16 gauge nailer one of the best 16 ga finish nailer on the market today.

With a wide assortment of features and plenty of power, this 16 gauge finishing nailer is a fixture in the arsenal of any professional. Using the tool is easy, thanks to a tool-free depth of drive knob and selectable triggers for quick actuation.

Highlighted Features:

  • Brushless motor
  • Tool-free control of depth
  • Tool-free jam release
  • Cordless convenience
  • Multi-functional LED lights
  • Integrated tool-free stall release lever

3. Metabo 16 Gauge Finish Nailer Cordless (NT65M2S)

The Metabo 16 Gauge Finish Nailer Cordless is designed specifically for molding, chair rail, cabinetry, and other fine finish applications.

Its safety feature instantly retracts once it senses a jam or if the trigger becomes released so there are no safety risks to the user.

It has a selective actuation switch that gives the user the option of bump mode firing or sequential fire modes which allows it to be more versatile.

The NT65M2S also comes with a 360-degree exhaust port that can be adjusted, which helps direct air away from the user as they work. This pneumatic finish nailer has a cordless design that makes it easy to carry and use for extended periods.

There is easy depth adjustment to accommodate different materials and different depths without having to change any parts.

This lightweight tool weighs only 3.7 lbs and is designed for maximum maneuverability in a variety of materials such as baseboard trim, door casings, and window casing that have been installed with nails or glue.

Highlighted Features:

  • Non-slip elastomer grip trigger
  • Cordless design
  • 2 modes: bump fire and sequential fire
  • Tool-free depth adjustment
  • Lightweight tool weighing only 3.7 lbs
  • 360-degree rotatable exhaust port

4. Makita 16 Gauge Finish Nailer (XNB02Z)

The Makita 16 Gauge Finish Nailer enables you to complete trim and other woodworking projects with a quick and precise nailing process.

It has a built-in safety that will automatically retract once it senses a jam or if the trigger becomes released, so your work is always done safely and efficiently.

It has 18V LXT Lithium-Ion batteries that are perfect to reduce downtime between charges.

The tool itself is cordless and compact, making it easy to use in confined areas and around other objects. The 16 gauge finishing nailer makes your projects simpler and more efficient while still providing a high-quality nailing experience.

This tool comes equipped with many features such as a dual-mode switch, a lock button, and a tool-free setting for a consistent countersink finish.

The anti-dry fire system is designed to prevent damage to your work surface while also preventing driving blanks, so you get the best trim possible each time. The reversible belt clip will keep this tool close by when not in use.

Highlighted Features:

  • 18 Volt LXT Lithium-Ion batteries
  • The tool is cordless and compact
  • Two modes, lock button, tool-free depth adjustment
  • The belt clip keeps the tool close at hand
  • An anti-dry fire system prevents damage

5. Ryobi 16 Gauge Finish Nailer (P325)

The Ryobi P325 finish nailer is a cordless nailer which means you can take it anywhere. This 16 gauge customer finish nailer is suited for your trim projects.

It comes with a safety switch that automatically retracts once it senses a jam or if the trigger becomes released.

Many other features include an adjustable air pressure adjustment, LED lighting that can be activated by separate triggers, low nail indicator, and tool-less adjustments.

This Ryobi 16 Gauge Finish Nailer is compatible with the Ryobi 18-volt ONE+ system, which means you can use it with batteries like the P100, P102, P103, P104, P105, P107, and the P108.

It features an integrated safety to automatically retract if jammed or the trigger becomes released. Ensure you get the best results every time with this innovative tool designed to make your job easier than ever before.

Become one of the many happy customers who has benefited from what this product offers by getting on board with these innovations in technology that are making each project more efficient than before.

Highlighted Features:

  • Cordless power drive up to 800 nails per charge
  • No expensive or high gas cartridges are required
  • Provides optimum convenience and performance
  • Retractable safety if triggered or jammed automatically
  • Adjustable Air Pressure Adjustment

6. Bostitch 16 GA Finish Nailer (BTFP71917)

The Bostitch 16 Gauge Finish Nailer is a professional-grade nail gun that can drive nails from 1.25″ to 2.5″. The tool-free jam release mechanism makes it easy for you to remove jammed nails and resume your project seamlessly.

Pneumatic finish nailer, its selectable trigger system gives you the choice between contact or sequential operation, and its rear exhaust allows for an easier cleanup of debris and oil fumes.

The BTFP71917 has a narrow nose ideal for trim carpentry jobs with thick materials used in the trims such as hardwood and veneer plywood. Its lightweight and compact design make it easy for you to handle the nailer.

Its oil-free feature minimizes messes, while its user-friendly features maximize your productivity without compromising quality. It can drive nails from 1.25-inch and comes with a carrying case, no-mar tips, and air hose fitting.

These 16 gauge finishing nailers are a great tool to have when you need reliable performance from a nail gun that can seamlessly drive nails into hardwood without causing damage or undue stress to the substrate.

Highlighted Features:

  • Tool-free jam release for easy nail removal
  • Sequential or contact trigger system
  • Oil-free operation with rear air exhaust for easy cleanup
  • Lightweight design allows for quick nail placement
  • Narrow nose ideal for confined spaces

7. Craftsman 16 GA Finish Nailer (CMCN616C1)

Craftsman 16 gauge finish nailer is an innovative tool with patented technology to trim and finish your trim projects. This straight finish nailer has a quick, precise nailing process designed for easy use with this lightweight product.

This straight finish nailer has neodymium magnets used in this nailer will help the gun resist wear and crumble while providing reliable consistency without compromising quality when finishing off corners or tight spaces during your next project.

You can’t go wrong when using Craftsman’s newest innovation of their straight finish nailer kit featuring lithium-ion batteries designed for convenience during all phases of work.

The battery life of the straight finish nailer can be monitored through the LED indicator for convenience. The safety of this straight finish nailer will automatically retract once it senses a jam or if the trigger becomes released.

A belt hook is included which will provide added access and storage for convenience during your next project. Powerful motors with reliable performance in a variety of weather conditions and materials are some of the benefits of this product.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pneodymium Magnets
  • Lightweight product
  • LED battery indicator
  • Belt Hook for convenience
  • Powerful motors

Here Are 15 Gauge vs 16 Gauge Finish Nailer Comparison

15 Gauge vs 16 Gauge Finish Nailer Comparison

There are several differences between 15-gauge and 16-gauge finish nailers that affect their strengths and weaknesses. Here’s an overview of their differences.

Types of Nailing

The 15 gauge nailers have a capacity of up to 110 nails at once and are used for heavy-duty jobs such as door or window interior trim work.

The 16 gauge nailers, on the other hand, can hold more than 100 nails at once and are great for cabinet installation and other light-duty work.

Nail’s Dimension

Nail lengths of 15 GA are 1-1/4†to 2-1/2†long in diameter, while a 16 GA finish nail is 2-1/2 †long. Handle nail lengths up to 5-1/2†are considered gauge nails.

The 15 GA finish nail has more on the head of the nail than the 16 GA. This means that it’s less likely to sink deeply into the surface it’s attached to.

For you, this means that the 15g finish nail is best suited for heavier duty jobs, while the 16g finish nail is better for lighter projects like cabinet installation or decking work.

Operating Depth

Operating Depth

When you’re attaching heavy material with a finished nail gun, you want one that can sink the nails deep into the surface. This will make sure they remain secure for years to come.

The 16g model has an operating depth of up to 2-1/ 2†while the 15g can sink up to 1-1/4†to 2-1/2â€.

For you, this means that the 15g nailers have the edge when it comes to sinking nails deep into heavy-duty materials.

Power Source

A majority of finish other nailers are pneumatic, which means that they need air compressors or air tanks to operate.

Both 15g nailers and 16g nailers are available in either gas or electric models. Electric is typically more expensive, but the power source will make it easier for you to use these nailers.

A gas finish nailer is best for those who need a cordless option and require more power than an electric model.

Nail Gun Safety

Both 15g and 16g nail guns feature several safety measures to keep you protected and prevent injuries.

For example, they’re both equipped with touch-tip triggers, so you won’t fire without actually touching the surface.

The 15g model has an automatic safety and stops firing when the tip is pressed against a surface, while the 16-gauge nailers feature a sequential trigger that fires each time it’s pulled back.



Both 15g nailers and 16g nailers are best suited for installing trim, cabinets, walls, windows, flooring, decks, and other light to moderate projects.

However, the 15g can also be an excellent option for heavier work like framing because of its higher power capacity compared to the 16g.

For you, this means that when it comes to portability and ease of use, the lighter 16g nailers will be a better option.


16g nailers are more likely to break down than 15g devices, but the latter is also more expensive.

For you, this means that a 16g model can be used for smaller duty work while the 15-GA finishing nailer can do longer and heavier jobs.

Weight and Size

16g nailers are lighter and easier to move around than 15g models, which tend to be bulky and difficult to handle.

For you, this means that a 16g nailer is an excellent option for interior trim and other light-duty jobs while the 15g model works best for heavy material and large projects.

Crown Molding

Crown Molding

The 16g nailers are best for trimming when it comes to crown molding, while the 15g nailers model is better suited to larger and more difficult projects like deck installation.

For you, this means that crown molding can be easily attached to the wall using 16g nails, while a nail gun with 15g can handle thicker and heavier materials like floorboards.

Finishing Look

Because the 15g nails are slightly smaller than the 16g ones, they’re less likely to be visible once installed.

For you, this means that 16g nails will leave a more finished look compared to 15g models without many gaps between the pieces.

Overall, the 15-GA nailers outperform the 16-GA nailer in most aspects.


Typically, the 16-gauge model is more affordable than a 15-gauge model. If you’re looking for an entry-level tool that won’t break the bank, consider the 16-gauge finish nailer.

The 15-gauge can be more expensive than the 16-gauge, but it’s well worth the extra money for heavy projects like cabinet installation or framing.

A Few Facts About 15 vs 16 Gauge Finish Nailer

A Few Facts About 15 vs 16 Gauge Finish Nailer

When selecting one of them, keep in mind a few additional factors:

15-Gauge and 16-Gauge Brad Nailer

The length of a brad nail ranges from 1/2 inch to 2-1/2 inches. This versatile nail is designed for thicker cuts of wood with a diameter of 15 or 16 gauge. Individual pieces or collated strips can be purchased.

For smaller, detailed work like attaching molding or baseboard to the wall or floor, use a 15-gauge model.

For projects like assembling furniture and sheathing plywood panels, choose a 16-gauge model.

Finish Nailer vs. Brad Nailers

The primary similarity between these two types of nail guns is that both require you to press a trigger for nailing.

A finish nailer, on the other hand, shoots a 15 or 16 gauge nail through the wood surface and doesn’t leave much room for error.

Finish nails are typically longer and smaller. Because the finish nail gun sinks deeper into the material, they’re difficult to remove if you make a mistake.

An attachment for brad nails, on the other hand, shoots a shorter brad nail through material up to about 1/2 inch thick. The margin for error is much wider with this type of nailing tool and you can quickly pull nails out if necessary. The 18 gauge brad nailer also works well for delicate projects like wallpapering.

Pneumatic vs. Cordless Finish Nailers

15-gauge and 16-gauge pneumatic models are cordless, meaning that they require no external power source other than a hose connected to an air compressor.

If you’re looking for a finish nailer with no cords but still want the power of an air compressor, make sure you select a pneumatic nailer model.

Straight vs. Angled Finish Nailer

15-gauge and 16-gauge straight nails are used by professionals to easily install moldings, thick trim work, and other wood finishing.

However, the angled finish nailer is a better choice for those who need more versatility and can place nails in tight corners and awkward spaces.

Do-it-Yourselfers should consider the angled finish nailer as it’s also an excellent choice for those who want to use a finishing nail gun without investing much money.

How Do You Use a 15 GA Finish Nailer?

How Do You Use a 15 GA Finish Nailer

15-gauge nailers are best suited for light-duty work like trim and flooring.

This type of tool is ideal for assembling cabinets, installing crown molding, and nailing edge boards around the perimeter of your room.

Keep in mind that these tools aren’t designed to drive nails through thick material or fasten heavy-duty objects together.

Overall, a 15-gauge nailer is an excellent choice for those looking for a versatile and affordable tool to use around their home or in small construction jobs.

How Do You Use a 16 GA Finish Nailer?

How Do You Use a 16 GA Finish Nailer

16-gauge nailers are best for heavier projects like cabinetry and framing.

This type of tool is ideal for installing cabinets, baseboards, crown molding, and building furniture.

Keep in mind that these devices typically require more power than the 15-gauge nailer and their noisier operation can be an annoyance in quiet environments.

Overall, the 16-gauge acting also framing nailer is an excellent choice for anyone looking for versatility and power to use around their home or when doing large construction jobs.

15 GA vs 16 GA Finish Nailer: Which is Better?

15 GA vs 16 GA Finish Nailer Which Is Better

The primary difference between the 16 vs 15 gauge finish nailer is the gap in power.

A 16-gauge finish nailer shoots light nails that don’t require much force to drive into surfaces. This makes it the better choice for delicate jobs like nailing trim, molding, or baseboards.

A 15-gauge nailer shoots heavy nails that sink deeper into surfaces and require more force to drive them in. This makes it the better choice for tougher jobs like framing, assembling furniture, and sheathing panels.

In most cases, a 16-gauge finish nailer is an excellent choice for those looking for a versatile and affordable tool to use around the home or in small construction jobs.

However, those who need more power and versatility should consider investing in 16 gauge nailers instead.


We hope this article has provided some valuable information about the pros of 15g vs 16g finish nailer. Now, it’s up to you which one is better for your specific needs.

When considering a new purchase, be sure to consider what kind of jobs are in store for this particular tool.

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